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Chapter 55: This Is Not The End!

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Bright golden light flashed above Lu Chen’s head.

Everyone was paying attention to his next move.

“Morning Mist is too terrifying. He didn’t even die in battle!”

“D*mn, I want a pet too. It’s so cute and dangerous!”

“Woah, it’s even immune to damage. If such a divine pet were to be put on the market, it would be a sky-high price!”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. I just want to see how farMorning Mist can go!”

“That’s right. That big guy said that he would give Mornin Mist a chance to attack with his full strength!”

Lu Chen held his longsword in his hand and his eyes were solemn.

One had to know that he did not only have the Sword God’s State skill!

He had obtained the power of the Ash Wolf in the palace of the Ancient Ash Wolf!

He was able to convert the moonlight that he had stored into a temporary attack power!

During this period of time, Lu Chen was actually not idle. He had been constantly absorbing the moonlight!

In the villa, the rate of absorption was even more terrifying!

He did not need to take the initiative to sit cross-legged and absorb it. It would continue to increase no matter what!

Thus, the attack power on Lu Chen’s interface started to increase from 9,250 points to much more!

It was increasing crazily step by step!

“Damn, Morning Mist’s attack power interface is increasing crazily!”

“I don’t think that’s his end, right?”

“What were his basic stats?”

Everyone watched helplessly as Lu Chen’s attack power panel began to increase.

In the sky above White Fog City, a dark and cold purple moon appeared!

Under the illumination of the Moonlight, Lu Chen’s attack power skyrocketed!




The final number directly stopped at 56,000 points!

This was not the end!

With the blessing of the Sword God’s State!

This number had to be increased by sevenfold!


Everyone went crazy!

Nearly 400,000 point value!


What kind of concept was that!

That would be absolutely terrifying!

When the Guardian General saw this scene, he was extremely shocked.

In the upper realm, with such strength, Lu Chen could become a powerhouse of a region!

This guy’s potential was too terrifying!

However, this was not the end!

Let us not forget, Lu Chen had the Moon God’s Mark!

Fighting under the moonlight would increase his attack power by 50% more!

Therefore, when the players saw the number on Lu Chen’s attack panel change again, they completely lost control!

A 588,000 point attack power!

That was insane!

Even when the bigger man in the light appeared, his attack power was far from this number!

In other words, Lu Chen was practically a god-like existence right now!

His combat power suppressed everything else around him!

Even the Guardian General felt a little incredulous!

If he did not have enough confidence in his own HP, he would have prepared to adjust his defense to not die.

Lu Chen held the sword in his hand. This time, he did not hold back!

Under the Sword God’s State, he could increase his attack speed by eightfold!

Currently, his attack speed on the interface was 16.5 points!

In other words, he could slash out 132 times in a second!

The sound of the sword swishing could be heard!

The world trembled with the energy of the sword being spread out!

Countless sword auras enveloped the Guardian General in an instant!

The sky was filled with a high red number!

All the players were dumbfounded!

Lu Chen’s graceful movement with his sword made them want to yearn for his powers too!

They would probably never be able to deal that much damage in their lifetime!

Finally, Lu Chen stopped the sword in his hand!


Everyone saw the HP of the warrior being reduced by 77 million HP!

That was absolutely shocking!

One had to know that Lu Chen’s current level was only level 15!

Attacking 77,000,000 points per second?!

No matter how much HP this warrior had, as long as Lu Chen is given a little more time, he could theoretically kill him!

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Guardian General still stood his ground!

Even with Lu Chen’s high damage, his full-power attack did not cause his opponent one-tenth of the damage.

However, just as everyone was thinking this, the general’s expression suddenly changed!

A huge red number appeared above his head!

“-320 million!”

The string of zeros behind that number almost made everyone unable to count.

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“F*ck, so many zeros. How much damage did Morning Mist deal with his final strike?”

“Ten million, ten thousand million. This… This can’t be over a hundred million, right?”

“F*ck, it’s really over 100,000,000 and more damage?”

“This is really teffifying!”

In White Fog City, the Guardian General looked at Lu Chen seriously and said.

“You’re very good.

“That sword attack just now almost cut off one of my arms. Your skill is so-so however.”

As a General of the upper realm, he could see that Lu Chen’s strength was extremely terrifying.

He had never thought that he would be able to suffer such serious injuries in the lower realm.

He was extremely satisfied with Lu Chen’s attack.

The White Fog City in the lower realm and the White Fog City in the upper realm were connected. With such a person as the City Lord, he was very assured of how it shall stay.

Hence, he nodded and said, “You did very well. You passed the test.”

As he spoke, he threw out a token from the light screen.

“This is the City Lord’s token. From now on, this city will be under your jurisdiction. In this city, you are everything!”

Lu Chen reached out and held the token in his hand. In an instant, countless messages flowed into Lu Chen’s mind!

It seemed that he had some unknown connection with this city.

“And these, take them all. This is what you’ve earned after passing the test.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a bundle was given to Lu Chen.

Before Lu Chen could remember to open it, the light pillar on the altar slowly rose into the air, along with that figure.

The man’s voice came from afar.

“When you have the strength to open the altar again, we will meet again. When that time comes, I hope you can defeat me!”

The man’s voice gradually faded away.

Lu Chen finally heaved a sigh of relief. That last attack had clearly satisfied the other party.

That attack was also a skill that came with the Sword God.

[Void Sword]

There was a 1% chance of dealing 20% damage to the other party’s maximum HP!

Therefore, Lu Chen’s final attack had only dealt terrifying damage of 320 million!

The entire world was in an uproar!

“F*ck, what’s going on?”

“Did Morning Mist really become the City Lord of White Fog City?”

“The f*ck, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Are we players going to seek refuge with Morning Mist?”

“Woah, this is getting more and more interesting. A city built by players?”

“If that’s the case, shouldn’t we look for Morning Mist to change our job classes? Dear Lord, please protect us when we meet him.”

“Okay Morning Mist, hurry up and bring us to White Fog City. I’ll even willingly beg for you to bring me in!”

“Hah, I know how to beg too. Don’t try to suck up to him!”

The eyes of the Dragon Country’s higher-ups were burning with desire.

Liu Changping said, “From now on, Lu Chen’s safety is the most important thing in the entire country!

“Whoever dares to threaten Lu Chen’s safety would be seen as trying to destroy the Dragon Country!

“The higher-ups have already given the highest order. We can start our attack on the Xiao family now!”

At the same time, in the capital of the other western countries. The expressions of many of the higher-ups were extremely ugly. Apart from people like Lu Chen in the east, it made them feel uneasy.

If they were to grow stronger in the future, how would they have any room to survive?

“I don’t care what methods we use, you must get rid of this Morning Mist as soon as possible!

“Now, take action immediately!

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“If we don’t get rid of Lu Chen, the entire west will not be at peace!

“We must not let the Dragon Country become stronger!”

Right when everyone was having different thoughts…

In White Fog City, Lu Chen began to reap his benefits this time!

From that one fight, his system’s notifications had been ringing nonstop from what he gained!
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