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Chapter 59: This Contract Can't be Changed Once It's Signed

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[Name: Kaiser]

[Race: Dwarf]

[Class: Archmage]

[Level: 42]

[Vitality: 789]

[Strength: 354]

[Agility: 245]

[Intelligence: 1,142]

[Defense: 425]

[Magic Defense: 578]

[Skills: Fireball, Spatial Seal, Frost…]

[Grade: B]

This NPC could not become a great mage and would not be able to help with class changes for players. With these stats, he would not be able to benefit the city much.

Lu Chen looked at the attributes of the short old man in front of him and was not very satisfied.

How was it that 1,000 gold coins could only attract this kind of people?

This person was even worse than the Village Chief of the Novice Village!

Lu Chen muttered and shook his head slightly.

He looked at the Mage in front of him and said, “Sorry, I’m not looking for someone like you right now.”

A hint of displeasure flashed across the old man’s eyes. 

“You should feel honored to be able to find a Mage like me for 1,000 gold coins.

“Young City Lord, your city has been run down, only a Mage like me who is in need of money would be willing to come here and help you.

“To be honest, 1,000 gold coins a month is not considered expensive at all for a quality Mage like me.”

Lu Chen’s eyelids twitched. What the f*ck, 1,000 gold coins a month?

This Mage might as well rob him dry!

Lu Chen raised his hand and the screams of the dwarf disappeared along with the wave of his hand.

Lu Chen frowned. If he wanted to recruit someone such as that man for 1,000 gold coins, he might as well not take it.

At this moment, he was reminded of the second option of recruiting NPCs.

The special rewards method.

Lu Chen scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion.

What the h*ll was this special reward?

With the mentality of giving it a try, Lu Chen tried to use the special rewards option to recruit NPCs.

Soon, the light screen on the tower flickered again.

Then, a young man wearing a black robe appeared. His eyes scanned the surrounded area as he gripped on a rusty iron sword.

“Young City Lord, are you the one who intends on hiring me?”

Lu Chen nodded.

The young man said, “Perfect. I’m from the upper realm. I am Atzas, a pleasure to meet you.

“For my special reward, you would need to give me a chance to enter the Sword Pool, then I shall stay here.

“The time limit of my stay would be 100 years. In these 100 years, I will be at your disposal and will listen to your commands unconditionally.”

Lu Chen was a little tempted by his proposal. 100 years, that was not a short period of time!

He quickly checked the attributes of this Atzas NPC.

[Name: Atzas]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Low-level Sword Saint]

[Level: 72]

[Vitality: 4,571]

[Strength: 4,365]]

[Agility: 4,765]

[Intelligence: 4,521]

[Attack: 85,462]

[Defense: 2,246]

[Magic Defense: 3,542]

[HP: 79,545]

[MP: 75,422]

[Skills: Limitless]

[Grade: S]

He could become a Sword Saint class-change master!

Lu Chen was extremely shocked by his attributes. This guy’s attributes were ridiculously high, and his grade was S ranked.

Moreover, Lu Chen just so happened to have the opportunity to enter the Sword Pool in his hand!

Actually, to Lu Chen, with the title of Sword God, it did not matter if he could go to the Sword Pool. Moreover, he had gained the opportunity to change his class yet. Apparently, there were special requirements for advancing his special title.

Coincidentally, he could also ask Atzas about this. He had noticed this guy’s class being a low-level Sword Saint!

He never expected that a Sword Saint could be considered as a class.

Lu Chen looked at the young man in front of him and could not help but nod excitedly. “Okay, I promise that you would have to chance to go to the Sword Pool!”

After saying this, the young man confidently walked out of the light pillar.

Then, the Sword Pool certificate in Lu Chen’s hand floated in the air. A few rules appeared and turned into two beams of white light, connecting the two players, with that a contract appeared.

Atzas then said, “This is a contract. Once it is signed, it can not be changed.”

Lu Chen nodded. Soon, the contract was signed.

The certificate fell into Atzas hands. Lu Chen also now felt an inexplicable connection with him.

As long as he spoke, Atzas would listen to his orders unconditionally.

At this moment, Atzas knelt down on one knee. “Respected City Lord, as your follower, Atzas, I am under your command.”

Lu Chen said, “I need you to be my White Fog City’s Sword Saint master. Would that be alright?”

Atzas said, “I’d be happy to, City Lord. However, if I may, could you allow me to make a trip to the upper realm first? I’ll be back soon after entering the Sword Pool. This way, I may be of greater service to you when I return.”

Lu Chen nodded.

With the contract being signed, Lu Chen was not afraid that he would not be able to return.

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This kind of contract should be formed by the will of this world. No one could violate it without experiencing severe penalties.

Moreover, the stronger Atzas was, the more benefits his city would receive, right?

“Thank you very much.”

Atzas was delighted from this. He stood up and directly stepped into the light again.

“I will be back very soon, City Lord.”

Atzas walked into the light and quickly disappeared in front of Lu Chen’s eyes.

After Atzas disappeared, Lu Chen started to look for more NPCs.

Once again he chose the special reward option to hire them.

The light flashed again.

A young girl wearing a blue magic robe appeared in front of Lu Chen.

Her figure was stunning and her eyes were bright.

“Respected City Lord, I, Linda send my regards.

“If you are willing to let me research on your Ancient Panda for half a year, I will stay here.”

Study Rollie?

There was no problem with that. That guy was just a lucky mascot to Lu Chen. Turns out Rollie had more uses now that that little fellow could get people to stay in White Fog City. 

Soon, Linda’s interface appeared.

[Name: Linda]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Water-type Grand Mage]

[Level: 82]

[Vitality: 2,453]

[Strength: 2,456]

[Agility: 7,454]

[Intelligence: 24,567]

[Attack: 3,545]

[Defense: 9,999]

[Magic Defense: 9,999]

[HP: 42,351]

[MP: 321,322]

[Skills: Grand Magic, Forbidden Blizzard, Curse of Misfortune]

[Rating: S]

She could be the Grand Mage of White Fog City!

Lu Chen gasped in shock. This NPC was really ridiculous. Her strength and other attributes were not that good, but she had an intelligence that was over 10,000 points?

She even had high defense and magic defense!

Lu Chen immediately agreed that he was willing to let her study Rollie.

He completely ignored the little beast complaining behind him and immediately shook hands with the NPC.

Very soon, the two of them signed a contract again. Linda would only stay in White Fog City for a year.

After finding a Mage and a Sword Saint, Lu Chen used the same method to find Warriors, Archers, Assassins, and so on…

The class-change masters of White Fog City were finally all assembled after a while.

[Ding! Congratulations on recruiting the class-change masters in your city.]

[City defense has increased by 100,000 points!]

[City gold coins increased by 1,000,000!]

Lu Chen was shocked. The city defense being increased by 100,000 points was expected, but it came with 1,000,000 gold coins?

If this was in the real world, Lu Chen would be 10 billion dollars richer!

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What a generous reward!

[Ding! The city is now sparsely populated. The city defense array can not be activated. Do you wish to recruit Craftsmen?]

After the system notified Lu Chen, he immediately chose the yes option!

However, this time, he only used gold coins.

These so-called Craftsmen only needed one gold coin to be recruited.. Therefore, Lu Chen directly recruited 10,000 Craftsmen in one go!
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