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Chapter 64: The First President of the Night Union, Ling Yin!

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While Lu Chen was shocked, in a corner far away from the hall, a shadow appeared from the darkness around it. In the end, it turned into a hunched old man.

The old man looked at the person in front of him as if he had seen something rare. “Hah! Little child, you’re quite nimble. This is the first time I’ve missed in twenty years. You’ve hurt my pride. I’ll have to kill you for that.”

The old man spoke indifferently, he talked as though he was going to step on some measly ants.

The first time in the past twenty years?

Lu Chen was confused. Lan Weiwei had already placed Rollie on the ground to let him play by himself. Meanwhile, the faint image of a wolf’s claw could be seen on her palm.

The old man looked at Lan Weiwei’s hand and his eyes seemed to emit a glow.

“This girl is special. She succeeded in transforming her hand into a wolf claw. It seems like a supernatural ability.

“If my guess is correct, you should be a wolf demon, right?

“In that case, looks like I’ve struck gold today! I’ll have a demon core soon!”

Hearing these words, the coldness in Lu Chen’s eyes became even colder. In his eyes, this assassin was already a dead man.

Lan Weiwei had long lost her cute appearance. She looked at him coldly, ready to find a loophole to attack at any time.

When Rollie heard that the assassin wanted to take Lan Weiwei’s demon core, he trembled in fear. Then, he mustered the courage to bare his teeth at the assassin to express his dissatisfaction.

Xiao Bai sat in the hall and let out a long sigh. “Well, there goes your opportunity to attack. Ling, how did you miss that shot?

“Do you know how difficult it was to rope him in?”

Looking at Xiao Bai, who was ridiculed the old man in the hall, Lu Chen still felt that something was not right.

This old man was just an assassin. If he really did not care about killing Xiao Bai, he would not be able to stop him at all.

What exactly was Xiao Bai relying on now?

What other backup plans did he have?

Without allowing Lu Chen to think too much, the old man once again slowly disappeared into the shadows around him.

“Brat, you are worthy of knowing my name. I’m the first President of the Night Union, Ling Yin.”

What was surprising was that the old man’s voice seemed to have echoed from all directions. Lu Chen could not figure out where to real sound was coming from.

How did he do it?!

Lu Chen was reminded of Hei Yu, who he had given the other party a teleportation scroll, being the President of the Night Union was he not?

One had to know that the Dark Union had been somewhat fearful of Xiao Chuan back then. At the same time, he remembered some information that Liu Yuan had given him, including this person called Ling Yin.

She even mentioned that this person came from an ancient martial arts aristocratic family. His entire family had been exterminated because they had offended their enemies.

Only he, who was still young, was rescued and trained. Finally, at the age of twenty, he assassinated all of his enemies and formed an assassin organization, the Night Union.

Therefore, Ling Yin had completely established his name in the ancient martial arts world.

He was known for his magical ability that could merge with the shadow and it was close to impossible to guard against.

No one in their right mind would dare provoke an assassin who could appear from his shadow and kill them at any time!

Therefore, the reputation of the Night Union soared high.

However, when Ling Yin was fifty years old, he suddenly disappeared, and no one knew where he went.

The Dark Union had gone through a long period of turmoil and reorganization before it was directed into the right track today.

Of all places to meet him, Lu Chen did not expect to meet him here.

What made him feel troubled was that none of Ling Yin’s targets had ever escaped. A one-hit kill was his signature move. No one would survive until he assassinated them.

It was the same even if their level was higher than his.

However, today was destined to be a long battle. Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei’s came prepared. It was impossible to kill them in one hit.

Lu Chen knew that Liu Changping’s troops were far away. If he needed them, he could shine a military searchlight that could illuminate a signal a kilometer away at any time.

However, if that was the case, it was very likely that Ling Yin would not show his presence at all.

Just as Lu Chen was thinking of a solution, Lan Weiwei, who was at the side, had already started fighting with the shadows! Black daggers kept appearing from the black shadows in all directions.

From different angles, the daggers were aimed at her vital points.

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One second, the daggers were still in front of her, but the next moment, they appeared behind her. This ability to teleport in the shadows was very troublesome.

Although Lan Weiwei’s movements were agile and her attack power was as high as 20,000, she could not cause any damage to the shadowed attacks.

On the other hand, Ling Yin’s casual slash was enough to reduce Lan Weiwei’s health bar by quite a bit.

3,500 HP!

4,678 HP!

14,534 HP!

3,429 HP!

In less than a minute, Lan Weiwei’s 100,000 HP bar had been reduced by half!

If not for Moonlight’s Blessing, she would probably have died by now.

This fighting pace was already considered slow for Ling Yin. After all, he usually his targets with a single slash!

In the distance, many members of the Dragon Team observed the fight.

They were extremely anxious, but they knew that the matter at hand was not something they could participate in. With their strength, they would just end up becoming burdens in the fight.

One of the team members said anxiously, “Why don’t we use the specially made bullets to snipe him from a distance? It’s not like we haven’t sniped an ancient martial art practitioner before!”

Liu Yuan quickly denied this suggestion, “No way! That assassin should be Ling Yin, who disappeared for many years. Look at him, he’s been fighting for so long, but his body has never left the shadow. The bullets won’t have any effect at all. Moreover, they’re moving too quickly, we might accidentally hurt Lan Weiwei.”

They all knew that Lan Weiwei could be fast enough to dodge the bullet. However, the problem was that if she gets distracted even for a second, she would be instantly pierced through!

Ling Yin’s dagger might normally cause thousands or even tens of thousands of damage, but if it really cut Lan Weiwei’s throat off, it could be equivalent to a Second World armor-piercing and explosive strike, directly taking Lan Weiwei’s life away!

While everyone silently pondered, Liu Changping’s earpiece suddenly rang out, “Get the Dragon Team to immediately spread out and surround the entire manor. Wait for my signal later, turn on all the searchlights!”

It was Lu Chen’s voice!

Everyone’s spirits were instantly lifted!

Initially, when everyone saw that Lu Chen was idle, they held heavy hearts, “Can’t Morning Mist breakthrough this trap?”

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However, now, when they heard his voice, everyone felt as if they had been reassured!

Liu Changping immediately assigned tasks to the team, “Zhang Ming, lead three people and a searchlight to the high mountain five hundred meters north of the manor. Chen Liang, take two people and a searchlight to the signal tower eight hundred meters east.”

Liu Yuan was a little anxious. “What about me? I don’t have a searchlight!”

Liu Changping gritted his teeth. “Go to the Chunmao building in the north and immediately contact their general manager. Move all the commercial searchlights in their building to the top of the building. We need as many as we can get!

“Today, our task is to help Lu Chen as much as possible.. Let’s see Lu Chen kill that old man alone!”
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