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Chapter 53: F*ck! What the F*ck!

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A string of red numbers appeared above Lu Chen’s head. Everyone was shocked!

Did Lu Chen’s HP not be reduced by 10,000?

How was Lu Chen safe and sound?

What was going on?

The game had only been online for less than a month, and the average player’s HP should be at most a few thousand points. Yet, Lu Chen already had more than 10,000 HP?

Moreover, his opponent’s attack power was as high as 100,000 points!

Yet, it was directly reduced to 90% by Lu Chen?

Was this not a little too abnormal?

“F*ck, that Morning Mist dude really knows how to put on a good show!”

“Woah, who knows how many golden titles Morning Mist has!”

“That was ridiculous, Shield God, Sword God, Blade God, how can such a person be allowed to have this many titles!”

“Oh my gosh, that dude is absolutely insane!”

“Is Morning Mist really that powerful?”

“Yeah of course he is, but who is the little girl beside him?”

Lan Weiwei’s appearance attracted everyone’s attention.

At the same time, the various parties started to pay attention to her.

They would not let go of anyone who could enter White Fog City.

Liu Yuan’s eyes widened as she looked at the girl hugging the panda.

She was almost certain that it was Lan Weiwei!

Liu Yuan’s breathing quickened. She wanted to go to Lu Chen’s room in the villa immediately!

However, she was afraid of disturbing Lu Chen.

Within White Fog City, Lu Chen looked at Lan Weiwei who was beside him and felt somewhat at ease. This girl still had a conscience and knew how to help him when in need.

However, why did she bring Rollie over?

What was the use of this little fellow mascot?

Lu Chen was slightly taken aback by Rollie’s presence.

He also took a look at Lan Weiwei’s interface.

[Ancient Ash Wolf]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 120]

[Level: 20 (battle form)]

[Attack: 5,000]

[HP: 100,000]

[Defense: 500]

[Magic Defense: 500]

[Skills: Frost Domain, True Form Transformation, Ash Wolf’s Fury]

Lu Chen was shocked. This girl had actually entered into her battle mode.

The 100,000 HP points on the interface made Lu Chen feel much more relieved.

His HP was shared with Lan Weiwei’s.

The strike from his opponent just now had only taken out one-tenth of his HP right now.

Within the light pillar of the altar, that existence slowly spoke.

He looked ahead with a complicated expression and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a pure Ancient Ash Wolf.”

He looked at Lu Chen with a deep meaning and said, “Ash Wolf bloodline, Moon God’s imprint, who exactly are you?”

Lu Chen was silent.

The burly man continued, “I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go. You may make your move.”

When Lu Chen heard this, he said, “Then I shall begin with mine.”

As he finished speaking, a blue longsword appeared in his hand!

Everyone stared at Lu Chen excitedly.

They were all looking forward to seeing how far Lu Chen could go.

After all, the opponent’s defense was more than 5,000 points!

This meant that if the damage that Lu Chen caused did not exceed 50,000 points, he would not be able to cause any damage to the opponent at all!

The burly man also looked at Lu Chen with intrigue, as if he was looking forward to his performance.

In the next moment, the golden font above Lu Chen’s head suddenly changed.

From Shield God to Sword God!

This time, Lu Chen’s interface was not completely covered, this allowed everyone to see the attack power on his interface!

“F*ck, what the f*ck am I seeing?”

“An attack power of 9,250 points?”

“Am we even playing the same f*cking game with that dude?”

“F*ck, one random slap from them would end my career in the game!”

“No wonder he could kill all the White Alliance members in an instant!”

“I would officially bow down to Morning Mist as my one true God!”

“Hey you, eastern players, don’t be too happy with what he has.”

“Having a 9,000 attack power, I’m sure that it won’t even break the opponent’s defense!”

A western player opened his mouth, and only then did everyone react to what he said.

9,000 attack power was high, but the opponent had a true 5,000 defense!

This bit of attack power might not even be enough to have chip damage towards Lu Chen’s opponent!

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However, in the next moment, the number on Lu Chen’s interface skyrocketed!

It kept increasing from 9,000!




It directly rose to 64,750 points in the blink of an eye!

Everyone was shocked!

None of them knew how powerful the Sword God’s State was!

Even the burly man in the light pillar was shocked.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a talent for swordsmanship!

“Good, good, really good!

“Draw your sword, boy. Show me what you got!”

Lu Chen took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I won’t hold back!”

With that, the longsword in his hand turned into countless afterimages and slashed towards his opponent!

Currently, Lu Chen’s attack speed was at 16.5 points.

Under the state of the Sword God, it could be increased by eight times!

In other words, he could now slash out more than 100 times in one second!

However, that was his theoretical limit. If he really slashed out more than 100 times in one go, his body would definitely collapse first before giving out.

Therefore, this time, he planned to slash out only 50 times!

Because of the Ash Wolf King’s Sword, it directly cut through half of the opponent’s armor.

With Lu Chen’s 60,000 attack power, each attack could cause 39,750 damage!

Hence, the players all over the world knew something amazing was going to happen!

“The f*ck, how many times has Morning Mist slashed this attack?”

“Woah, and that was close to 100,000 damage, and this is under the condition that the opponent only has 5,000 defense points. Isn’t that too terrifying to release right now?”

“I feel like Morning Mist is basically invincible. I bet no one in the game could match his powers.”

“I feel that you easterners are breaking the rules. You clearly said one move, but he slashed so many times.”

“Hehe, you silly westerner. He really did use one move, it was just that the other damage done was just the after effect of that one move.”

“Why talk sh*t about it when you yourself can’t imitate what he did?”

“Let’s not talk about this. I just want to know, how much damage did Morning Mist deal and how many slashes was it?”

Countless people looked at the General’s HP bar, wanting to know how much damage Lu Chen had dealt in the end.

Finally, the sword aura dissipated.

Everyone’s gaze gathered over.


Everyone’s scalps went numb!

Did he really manage to deal close to 2,000,000 damage points in one second?

He was simply a terrifying monster!

What level was he truly at?

The Guardian General should reconsider his next move now!

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Although this bit of damage was not worth breaking the 1,600,000,000 HP of the General… but it was terrifying enough!

The Guardian General nodded slightly and said, “Not bad! It’s not easy for the lower realm’s White Fog City to have an expert like you. However, if I could take a guess, you haven’t used your full strength yet, right? I see that you’re still far from reaching your limit.”

When these words were said, everyone else was shocked.

Was this not the full strength of Morning Mist?

What in the world did he mean by that!
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