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Chapter 65: How Do You Catch a Sly Fox??!

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As soon as Liu Changping’s order was given, everyone rushed to their destination without any hesitation.

This battle was not only about the life and death of an individual, but it might even be about the life and death of the entire Dragon Country!

Throughout the entire world, the Beautiful Country, the Island Country, the Cold Country, and the Eagle Country had all made great achievements.

Beautiful Country had relied on its outstanding technological strength and powerful financial strength to stand at the peak of the mecha field. There was once a top-tier warrior who used a mecha to kill a lord with a single shot!

Island Country was split into two major factions, ninjutsu experts and yin-yang families. They each used their own abilities to fight and relied on their unfathomable abilities to crazily fight monsters.

Cold Country had almost disappeared under the suppression of the country. However, the arrival of the Second World game had made them rise up and become the top guilds. It was said that a priest of that country had arrived in a city and was ready to accept the test in the next few days.

Eagle Country has a unified system and an absolute specialized army. They were completely different from the motley crew of the White Alliance. Although they did not have the combat strength like Lu Chen, they had already become heavy fighters for attacking cities and plundering land with their army.

If something went wrong with Lu Chen this time, the entire Dragon Country would fall behind by a lot. If they could not catch up with other countries, they would probably lose countless lives. This was something no one wanted to experience.

Everyone moved very quickly. In less than five minutes, everyone was in position.

At this time, Lu Chen finally moved!

He switched to the Sword God mode. If he was in Second World, everyone would have seen a golden symbol Sword God appearing above his head.

His stats soared!

His original basic combat power increased by seven times from 19,850 to 138,950. When the moonlight shone in from the outside, under the Moonlight’s Blessing, the moonlight fused into his body.

After an enlightening feeling, Lu Chen’s combat power increased by 50% again, reaching an astonishing 208,425!

This was the combat power buff that came from the title. One had to know that Lu Chen’s attack speed was already 16.5. Under the Sword God title, his attack speed increased by 800%, and he could now slash 132 times in a second.

This also meant that Lu Chen could deal 27,512,100 damage in a second, this was close to 30 million!

Such a strike was definitely not something the opponent could withstand!

However, the problem was, how was Lu Chen going to break out of this situation?

As long as the shadow was there, Ling Yin would be able to turn invisible.

If he shined his light, the opponent would also shift away as the shadow retreated.

No one could think of a solution.

Xiao Bai, who sat on the throne, grew more and more confident as time went by. He was not worried that Ling Yin would fail.

He also knew that as long as Lu Chen died, the country would not dare make a move against the Xiao family. After all, among the people who entered the acquired realm, the strongest was the ancestor of the Xiao family, who was at the spiritual realm.

No one would dare offend a dead person from the Xiao family. 

If it was just a dead person in the Second World game, no one would bat an eye. So much so in the real world, no one would care.

When Lu Chen was ready to make a move, adrenaline pumped into his veins, readying himself.

At this time, Ling Yin was fighting with Lan Weiwei. When he saw Lu Chen move, he returned to the shadows and disappeared without a trace.

Lan Weiwei took a few steps back and stood under the moonlight.

Lan Weiwei’s was recovering rapidly. In less than a minute, she was back to full health.

This gave Lu Chen some confidence in this situation.

Lu Chen constantly sensed his surroundings. The area was dark and the wind blew silently. Other than the faint sound of the wind coming from outside, there was nothing unusual.

The shadows on the ground seemed to hide countless killing intent, but no one could figure out where Ling Yin was.

At the same time, Ling Yin tried to confuse him even more, and his voice came from all directions.

“Kid, I have to say that your combat strength is really strong. Judging from your aura just now, you can definitely reach the peak of the mid-acquired realm fighter.

“If you were to meet other acquired realm experts, although you might not be able to win, at least no one would be able to stop you.

“That girl looked weak. I didn’t expect her to react well and not be able to instantly be killed by me.

“Heh, I don’t know if you have the same grit as her. Why don’t I kill you in an instant first and then grind her to death bit by bit?”

Lan Weiwei looked at Lu Chen worriedly. She wanted to rush forward to help, but was stopped by a certain look from Lu Chen.

He closed his eyes and began to listen carefully to the other party’s words.

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Although the voice came from all directions, Lu Chen was still trying to figure out the main direction it was coming from.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. “You hid yourself very well. I really can’t tell where you’re from. Although, there is something wrong with your voice.”

Ling Yin’s breathing paused, and then he asked, “Oh? Tell me about it?”

Lu Chen said, “This hall is too big. There are echoes everywhere, but when I listen carefully, I found that only the echo in the southeast corner is the smallest. There is almost no echo.

“So, you must have spoken from there!”

Before he finished his words, Lu Chen charged directly toward the southeast corner and swung his sword fiercely!

At this moment, even Xiao Bai’s eyes became a little solemn.

The high-level officials of the Dragon Country had investigated Lu Chen’s situation before, so the damage that he had caused under the Sword God State could not be recovered at all. No one dared to bet whether this kind of damage would affect the shadow.

The golden light of his weapon directly hit the southeast corner. The sword aura directly passed through and emitted golden light. The moment it touched the wall, it sliced through like butter. Without any hindrance, it passed through the wall!

A bottomless crack appeared on the ground!

Under the power of the Sword God State, even the shadow on the ground shook slightly!

“You’re much too arrogant, boy!”

Lu Chen’s movements were indeed quick. However, as an assassin, Ling Yin’s movements kept up with the motions.

When Lu Chen swung his blade 132 times, Ling Yin did not dare to be careless at all. He immediately dodged and left. At the same time, he found a loophole and flashed out with his weapon!

The pitch-black blade directly pierced through his skin, brushed past his ribs, and ruthlessly stabbed into his heart!


A bloodthirsty killing intent appeared in Ling Yin’s eyes!

It worked!

His three-time agreement to help the Xiao family was finally lifted, and he was free.

More importantly, the number one person in the Second World, Lu Chen, actually died in his hands.

This was definitely a great honor to hold!

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Lan Weiwei’s face instantly turned deathly pale, and her body suddenly trembled. Even Rollie, who had been gnawing on bamboo all this time, stopped and looked nervously at Lu Chen.

In the distance, Liu Yuan’s heart seemed to have been violently tugged, and she could not help but shout, “Lu Chen!”

Liu Changping’s fight was being played in the Dragon Country’s conference room. At this moment, there were more than ten high-level officials watching the scene unfold.

Their heartbeats were raised manifold when they saw what happened!

Ling Yin smiled cruelly, he tried to look for fear, helplessness, and fear on the other party’s face!
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