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Chapter 52: The City Lord?

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The divine light reached the sky, and Lu Chen did not have time to react to the blinding light.

The huge pillar of light shot straight up into the clouds and spread out layers of ripples between the clouds.

What was going on?

Lu Chen was stunned. There was not a single living person in such a large city.

All he managed to find was an altar that suddenly emitted an inexplicable light.

The golden light rushed into the night, and even White Fog City in the real world underwent a change.

The entire world was paying attention to the city in the sky.

A terrifying blaze of light rose from White Fog City.

It swept through the clouds as if it was guiding a certain world to somewhere!

“Damn, what the f*ck is going on?!”

“Mom, come out and see what’s happening right now!”

“Oh my gosh, what’s going on in this world?” 

Such a sight shook everyone’s hearts to their core. It was more intuitive than any special effects anyone has ever witnessed in any movie.

On the other hand, the powerhouses of various families in the Dragon Country were all very solemn.

Gu Yiming stood at the balcony of the Gu family’s household. He stood with his hands behind his back and looked at the city in the sky above Peaceful Town.

“Bai, tell me, who do you think caused this?”

Elder Bai said indifferently, “It can’t be Du Hei. If I’m not wrong, the only possibility of someone pulling this off would be Lu Chen. It looks like the young master has made the right bet this time.”

Gu Yiming looked at the city floating in the sky and remained silent.

After a long time, he said, “That may not be true. This could just be the beginning of everything.”

In the south, the Xiao family were just as vigilant about what was happening.

Many of the Xiao family’s disciples were extremely shocked. Back then, even when the patriarch came out of seclusion, he did not have such an imposing manner.

“Could it be that Lu Chen really has such a great ability to do such things?”

In the Xu family.

An old man could be seen sitting on the balcony as he calmly drank tea. Beside him stood a slim and graceful young girl.

“Ziyuan, that Lu Chen kid is more powerful than I thought.

“The Gu family is already on the move in attaining his trust.

“You have to hurry up.”

Xu Ziyuan bit her red lips and nodded.

“Got it, Grandpa.”

Many forces gathered from the event that was unfolding.

Even the west paid attention to this whole fiasco.

“What’s going on? How did the east manifest the city before us?”

“What did they do to get this far?”

“Find out who was the one in charge of making the Second World’s city descend into this reality!”

The western countries scrambled in panic. The Second World’s city descending into this world meant a huge explosion of resources!

Many energy resources that did not exist on this planet could help a country break through the shackles of technology.

This was a great opportunity for anyone!

If the Dragon Country were to take the lead, they would be unstoppable!

Therefore, the entire Western region became anxious.

Amidst the chaos, Lu Chen frowned and looked at the pillar of light in White Fog City.

He vaguely felt a sense of familiarity that came upon him. Suddenly, the moonlight filled the sky.

Then, a human figure appeared from the pillar of light. It was a humanoid creature wearing golden armor. Its skin was greenish-purple, and it held a strangely shaped weapon in its hand.

The long handle looked like an ancient longsword, but it was not exactly entirely it as well.

Suddenly, the armor turned into bouts of fish scales, almost as though it moved with the humans figure’s every muscle movement.

The appearance of this god-like person immediately caused the people in the entire world to go into a fit of frenzy.

“This must be the god of our Eastern Camp!”

“Look at its armor, it definitely belongs to our Eastern Camp!”

“You guys are being shameless. Your Eastern Camp has a Hammer God, this god must belong to our Banzi Country. Our country is the origin of the Eastern culture after all.”

“You guys are a bunch of ignorant Easterners, that is a demon. In our Western legends, its skin is greenish-purple as well, and its eyes are long and narrow!”

“That is the incarnation of a demon!”

The group of people argued endlessly.

Meanwhile, in White Fog City, that mysterious existence slowly spoke.

“Are you a member of the Wolf Moon God’s lineage who arrived here first?”

Lu Chen raised his head, a trace of surprise in his heart appeared.

This fellow actually could tell that he had some relationship with the Wolf Moon God.

Thus, he opened his mouth and asked, “May I ask who you are, sir?”

The man slowly said, “I am the general of the White Fog City in the upper realm. The White Fog City in the human world has not opened for ten thousand years.

“It is now quite dilapidated. Since you were able to arrive here, it would mean that you have the qualifications to become the City Lord.

“From now on, the heavy responsibility of subduing ten thousand miles of demonic beasts and commanding a city will be handed over to you.

“However, before that, you need to pass a test!”

What is a City Lord?

Lu Chen was slightly shocked.

What was so good about becoming the City Lord of an empty city?

He had doubts in his heart, but he still managed to ask, “What type of test?”

The man raised the weapon in his hand and said, “You would need to defeat me!

“However, I won’t use my full strength.

“Of course, I’ll give you a taste of what it’s like.

“The stronger you display your strength, the more benefits you’ll reap from it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the interface’s attributes appeared before Lu Chen.

[Guardian General of the Upper Realm]

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[Level: Unknown]

[HP: 1,600,000,000]

[Attack: 160,000 (continuously decreasing)]

[Defense: 5,000 (continuously decreasing)]

[Magic Defense: 4,000 (continuously decreasing)]

[Skills: Unknown]

As soon as the attribute panel appeared, Lu Chen’s scalp tingled!

What the f*ck? 

160,000 attack power?

1,600,000,000 HP?

5,000 Defense?

How was he supposed to fight such a crazy monster!?

Meanwhile, the attributes of this Guardian General had also appeared to everyone else as well!

At the same time, Lu Chen’s figure also appeared in the virtual image of White Fog City in the real world.

Under the dozens of meters tall Guardian General, his figure was exceptionally tiny.

Countless people recognized him with one look.

“F*ck, it’s the great and amazing Morning Mist!”

“I knew it. Who else could’ve easily reached White Fog City that quickly? It turns out that only that great person could do it!”

“Wait, but can he really pass this test?”

“He’s basically going against a real god!”

“F*ck, even I feel despair. This is definitely a test that I can’t pass!”

“With 160,000 attack power, how would he even be able to block it?”

In White Fog City, the taller man slowly said.

“Don’t worry, as long as you can withstand three of my attacks and cause me to receive a certain amount of damage, I would consider it a success.”

As a general from the upper realm, he had absolute confidence in his power.

“Of course, the more attacks you can withstand and the more damage I receive, the higher my evaluation of you will be.

“Now, the test begins.”

With that, the taller man raised his weapon.

The huge weapon was like a huge pillar taken from the heavens itself!

With a wide swing, it turned into an astonishing beam of light that fell towards Lu Chen!

Lu Chen did not have time to think. He immediately summoned his pet. He did not care if Lan Weiwei could appear or not!

She shared his HP with him!

He needed Lan Weiwei’s HP!

After that, he directly activated his skill — Shield God!

Countless people shook their heads. Even if this general took the initiative to reduce his attack power, it was still a full 100,000 attack power in one swing!

How much HP did Lu Chen have to have to withstand such a hit?

However, in the next moment, everyone was stunned!

Two large golden words appeared above Lu Chen’s head!

“Shield God!”

A transparent light shield rose up from the ground!

It appeared directly in front of Lu Chen!

It blocked the Guardian General’s heavy attack!

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A loud booming sound could be heard and the huge collision created a shockwave!

A row of red numbers appeared above Lu Chen’s head thereafter.


Lu Chen, who was standing on the spot, was safe and sound!

At some point in time, a beautiful girl holding a panda appeared beside him!
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