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Chapter 6

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Did he just level up so quickly?

Lu Chen was slightly delighted. He did not expect the early stages of leveling up to be so simple. Killing a wild monster could increase his level so easily.

He then glanced at the attributes on the interface. Due to him leveling up, he gained attribute points that could be added to his four-dimensional attributes.

Lu Chen pondered for a moment and directly added all four attribute points to his strength.

Having a higher number of strength points directly increased Lu Chen’s attack power to 100 points. With the help of the Sword God, his explosive power could now reach 500 points in an instant!

With such combat power, he would probably be able to fight even small-scale bosses in the early stages, right?

Lu Chen did not stay any longer, and continued to carry on with his journey. He directly passed through the area of level 2 wild monsters and arrived at the territory of level 5 wild monsters!

One by one, black-maned Wild Boars that were as strong as an ox could be seen casually strolling at the field

[Strong Wild Boar]

[Level: 5]

[HP: 300]

[Attack: 180]

[Defense: 15]

[Skill: Savage Charge]

[Savage Charge: Collides with the target at an extremely fast speed, dealing 300 damage and stunning the enemy for one second.]

All the players who followed Lu Chen looked at the Wild Boars that were as thick as steel needles and felt their scalps go numb!

This guy isn’t thinking of fighting a level 5 Wild Boar alone, is he?

He’s only level 2!

Among the level 5 wild monsters, Wild Boars were the most difficult to deal with. They have thick skin and high attack power. Most importantly, they have explosive and crowd control skills!

Most players would take a detour when they see this group of Wild Boars. Even if they wanted to fight, they would team up and attack together.

Level 5 Wild Boars were considered small bosses by the players in the early stages. However, to Lu Chen, it seemed that he was okay with fighting them head-on, alone?

Was he crazy?

Lu Chen looked at the Wild Boars in the distance and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

A level 5 Wild Boar had a defense of 150 points. If he did not activate the Sword God’s State and only relied on the attack power on his attribute points, he might not even be able to break through the Wild Boar’s defense! However, if he activated Sword God’s State, he would be able to kill it one by one. It would be as easy as eating a whole pie, for one.

However, Lu Chen did not intend to do that. He stood where he was, and with a wave of his hand, a wooden bow appeared in his hand.

This was the initial bow and arrow given by the system. n his title column, there was a series of golden words.

Among them was — Bow God!

Lu Chen’s eyes were sharp. He took out an arrow from his system backpack. He raised his hand and drew the bow into a full crescent moon shape.

Two golden words appeared above his head.

Bow God!

When the golden words appeared, everyone was shocked!

“What?! Again!?”

“How many golden titles does this guy have?”

“The f*ck, having Sword God is already ridiculous enough. What the h*ll is a Bow God?”

Lu Chen’s gaze locked onto a Wild Boar in the distance. The analysis of the Bow God appeared in his mind.

[Bow God: Your understanding of the bow has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a bow-type weapon, you will receive a special effect. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Accurate Arrow: When you use a Bow-type weapon, your attack is set to hit! ]

[Armor Breaker: When you use a bow and arrow type weapon to attack, you will dispel 90% of the target’s armor!]

[Seven Star Succession: You can shoot seven arrows at once, and your attack power will be increased by 300%!]


Lu Chen directly released the arrow, and it turned into a ray of light and flew out. The terrifying force drew a white line in the air, and the sharp sound of an arrow piercing through the air made people’s scalps go numb!

The arrow directly pierced through the Wild Boar’s head, nailing its enormous body to the ground…

A bright red number floated out from the air!


The level 5 Wild Boar was instantly reduced to a pile of its bloody skin. The Wild Boar was still groaning and struggling on the ground, and it did not have the time to react!


Another arrow pierced through the air and entered the Wild Boar’s body!


The Wild Boar was completely annihilated. With that Lu Chen leveled up yet again.

“How is this possible!”

“He killed the Wild Boar with just two arrows?”

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“The damage done was simply ridiculous!”

“Is the Wild Boar’s high defense just for show?”

“Holy sh*t, look!”

While everyone was still exclaiming in surprise, Lu Chen had already pulled back his bow again. This time, the scene they saw would be etched in their minds for the rest of their lives.

They saw Lu Chen holding seven arrows in one go and placing them on the bowstring!

The bow bent like a crescent moon. The moment he let go, it was like the Big Dipper was converging in the sky!


The red number slowly floated up, and the seven Wild Boars in the distance were instantly killed!

Lu Chen’s attack power, which had risen to level 3, increased once again. He could already kill Wild Boars in one shot!

Seeing Lu Chen being enveloped by the white light, the music of leveling up sounded once again.

Everyone was livid!

They had seen too many miracles today!

Everything before their eyes was like a dream, truly unbelievable.

They could only watch as the man who was like an ancient god, draw his bow and shoot arrows. Not only that, but he did it effortlessly as he slaughtered the wild monsters that even they could not kill.

A moment later, Lu Chen’s level rose to level 5. He also could now be seen with silver-grade armor. When he equipped it, the stats on his interface instantly soared!

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 5]

[Class: Hero (You may now change classes to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 10 +20]

[Strength: 30]

[Agility: 10]

[Intelligence: 10 +15]

[HP: 360]

[MP: 350]

[Attack: 300]

[Defense: 5 +10]

[Magic Defense: 5 +10]

Lu Chen was very satisfied with the increased stats on his interface. After putting on the silver-grade armor, even if he did not activate anything, he would be able to take on the Wild Boar alone.

However, these two waves of attacks were quite disgraceful. Other than some common materials, nothing else dropped.

Lu Chen looked at the surrounding players and thought for a moment before choosing to log out. He did not like to be surrounded by people all the time. He felt quite oppressed with them following him around.

Moreover, he had already achieved his goal of testing his strength and intimidating those little rascals. There was no need for him to stay any longer.

Another reason was that he felt like he had been trapped in the game for a thousand years. So much so that he had almost forgotten what the real world was like!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen’s figure slowly disappeared in the game..
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