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Chapter 50: Without Strength, Nothing Would Be Achievable!

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In the villa, Lu Chen looked at Liu Yuan and asked seriously.

Lu Chen knew too little about this world.

If it was not for the release of the Second World, he would never have had access to this information.

Liu Yuan found it difficult to speak, but looking at Lu Chen’s expression, she could not refuse.

She sighed and said, “Alright then.

“Honestly, I actually wanted to tell you about these things in the far future when you were more ready.

“But I guess it’s not considered a special secret. You will end up knowing about it sooner or later.

“It’s just that it’s too early for you to know about this right now.”

Liu Yuan’s expression turned solemn as she slowly said.

“This world is different from the eyes of ordinary people. I believe you should be clear about this.”

Lu Chen nodded. Through the incident with the Xiao family, he had come to an understanding. This world was far more mysterious than what he had seen.

The so-called Dragon Team, Spirit Team, and so on. All of these existed before the appearance of the Second World.

Liu Yuan continued, “Before the appearance of the Second World, this world already had extraordinary powers.

“In the past, the Dragon Country called these ancient martial arts, Chakra Trainers.

“The Elephant Country practiced yoga, the West has vampires, warlocks, and so on.

“According to the cultivation division of the Dragon Country, the ordinary experts in the human world were divided into four levels — Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow.

“The person you defeated last time, Lin, was a Heaven-grade expert.

“Such experts usually require decades of training before they achieve such status.

“Every Heaven-grade expert would become an important figure in various families.

“In other words, even if you leave the Dragon Team right now, your value will still be endless.”

Lu Chen nodded, these were all within his expectations. This world had supernatural powers, of course, it was not strange for him anymore.

“Okay, you can go on.”

Lu Chen indicated.

Liu Yuan continued, “Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow. Above the four grades, there are two major realms, Acquired and Spiritual.

“The realms are not known by most people. Generally speaking, Acquired realm experts are already one of the foundations of the Dragon Country.

“People who achieve Spiritual realms are only known in the legends.”

Lu Chen nodded and said, “Previously, you told me not to underestimate the Xiao family. Is there something I should know about?

“Other than Lin, are there other experts in the Xiao Family?

“Those that know about the existence of the Acquired or even the Spiritual Realm?”

Liu Yuan looked at Lu Chen for a long time and said, “Yes. I told you not to act so impulsively because of that.

“Although there is only a difference of one level between the Heaven-grade and the Acquired realm, it is still a huge difference in power.

“Although I don’t know how strong you are now, it is absolutely impossible for you to win against an Acquired realm expert.”

Lu Chen nodded and said, “According to what you said, the Xiao family has a strong master.

“According to this calculation, every family on the same level as the Xiao family has at least the power to contend with them.

“Otherwise, the Xiao family would have broken the balance long ago.”

Liu Yuan nodded, she was impressed. Lu Chen was indeed smart as he managed to reach this conclusion at once.

“You’re right. However, before the Second World arrived, all the realm experts from the major families of the Dragon Country went to a secret realm.

“Among them, the Gu family has the most people that went. Therefore, almost all the realm experts are either alive… or dead.

“In addition, there are many reclusive forces that even the Dragon Country hasn’t managed to uncover.

“Some of the experts from the hidden families are definitely not what we can imagine.”

Lu Chen’s breathing was stifled as he said, “Are you saying that these hidden families still have existences above the Spiritual realm?”

Liu Yuan curled her lips and said, “I didn’t exactly say that.

“But I still advise you to be careful. It’s not like there haven’t been experts who have surpassed the Spiritual realm before.

“Such figures come and go without a trace.

“And they have strange temperaments.

“Once you anger them, you’ll forever have a target on your back.”

Lu Chen placed his hand onto his head, “How can I meet them?”

Although he spoke in a nonchalant manner, he was still secretly vigilant in his heart. It seemed that he had to increase his strength as soon as possible in the future.

On the side, Rollie had already fallen asleep in the bamboo forest.

From the looks of it, the little fellow seemed to be fine now.

So, Lu Chen decided to let it rest in the forest.

“What are your plans?” Liu Yuan asked.

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She had shared so much and hoped that Lu Chen would be on guard with a backup plan in case everything goes astray.

It was best to keep a low profile and let him know that there was always someone better out there who could easily best him.

Who knew that Lu Chen would smile and say, “I’m preparing to enter the game and quickly increase my strength. Then, I’ll destroy the Xiao family as soon as possible.”

Liu Yuan was so angry that she could not help but retort his plans.

“So what I said just now was for nothing?

“You didn’t listen to a single word?

“You know, you really infuriate me!”

Lu Chen laughed and said, “Don’t be angry. I’m just trying to improve on my strength to protect what I care about.

“And if I’m not wrong, the higher-ups have been unhappy with the Xiao family for a long time, right?

“If I have enough strength and an excuse to go fight them, I believe that the organization will definitely support me.”

Liu Yuan jumped in fright and said, “Lu Chen, I’m warning you. Don’t do anything rash.

“The Xiao family has indeed offended you, but there’s no need to be so anxious about it.

“There are some things that you should endure as long as you can.”

Lu Chen waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not that impulsive. However, it’s impossible for me to turn a blind eye to what they’ve done to me.

“In this world, there are always some things that should not be excused.

“This Xiao family and I are already mortal enemies!

“If a colossus wants to kill me, I can not sit idly by.

“If you were in my position, you would understand.

“The Xiao family feels like they’ve put a guillotine hanging on my head, it could fall at any time.

“What would you do if you were in this situation?”

Liu Yuan was silent.

Lu Chen’s words seemed to be said in anger, but it was also the truth.

All the experts of the Xiao family were sent out to take Lu Chen’s life.

Although they were killed by Lu Chen in the end, it was still a very shocking situation to experience!

A large family almost went all out to kill him. What else would you expect Lu Chen to do except retort?

Liu Yuan sighed and said, “I can understand how you are feeling and what you went through, but shouldn’t be impulsive!

“You must do something you are confident of.

“And don’t hide your plans from us. You have to know that you have the Dragon Team behind you now, and the entire Dragon Country!

“If you have enough strength, you have to tell the organization. We will definitely do our best to help you achieve whatever you want.”

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Lu Chen believed half of what she said and nodded. “I understand.”

After saying that, he walked past her with Lan Weiwei and walked towards his room.

He would naturally take revenge on the Xiao family.

However, now was the time to raise his strength!

Without strength, everything he wanted to do would not be achievable!
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