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Chapter 61: You're Really Going to Attack the Xiao Family?

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The meeting room fell into a dead silence once again.

Lan Weiwei blinked her eyes innocently. She did not understand what was happening at all.

Liu Changping’s eyes widened. He pointed at Rollie who was in Lan Weiwei’s arms and said, “Then… What about this panda?”

Lu Chen nodded and said, “That’s right. This panda is the same as Weiwei. After signing the contract with this little fellow, he too mysteriously appeared in this world.

“In addition, I discovered that I can now enter the Second World without using the game pod.

“Going into the Second World without it is completely different from entering with the game pod!

“Plus, I can also summon the weapon I use in-game to the real world and use the skills I have in-game to the real world.”

As Lu Chen finished speaking, a golden light flashed above his head. The word Sword God appeared for everyone to see.

With a flip of his palm, an aqua-blue longsword also appeared in his hand.

His entire body was exuding a terrifying aura when it appeared. This gesture made everyone hold their breath in fear!

Liu Changping was dumbstruck.

He had never thought that Lu Chen would be able to do such a thing!

“Good, very good! This is amazing progress!”

He was too stunned to speak of anything else except praises.

Lu Chen’s strength was equivalent to the strength of the Dragon Country and the strength of the east.

No matter what his attitude was as a citizen, it would not change the fact that he is from the Dragon Country .

With that in mind, Lu Chen could be seen as a powerful trump card for other countries to worry about!

Lu Chen paced around the room with his weapon in hand as he spoke.

“All kinds of signs indicate that the connection between the Second World and our world is greatly merging.

“I think it won’t be long before the two worlds begin to merge into one…

“I’m sure that the White Fog City in the sky and the phenomenon that happened to me can prove this case in point.”

Liu Changping nodded and said, “Your speculation is correct. In fact, all the countries have been preparing for this very day.”

Lu Chen looked at Liu Changping and said, “Then, after answering your questions, shouldn’t I have some questions of my own? Or should I say, what should you tell me?”

Lu Chen needed information to exchange in this situation. Whether it was the Second World or the real world, he knew too little about everything that was going on.

He felt like he was left in the dark.

If Liu Yuan had not told him part of it and him guessing part of it, he would have lived in total darkness.

Liu Changping looked at him and sighed.

“Well, it’s time for you to know some things.

“Otherwise, it’s not fair to you, and it won’t be convenient for you in the future as well.”

Liu Changping pondered for a moment and said slowly, “This world has supernatural powers. Liu Yuan should have told you about it, right?”

He glanced at Liu Yuan in the distance and guessed from her expression.

Lu Chen nodded and said, “That’s right, but I forced her to say it. Don’t blame her for sharing the information with me. To be honest, she’s quite a responsible team member.”

Liu Changping said somewhat embarrassedly, “We were just being cautious.”

Lu Chen said, “I know.”

Liu Changping heaved a sigh of relief before speaking again.

“It’s good that you can understand.

“Then I’ll continue with what I said just now. This world has had supernatural powers since ancient times.

“The martial artist experts in the east, the mages and knights in the west.

“For example, in Dragon Country, every family has a strong background.

“This is also the reason why the Dragon Country is monopolized by major families.

“Because their status in strength is too strong.”

Lu Chen nodded. He knew all of this.

“About five years ago, a secret realm appeared at the border between the Dragon Country and the Bear Country.

“At that time, the Gu family took the lead and led many experts from the families to explore the realm.

“There were more than a hundred people in this group. The weakest one was at the Heaven-grade, and the strongest one was a legendary spiritual realm expert!”

After saying this, many people felt a chill in their hearts.

A spiritual expert!

An expert that only existed in legends!

Lu Chen was just as shocked as everyone. He had a rough idea of his own strength. Before entering White Fog City, he knew that he could only barely surpass Heaven-grade experts.

He knew that he could not reach the level of acquired realm experts at all. 

With just one look, one could tell how terrifying the strength of any expert was. As for strong martial artist fighters in general, it was something that he dared not to think about ever.

However, after entering White Fog City, he had obtained a huge improvement. In addition, he even had a series of title upgrades. He was now confident that he could fight against a master.

However, he had never seen a master anywhere, so could not yet gauge his abilities and skills.

Liu Changping’s voice continued on as Lu Chen pondered.

“That group of people went for about three months, but there was no news!

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“That secret realm also slowly disappeared, and the masters of the big families were cut off just like that.

“It even triggered inner turmoil in the Dragon Country.

“Half a year after the secret realm disappeared, the will of the Second World slowly descended.

“They began to communicate with the higher ups of the world, sending out its will to descend.

“At the beginning, everyone was terrified.

“Everyone wondered why such an unknown existence wanted to descend.

“Could it be a disaster?

“Without rushing too quickly into it, the higher ups carefully communicated with it for nearly four years.

“They decided that it didn’t seem like an invasion. Instead, it seemed like it was asking for help.

“Its final message was that it couldn’t hold on any longer and that the world had no choice but to only descend.

“It couldn’t control it anymore. It had no choice but to activate the Second World’s plan.”

Lu Chen pondered. It sounded like the Second World’s will had encountered some difficulty.

The Second World had descended into this world and then asked for help from this world.

It descended into this world in the form of a game.

It has even helped the humans of this world to modify their bodies.

Lu Chen nodded to show that he understood.

He looked at Liu Changping and said, “Are there any images and information left behind from them? I want to take a look.”

Liu Changping nodded and then spoke, “Follow me.”

With that, he walked out.

Lu Chen followed directly behind him. They walked all the way to the top floor of the Dragon building.

After passing countless checkpoints, they finally arrived at a secret hidden room.

Liu Changping turned on a device, and an image appeared in front of Lu Chen’s eyes.

It was an unknown object, like a disorderly ball of thread. Then, it made an irregular sound.

Lu Chen could feel some kind of will from that sound.

“Save me… Save me…” the voice rang out.

This feeling he felt was similar to him voluntarily descending into the Second World.

However, at the same time, it was completely different.

After a while, Lu Chen and Liu Changping walked out from inside.

At this point, he completely believed Liu Changping’s words.

He looked at Liu Changping and said, “Then, what are your next moves?”

Liu Changping pondered for a moment and then looked at Lu Chen and said, “We have a plan. In doing so, we would need your help.”

Lu Chen said, “Go on.”

Liu Changping said, “You should know that the existence of the aristocratic families has been hindering the development of the Dragon Country, especially the arrogant aristocratic families who rely on their countless expert fighters.

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“They always look down on the entire organization.

“Therefore, we need you to eliminate some of the aristocratic families.

“However, the prerequisite is that you must have sufficient strength in order to carry out this mission.”

Lu Chen’s eyes gleamed with desire as he replied, “You mean, you’re going to make a move against the Xiao Family?”

Liu Changping nodded his head heavily..
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