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Chapter 58: Do You Need a Powerful Mage?

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When all the pieces of equipment were equipped, Lu Chen looked brand new!

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 20]

[Class: Hero (now able to change to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), Bow God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden), White Fog City Lord (deployable)]

[Vitality: 4,265]

[Strength: 4,250]

[Agility: 4,205]

[Intelligence: 4,200]

[HP: 137,000]

[MP: 52,000]

[Attack: 82,000]

[Defense: 4,885]

[Magic Defense: 4,885]

[Reputation: 1,000]

The luxurious panel numbers were unbelievable to Lu Chen!

The attack power alone was already 82,000!

If he were to add in all sorts of enhancements, he might even be able to kill the Guardian General in one hit!

However, these attribute bonuses could only be obtained in White Fog City. Outside of White Fog City, his attributes would not be much different from before.

However, this was not important.

There was also a set of equipment that Lu Chen had kept in his backpack. Although the attribute bonuses could not be compared to this set of equipment, the bonuses were still terrifying were he to equip that outside of the city!

Lu Chen now felt as if he had become one with the city.

Closing his eyes, he seemed to be able to feel the white mist floating outside the city.

As the strong wind blew, he heard a rumbling sound.

Lu Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He had a feeling that he could now control the city’s mist.

Hence, he tried to control the mist with his mind.

In the end, the mist that was floating in midair really started to move!

However, the projection of the White Fog City in the real world did not change.

On the other hand, the White Fog City in the Second World could not stop roaring!

Lu Chen controlled the White Fog City to slowly descend from the air.

With that, he landed on the vast plain!

Lu Chen opened his eyes again and felt that everything he had done was very magical.

[Ding! Your pet has leveled up!]

The system notified him and Lu Chen was slightly stunned.

‘Which pet? Is it Weiwei or Rollie?’ Lu Chen thought to himself.

He quickly opened the interface to check.

[Ancient Ash Wolf ]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 120]

[Level: 25]

[Attack: 20,000]

[HP: 100,000]

[Defense: 800]

[Magic Defense: 800]

[Skills: Frost Domain, True Form Activation, Ash Wolf’s Fury (can be activated)]

Lan Weiwei’s level had increased by five levels, and her attack power had increased to 20,000. Her defense and HP had also increased to gratifying degrees!

As for the other skills, they had not changed at all.

Next was her appearance. Lu Chen felt that Lan Weiwei seemed to have grown up a little.

‘Did she seem to have grown up a little?’ Lu Chen wondered.

Lan Weiwei blinked her googly eyes and tilted her head to look at him.

Lu Chen shook his head thinking that he might be imagining things.

However, to Lu Chen’s surprise, Rollie seemed to have leveled up too.

Lucky, they are leveling up without even doing anything.

[Ancient Panda]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Rollie]

[Intimacy: 99]

[Level: 5]

[Attack: 1,000]

[HP: 50,000]

[Defense: 8,000]

[Magic Defense: 8,000]

[Skill: Luck Bonus

[Luck Bonus: Provides a luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.]

Truly amazing!

Lu Chen could not believe his eyes. This little fellow was insane! This little fellow was level 5 and already had 1,000 attack power.

His HP even jumped to 50,000 points!

Moreover, he now had an 8,000 point double resistance!

Rollie’s attributes were just as insane as Lu Chen’s!

Lu Chen immediately gained a soft spot for Rollie. After checking the attributes of the two pets, he changed several pieces of equipment. This was to prevent his attributes from dropping after he walked out of White Fog City.

Lu Chen basically had two panels now.

One was related to the White Fog City and had heaven-defying stats.

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The other was a panel that was equipped with legendary equipment and looked slightly normal.

Below was the normal panel.

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 20]

[Class: Hero (now able to change class to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 1,800]

[Strength: 1,985]

[Agility: 1,857

[Intelligence: 1,765]

[HP: 27,650]

[MP: 18,000]

[Attack: 19,850]

[Defense: 785]

[Magic Defense: 685]

[Reputation: 1,000]

Lu Chen let out a breath of relief. He had gained a lot from entering White Fog City.

However, there were also other concerning matters, White Fog City was suspiciously empty.

The General from the upper realm had revealed that there were many terrifying existences in both the upper and lower realm.

Everything was now filled with uncertainty and mystery.

This includes his own very own White Fog City.

When he was in the city, his attributes were basically higher. The more prosperous the people of White Fog City become, the higher the attribute bonus would be. There was even a potential of unlocking special skills.

However, there was no specific standard for how prosperous the city could become. As of now, it could only be reflected in terms of population, money, and so on.

Lu Chen began to frown. In that case, how could he increase the population of White Fog City?

By attracting players to come into the city?

This could be a possible solution

Right now, all the players urgently needed to go into White fog City to change their class, including Lu Chen himself!

However, there was nothing and no one in White Fog City. In order to attract players, the city needed to have NPCs that could change their class first.

Right when Lu Chen was figuring out how to attract players to the city, the system’s notification popped up.

[Ding! The host needs to recruit NPCs. Do you wish to recruit suitable NPCs to White Fog City using the tower?]


There were such functions in the game! Apparently, the tower could search for NPCs and request for them to come to the city!

Lu Chen decided to give it a try, so he walked to the tower.

The tower that had just dimmed lit up again.

[Ding! Are you ready to recruit NPCs?]

Lu Chen immediately pressed onto the yes option.

[Please decide on the payment method.]

[Option one, pay by gold coins. Option two, pay by special rewards.]

Lu Chen frowned. It seemed that recruiting NPCs required certain conditions.

It made sense to pay them with gold coins in option one.

However, for the second one, what did it mean by special rewards?”

Lu Chen could not understand.

With such doubts, Lu Chen clocked onto option one first.

[Ding! Please set the amount.]

Lu Chen thought for a moment. Previously, he had received 2,000 gold coins. So, he proposed 1,000 gold coins as funds for the experiment.

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In a blink of an eye, rays of light appeared in the tower causing ripples in the air.

After a moment, an old figure appeared.

“Young leader, the upper realm’s Kaiser has come to seek protection.”

“May I ask if you are seeking for a powerful mage?”

Lu Chen looked at the short old man and an attribute panel appeared above his head..
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