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Chapter 51: Is This the Legendary City In the Sky?

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Inside the villa, Lu Chen went back to his room.

There had already been a gaming pod installed inside. This was sent over when the bamboo was being delivered in the afternoon. As of now, every room was equipped with the same gaming pod.

Lu Chen had thought about not using it. Although he could now directly enter the Second World, the gaming pod should be able to provide a layer of protection should he get affected by anything in-game.

In the face of danger, at least he would still have a chance to start over. Therefore, Lu Chen directly sat in the game pod and connected to the game system. With that, he entered the game.

In the Second World.

Lu Chen opened his eyes, and his surroundings were dark.

It was still early in the night, and there were many players around. However, the dangerous Bear Ridge was still a restricted area that other players could not enter.

At this moment, Lu Chen opened his palm and a golden scroll appeared in his hand.

This was a teleportation scroll that he had obtained from the old village chief after entering the game.

Ever since that happened, he became the focus of everyone’s attention. Up until now, the value of this scroll kept increasing. It could be said that the price had risen to over one billion dollars!

Lu Chen pondered for a moment and decided to give this scroll a try. It was time to go to White Fog City and take a look. Thus, he used the scroll in his hand.

Suddenly, a magic array that was surging with magic power appeared under Lu Chen’s feet. Then, the scene before Lu Chen’s eyes was covered by golden light.

A terrain within a radius of tens of thousands of miles appeared in his mind. It was as if he was looking down at the human world from the perspective of a God.

Lu Chen’s gaze shifted around. He looked past the Bear Ridge and the Wolf Valley, to his sight he could see the White Fog City past those places.

It was a vast and boundless city!

It was almost comparable to the Peaceful Town in the real world!

It stood tall like an iron fortress. The most shocking thing was that it was not built on the ground, but the city was floating in the air!

That was White Fog City?

Lu Chen was extremely shocked. His heart even beat wildly from this revelation.

[Use a teleportation scroll to teleport to White Fog City?]

The system rang out.


Lu Chen did not hesitate and chose to teleport!

Soon, the surrounding space became blurry!

In the blink of an eye, Lu Chen had crossed tens of thousands of miles and arrived in front of White Fog City.

In front of him was the tightly shut gate of White Fog City.

The surrounding area was silent.

Lu Chen frowned slightly. 

Could White Fog City actually be a dead city?

It should not be, right?

According to the old village chief and the chubby merchant from the Chamber of Commerce, this should be a very prosperous city!

However, why was it so quiet here?

Lu Chen slowly approached the gates with curiosity.

The large iron gate in front of him looked very old and heavy.

Lu Chen approached and pushed the gates hard.

The sound of rumbling could be heard, it was as if the entire city trembled with it.

Dense white fog covered the surface when the gates opened.

Lu Chen raised his hand, but he could not block the fog that made its way.

A moment later, the fog dissipated. In front of him was a road paved with wide green stone slabs.

One could not see the end of it at a first glance.

Standing under the city wall that was dozens of meters high, one may feel small and insignificant.

“Is this really White Fog City?”

Lu Chen was very confused.

This did not look like a city at all. It was too dead silent and not a single person could be seen.

Lu Chen continued to walk forward on the path given. Only the sound of his shuffling on the pavement could be heard on this desolate street.

At the same time, in the real world, countless people looked up at the sky!

In the real world’s sky, the shadow of a city appeared!

It was a city that was floating in the air and towering over many other buildings!

It immediately attracted the attention of countless people!

“Holy sh*t, what is that?”

“Am I seeing things? That’s a city floating in the air, right?”

“Could this be the legendary city in the sky?”

“Ever since the Second World opened, this world has become more and more strange with random things appearing out of nowhere.”

“What city in the sky? Can’t you see the city name? It’s called White Fog…”

“What the f*ck, it’s White Fog City?!!”

When everyone saw those three words clearly, many discussions rang throughout the whole world!

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It had been more than a week since the server opened. All the players were still struggling outside the novice village. They had been searching for the legendary White Fog City this whole time!

However, they had never expected that this White Fog City would actually appear in the real world?

“Damn, is this really f*cking real?”

“I don’t think so. This thing looks kind of fake to me.”

“It looks like a projection of sorts.”

“I think so too. However, would the Dragon Country not take action if such a big thing appeared in midair?”

“What if it wasn’t a projection? What if it was something that dropped from the sky?”

Everyone was talking among themselves. Meanwhile, in the building of the Dragon building, the faces of countless people who knew about the truth turned solemn.

According to what they knew, when the first building of the Second World appeared in the sky, it would prove that other things were going to appear in this world!

“If I’m not wrong, someone must have entered White Fog City!”

“Who is it?”

“We don’t know yet.”

“We’ve already asked Du Hei. It’s not him.”

“Could it be Lu Chen?”

“Hurry up and contact Liu Yuan to ask about his whereabouts right now.”

A moment later, the news came back.

“I have news, it should be Lu Chen. According to Liu Yuan’s reply, Lu Chen said that he wanted to increase his strength, but she didn’t expect that he would want to go straight to White Fog City.”

In the room, Liu Changping took a deep breath before he replied to the others.

“Find out Lu Chen’s location right now. Everyone, move out! 

“We must ensure Lu Chen’s safety!

“If Lu Chen can succeed, then our Dragon Country will receive a huge benefit!”

“Yes, sir!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the people in the Dragon building immediately went to work. Countless experts swarmed toward the villa where Lu Chen was.

In White Fog City, Lu Chen walked for almost half an hour, and yet had not encountered anyone here.

This city seemed to be abandoned or desolate.

He could not help but feel lost, he did not know why this was happening.

According to the old village chief, White Fog City should not be like this!

Could it be that he came to the wrong place?

It was impossible. Outside the city, there were clearly three words indicating the location of this place — White Fog City!

Lu Chen shook his head. He did not plan to take it one step at a time. He quickly quickened his pace to see the city in its entirety first.

In the next moment, he turned into afterimages.

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A moment later, he found an altar in the middle of the city. There was a sentence written on it but he could not read it properly.

Lu Chen frowned. 

However, at that moment. Moonlight shone on the altar, and a flower moon mark appeared between Lu Chen’s eyebrows.

The altar seemed to have been activated from that gesture.

Suddenly, an array of divine light blazed straight to the sky!
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