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Chapter 49: Is This Little Fellow Sick?

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In the villa, the progress of the bamboo forest was very slow.

The bamboo forest was planted in the backyard because there was no longer any space for the bamboo forest in the garden in the front yard.

Compared to the colorful array of colors in the front yard, the back yard was much more desolate.

Because of this villa, the original owner of the yard had already been killed by Gu Yiming before the layout of the backyard had even begun.

However, what worried Lu Chen was that Rollie may not be interested in these bamboos.

Even when the bamboo shoots that were brought along with the truck passed by, Rollie still showed a lack of interest.

Liu Yuan also clearly noticed this problem.

She said to Lu Chen, “Is this little fluffy fellow sick?”

She pointed at Rollie in her arms.

Women generally had no qualms about cute animals. So, after being hugged by Liu Yuan for a while, Rollie did not let go either.

Lu Chen shook his head. He really did not know the answer.

This little fellow was different from Lan Weiwei.

Lan Weiwei could at least talk and communicate.

This fellow was a beast that could not communicate.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei ran out of the villa.

“Give it to me.”

She pointed at the lifeless little Rollie in Liu Yuan’s arms.

Although Liu Yuan did not know what Lan Weiwei wanted to do, she still gave the little fellow in his arms to Lan Weiwei.

Lan Weiwei took Rollie and ran to the backyard.

Lu Chen was also confused and chased after her.

This villa was very big. Lan Weiwei crossed the overgrown backyard and stopped at a corner.

She threw Rollie into the sky.

The baby panda was shocked and immediately shrunk into a ball in the air. It landed on the ground and bounced a few times.

Lan Weiwei was still holding her hand high in the air, looking silly.

Liu Yuan, who was following behind Lu Chen, was shocked.

“Weiwei, what are you doing? It will fall to its death!”

Liu Yuan was about to scold the little girl when she realized that Rollie, who had landed on the ground, suddenly became energetic.

He ran from afar and returned to the corner of the wall once again.

At this moment, the moonlight fell from the sky and landed on Rollie’s body at the corner of the wall.

The little fellow lay on the ground just like that. The moonlight was like dust as it slowly flowed into Rollie’s body.

Liu Yuan, who was standing at the side, watched on.

It was not that she did not know that some experts could absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. In some places, they could even practice breathing techniques.

However, this was the first time she had seen such an animal do such a thing.

Could it be that this panda had turned into a spirit?

How was that possible?

Liu Yuan was shocked by this absurd idea.

Lu Chen was just as shocked as her.

Lan Weiwei, who was at the side, smiled when she saw Rollie on the ground.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei walked to Lu Chen’s side and stretched out a hand. “Bamboo.”

Lu Chen was stunned for a moment before he reacted, Lan Weiwei wanted the 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo in his backpack.

However, could he open his in-game backpack in real life?

If he could directly descend into Second World, he should be able to open his backpack, right?

Lu Chen rationalized with this idea. Hence, he tried to call for his backpack.

The next moment, something amazing happened.

The interface of the backpack really appeared in Lu Chen’s mind.

With a thought, the Jade Bamboo appeared in his hand!

Liu Yuan, who was beside him, was shocked.

What kind of trick was this?

Taking things out from mid-air?

Or was it a magic trick?

Lu Chen handed the Jade Bamboo to Lan Weiwei. He was very curious about what Lan Weiwei wanted to do with the bamboo.

Lan Weiwei took the Jade Bamboo and she directly inserted it into the soil in the corner of the wall.

The moment the Jade Bamboo touched the soil, it immediately took root and sprouted.

It grew at a speed visible to the naked eye!

An indescribable fragrance spread out to their surrounding.

Bamboo shoots also emerged from the ground!

These bamboo shoots directly broke out of the soil.

They grew crazily towards the sky!

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This piece of land they stood on immediately turned into a bamboo forest in a short time span!

Beside them, Rollie looked to be completely energized.

Carrying these bamboos, he ran back and forth excitedly.

Lu Chen and Liu Yuan were both shocked.

This scene of the ground taking root and a single bamboo stick turning into a whole forest was really too magical.

It was just like the legendary immortal spell.

Lu Chen hurriedly said to Lan Weiwei, “Weiwei, how did you know that the bamboo could be planted?”

Lan Weiwei shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I just felt that it needed to be used this way.”

Lu Chen fell into silence.

He knew clearly that Lan Weiwei had several mindful states.

Perhaps the original Lan Weiwei knew how to use this Jade Bamboo, but the current Lan Weiwei did not know. So everything she did was based on her gut feeling.

Lu Chen looked at Lan Weiwei and then looked at Rollie who was running around in the forest. Suddenly, he felt that there were a few checkpoints needed to reach White Fog City. Perhaps they all had a special story.

After Liu Yuan was shocked, she could not recover from what happened. She looked at Lu Chen and said, “Lu Chen, I think I need an explanation. You know, it’s impossible for me not to report this situation to the higher-ups.”

Lu Chen spread his hands and said, “I too want to know, but the truth is, I don’t know either.”

Liu Yuan said, “Then, you should know about her background, right?”

She pointed at Lan Weiwei and said, “Don’t tell me that she’s a godsister that you picked up. Even if I believe that, do you think the higher-ups will? And let me tell you, the higher-ups have already been paying attention to Weiwei. The Dragon Country has compared Weiwei’s genes all over the world, but they haven’t found any traces! Do you know what this means?”

Lu Chen was silent for a moment. He knew. This meant that Weiwei’s origin was unknown.

The Dragon Country’s entire database could not find any traces of her, so that meant that she was someone who did not exist in this world!

He would have to explain it sooner or later!

What would he say when the time came?

That Weiwei was the Ash Wolf King?

That she was brought to reality from the Second World?

This matter was too surreal to comprehend, and no one would believe him it if it was told.

Even if some people believed it, it would undoubtedly bring more risks to Weiwei and himself.

From what happened to the Xiao family last time, there were people from the big families coming to get him.

The way of this world was not as simple as he imagined.

Lu Chen slowly exhaled and said, “Liu Yuan, listen to me. You have to promise me that this matter can not be spread to the higher-ups or others. Before I confirm certain things, I don’t want this secret to be exposed.”

Liu Yuan said, “What do you want to confirm?”

Lu Chen slowly said, “The Xiao family still exists. The Second World is volatile. Too many things have happened recently. I have to protect what I care about. I want to wait until I destroy the Xiao family and understand the methods of the higher-ups, as well as the true attitude of the higher-ups toward me before I tell you anything.”

Liu Yuan cried out in shock, “Are you crazy? 

“You want to destroy the Xiao Family?

“I’m warning you, you better not act recklessly!

“Don’t think that you can act recklessly just because you’ve won against Lin.

“Everything is not as simple as it seems.”

Lu Chen’s gaze focused.

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It was just as expected!

Liu Yuan knew many insider details.

“Tell me more then!”

Lu Chen spoke in a deep voice.

Liu Yuan was startled and realized that she had accidentally unintentionally spilled the beans..
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