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Chapter 63: Acquired Realm Expert Hidden in the Shadows!!

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When he read the message, the veins on the Xiao’s head of family bulged. He was so shocked that the phone screen started to crack from a tight unconscious grip.

After a full ten seconds, he forcefully suppressed his anger.

“All of you can go back. These matters are not your fault.”

The eight people below the man felt a sense of relief. Some of them even wiped the beads of sweat off their heads, bowed deeply, and hurriedly got up and walked out.

Xiao Bai slowly closed his eyes, and softly spoke, he looked as though he was speaking to himself.

“Elder Ling.”

At this moment, an old man appeared from a shadowed corner that would have been difficult for one to notice his presence. One could vaguely see that he was a short and hunchbacked old man, and one could assume that he was extremely weak.

However, the fierce aura emitted from his body made people feel that there was a sharp edge and grit in the way he carried himself.

The old and sinister voice spoke, “If I make a move, it’ll be the last time you’ll ever get my assistance. Have you thought this through? Is it really worth it to use it to kill this brat?”

A burst of terrifying laughter ensued.

However, Xiao Bai did not have the slightest bit of fear. “Back then, our Xiao family found the right pills for you and helped you become an acquired expert. We hope that you can help us get through these difficult times.

“The first time was when my father asked you to kill the head of the Xu family in order to reach the peak of the Dragon Country.

“The second time was a year ago when that heaven rank expert tried to assassinate me. You saved my life.

“This third time, as long as you can kill him, you won’t owe our Xiao family anymore.”

“Alright, then I shall help you with this request.”

As he spoke, the figure that seemed to be on the verge of death moved slightly and slowly merged into the darkness once again. It was as if there had never been anyone there ever.

It was extremely strange.

“Lu Chen, oh Lu Chen, I didn’t even have to take the initiative to look for you. You actually delivered yourself to my door. You can’t blame me for this.”

After he finished speaking, Xiao Bai closed his eyes, as if waiting for Lu Chen’s arrival.

The hall was so silent that if a pin dropped, it could be heard.

At the entrance of the Xiao family manor, iron doors towered high. This place, which should have been tightly sealed, was opened, as if it waited for Lu Chen to enter.

Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei stood at the door, and the atmosphere was somber.

Only the panda in Lan Weiwei’s arms seemed to be unaware of everything. It held the bamboo and nibbled it bit by bit contently. This happy scene did not fit well with the current situation.

The two walked in through the door. 

The manor, which should have been brightly lit, was now incomparably dark. If it was not for the moon that hung high in the sky shining the way, one would not be able to see anything at all.

Lu Chen frowned slightly. “Be careful, something is not right.”

Obviously, no matter how well the secret measures of the Dragon Country were done, it would be difficult to completely hide information from the Xiao family.

The secret of this operation could have been leaked, they might have been expecting them already.

However, it did not matter. In the face of absolute strength, all techniques were illusory. Moreover, as long as the moon still shone, it would be advantageous to Lu Chen.

Lan Weiwei’s ears twitched slightly. At this moment, her eyes flashed with a hint of green light. Her gaze was somewhat cautious as she held onto Rollie tighter. “I have a feeling that danger will appear from the surrounding shadows.”

Lu Chen nodded. If Xiao Bai dared to wait for him in such a grand manner, then it means that he was extremely confident in being able to destroy him.

How strong was an acquired realm expert?

Lu Chen was eager to experience battling one, but he dared not to let his guard down.

The two carefully walked towards the hall, on constant high vigilance. Only the panda in Lan Weiwei’s arms ate happily, he even enjoyed himself in Lan Weiwei’s arms.

In the dark night, as an ancient wolf, Lan Weiwei’s night vision was not hindered at all. Even Lu Chen was a little envious for that characteristic.

If he could have such a strong night vision, then his assassination ability could be doubled!

However, feeling the nourishment of the moonlight, Lu Chen was not afraid.

After more than ten minutes, he finally arrived at the hall.

“You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting.”

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Xiao Bai, who sat on his seat comfortably, narrowed his eyes slightly as if he had just woken up.

Lu Chen’s eyes were solemn. “I did make you wait for a long time. In the Second World, when the Xiao family attacked me for the first time, I should have been the one at the Resurrection Point killing all the members of the White Alliance myself.”

Not only did Xiao Bai’s expression not turn ugly, he even looked relaxed. He picked up the tea on the table and took a sip. “The tea is good, but it’s a pity that it’s gone cold.”

Then, he raised his head and looked at Lu Chen. “You’re brave coming here knowing that you’ve become an enemy of our Xiao family.

“I know that you’re very strong, but there’s a limit to how strong you can be!

“Because your physical body has restricted your highest strength, there’s no way that you can withstand great attack.

“If you’re willing to join our Xiao family, not only will I let bygones be bygones, but I can also help you solve this problem!”

Lu Chen’s gaze was slightly shaken.

How was he going to solve the issue of his physical body holding him back?

This offer was much too tempting. To Lu Chen, if the grudges he held were not severe, he might have been tempted. The opportunity that could allow him to unleash his full strength was no small feat!

However, it quickly turned into a passing thought. Within a second, Lu Chen’s gaze regained its calmness. “If you said this from the start, even if it was to threaten me to find my real identity, I would be able to accept it. Now, after what you’ve done, it’s too late to say things like these.”

When Xiao Bai heard Lu Chen’s reply, all hope he held in his eyes instantly disappeared. Even his gaze dimmed a little. He waved his hand and extinguished the few lamps beside him. His voice was desolate as he spoke, “In that case, do you really have the courage to destroy our Xiao family?”

The moment the candles extinguished, the hall instantly darkened. With that, Lu Chen instantly felt a chill run down his spine and hesitantly stepped back.

Suddenly, a pitch-black dagger flew right towards where Lu Chen moved from!

This dagger seemed to not be made from normal metal. It did not have any luster. Instead, it moved like a shadow, making it hard for one to notice its presence!

At this moment, a thread of cloth hung on the dagger and a light appeared when it slashed downward. Then, with a swing of the dagger going upward, it once again entered the darkness. There was no trace of it after it disappeared!

This fluid assassination technique was extremely smooth, without the slightest bit of sloppiness. Even Lan Weiwei, an Ancient Ash Wolf, did not manage to react in time to such an attack!

This terrifying speed and perfect assassination technique shocked her beyond compare.

Most importantly, with her keen eyes, she did not notice that there was someone in the shadows. To be exact, this assassin did not rely on his shadow to hide his identity!

At this moment, beads of sweat appeared on Lu Chen’s forehead.

He thought that he still stood a chance against an acquired realm expert, but they did not mention that this expert was an assassin as well!

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He was familiar with this technique of escaping further away after missing an attack, but it was because of this that he understood how terrifying this assassin could truly be.

If he was not mistaken, this assassin was able to be one with the shadows!

What kind of supernatural power was this?

Was this the ancient martial art technique that had once disappeared from the world?

Was this the one and only legendary move from it?!
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