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Chapter 68: A Pseudo-spiritual Realm Expert!

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When Xiao Bai made his move, it looked just an ordinary attack, but it was definitely a killing move for Lu Chen.

That strong wind looked like a tiger’s claw carried a faint whistling momentum as it was directed towards Lu Chen. Killing intent surged as it got closer and closer.

This kind of killing intent could be clearly felt by even the higher-ups that sat in the meeting room through the cameras in the extreme distance.

This kind of killing intent had even condensed more and more!

The third chief looked at the other party hanging and gritted his teeth fiercely. 

“Xiao Bai has to be eliminated, or else he would be a great disaster for the Dragon Country!

“Quickly, get the first elder to the meeting room.”

Following the order, someone immediately invited the first elder to the meeting room.

In less than a minute or two, the first elder arrived in the meeting room with a strong presence.

“What are you all doing? There was a spiritual realm expert hiding in the country this whole time, but no one knew? I don’t know what all of you are doing, but you’ve made a big mistake!”

The first elder came in with a walking stick and a spear. Although his position was not as high as the third chief, he did not care about statuses and spoke his mind.

This was due to the appearance of a spiritual realm expert that was enough to bring a crisis to the country.

The third chief dared not to express any dissatisfaction because the first elder was the Guardian God of the country.

He only had a helpless look on his face. “First elder, let’s not make haste. Let’s focus on Xiao Bai’s situation first before pointing fingers, all right?”

The matter was urgent. The first elder shut his mouth. Instead, he looked at the screen and narrowed his eyes slightly as he spoke to everyone around.

“As you all know, he has been an ordinary person for so many years and has never shown any great strength.

“It is obvious that he should be a pseudo-spiritual realm expert right now!

“A pseudo-spiritual realm expert?”

All the higher-ups were puzzled. No one had ever heard of the term pseudo-spiritual.

The first elder nodded slightly. “That’s right. I have never seen this realm before either. However, I once discovered the existence of this realm in an ancient book.

“If it was an ordinary expert, without a special training technique or treasure, it would be impossible for them to hide their training all the time.

“However, if they trained using some unorthodox evil techniques, in order to avoid getting themselves killed, they would often support a training technique that could hide their training tactics from the very beginning.

“Only when one day they truly entered the spiritual realm and released their training knowledge would they be able to fully display their skills in front of outsiders.

“However, he is only at the spiritual level right now and doesn’t have the corresponding strength and battle experience. Thus, he can only be called a pseudo-spiritual realm expert.”

When these words were said, the higher-ups all understood what he meant, but everyone still had tense shoulders.

At the same time, the secretary mentioned some new information to Liu Changping and then to Lu Chen.


In the hall, when Lu Chen faced Xiao Bai’s powerful attack, he immediately felt an abnormal sense of danger. He dared not to hesitate at all and immediately dodged the attack.

On the wall behind him, a tiger claw mark that was as tall as a person suddenly appeared. It pierced through the wall and directly shattered a room dozens of meters behind him.

Lu Chen turned his head to look at the marking and noticed that it was a clean hit.

This was an indication of an extremely high training level.

Lu Chen did not hesitate at all. He immediately activated the Sword God title again and attacked Xiao Bai with 132 slashes!

Damage of close to 30,000,000 directly struck in front of Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai himself was vigilant. He raised his hand and punched out with all his strength, directly dispersing Lu Chen’s attacks. The remaining power did not pose any threat to him at all. However, this attack did indeed make Xiao Bai apprehensive.

His opponent was clearly only at the acquired level, yet he was actually able to stand on equal footing with him. However, after this attack, he was certain that this kid would not be able to keep up.

In the next moment, Lu Chen, Lan Weiwei, and Xiao Bai directly engaged in battle.

Wolf claws, tiger fists, blades, and swords interweaved, turning the entire hall into ruins.

Occasionally, attacks were missed as it destroyed the countless buildings nearby.

At the same time, everyone that was around retreated. Of course, the Dragon Team was constantly controlling these people from the outside.

As for whether to detain these people or give them preferential treatment, it would depend on the outcome of this battle.

The title of Blade God and Sword God continued to rotate above Lu Chen’s head.

However, it did not seem to be of much use to Xiao Bai. The high load of the battle increased the pressure on Lu Chen and Xiao Bai.

“Lan Weiwei, hold on!”

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After saying that, Lu Chen immediately flashed and jumped out of the battle.

Lan Weiwei could not withstand the pressure coming from Xiao Bai alone. Her body suddenly burst out with a bright light, and she directly transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf!

Lu Chen looked at Lan Weiwei in surprise. After Lan Weiwei transformed into a human form, she once again transformed into the appearance of an Ancient Ash Wolf. This was also her skill – True Form Transformation. When transformed into the ancient Ash Wolf King, all attributes are increased by 50%.

Moonlight shone down and entered Lan Weiwei’s body. This power coursed through her bloodstream as she bared her fangs. With the blessing of the Ancient Ash Wolf King’s bloodline and the Moon God’s Blessing, Lan Weiwei’s combat strength had more than doubled!

[Ancient Ash Wolf King]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 150]

[Level: 25]

[Attack: 20,000 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with the moonlight buff, the total is now 40,000)]

[HP: 100,000 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with the moonlight buff, total, the total is now 200,000)]

[Defense: 800 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with the moonlight buff, total, the total is now 1,600)]

[Magic Defense: 800 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with the moonlight buff, the total is now1,600)]

[Skills: Demonic Flame, Frost Domain, True Form Transformation, Ash Wolf’s Fury, Moonlight’s Blessing]

[Demonic Flame: The Ancient Ash Wolf King spits out terrifying demonic flames, causing 8,000 physical and magic damage per second to the enemy in front of it.]

[Frost Domain: Creates a frost domain, slowing down the enemy’s attack speed and casting speed by 50%.]

[True Form Transformation: When transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf King, all attributes increase by 50%.]

[Ash Wolf’s Fury: The ancient Ash Wolf King awakens the sleeping bloodline in its body, greatly increasing its own attributes, and has a chance to obtain an additional skill!]

[Moonlight’s Blessing: Under the moonlight, all attributes increase by 50%.]

Under the moonlight and the True Form Transformation enhancement, Lan Weiwei immediately unleashed her full firepower!

Frost Domain was activated! 

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Xiao Bai’s movement speed was reduced by half!

Ash Wolf’s Fury was activated! Her sleeping bloodline was instantly awakened! A new skill was awakened!

At this moment, a new skill suddenly appeared on the interface in front of Lu Chen.

[Soul Tracking: When this skill is used, it can leave a mark deep within the target’s soul. It can track up to three people. The mark will remain for three months. This skill can be shared with the owner.]

Lu Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw this skill!
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