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Chapter 70: The Fourth Scroll!

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Although Lu Chen managed to hit the Guardian General with 320 million attack power, that was because of his skill that could take out 20% of the enemy’s health with a single slash. However, the chance of triggering it was actually extremely low.

The actual attack power was only less than 400,000.

Now, Lu Chen has managed to slash out more than 80 million combat power, 20 times more so than before. In addition, he was in this world now, not in the game world.

Everyone, especially the members of the Dragon Team present, truly felt what it meant to have such power to destroy the world!

Although the higher-ups were unable to feel that kind of aura on the spot, from the first elder’s reaction, Xiao Bai probably would not be able to block it either!

Although Lan Weiwei had already transformed into the Ash Wolf King, the worry shown on her eyes could still be seen.

With a loud sound, the originally dilapidated hall turned into rubble. A deep pit the size of a hundred meters had even appeared!

Everyone’s hearts raced from what happened.

The members of the Dragon Team even let out a loud sigh.

With this, even if Xiao Bai did not die, his fighting strength would probably be greatly reduced.

However, only Lu Chen’s eyes were still filled with deep worry. He still did not let down his guard. Because when he made his move, Xiao Bai’s lips revealed a hint of a smile.

Lan Weiwei, who was at the side, had already picked up something that rolled on the ground and quickly threw it further away. After that, she stared at the center of the deep pit with concern

The sound of unhurried footsteps could be heard from the thick smoke.

“Shame, it’s a pity that my mirror was used on you.”

A black shadow gradually appeared. Not only was Xiao Bai unscathed, even his clothes were untouched!

Xiao Bai’s lips curled into a smile as he casually threw the silver mirror from hand to hand.

Lu Chen glanced at it. This mirror looked somewhat damaged, but it was able to withstand 80 million critical hits!

This kind of item could almost be classified as a divine weapon!

“You fool, everyone says that the acquired realm attacks could be godlike, but in front of a spiritual realm expert, that is nothing!

“This is because ordinary attacks can not even break the protective barrier of a spiritual realm expert!

“As for your 80,000,000 damage attack, I’m afraid you won’t be able to use it a second time, right?

“Now, it’s time for you to die!”

Xiao Bai’s eyes suddenly turned vicious. His body arched slightly, and a tiger-shaped figure appeared on his body. It looked exactly like Lan Weiwei who had transformed into the Ash Wolf King!

However, Lan Weiwei had transformed into a physical form, while Xiao Bai one looked like a phantom. However, his aura was more than three times stronger than before!

He immediately pounced forward!

In less than a tenth of a second, he arrived in front of Lu Chen!

When that happened, Lu Chen unleashed a critical strike. His body did not have the strength to resist the attack, however. He did not even have the speed to escape.

At this moment, under the purple moonlight, a huge wolf leaped high into the air. As it descended from the sky, a huge pillar of light filled with purple energy shot out from its mouth!

Demonic Flame!

With the buff from her true body and the moonlight’s help, the damage of this move reached 16,000. Moreover, it dealt both physical and magic damage.

Although it was far from being strong enough, the distance between her and Xiao Bai was quite far. Lan Weiwei could only use this method in order to protect herself from a distance.

Xiao Bai could not even be bothered to dodge the attack and directly tanked it head one!

In return, a scream came out of Xiao Bai’s mouth!

Lu Chen was stunned by the noise and hurriedly stepped back.

Her attack had close to 20,000 attack power. How could a mere 16,000 attack power make Xiao Bai react like this?

At this moment, Xiao Bai felt as if his soul was being burned. The pain was unbearable.


That beam of light just now clearly only had an insignificant attack power. It did not even have the possibility of stopping him in his tracks. How could it make him feel such pain?

The first elder in the meeting room shook his head in confusion.

What was going on!

At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly understood that when the few of them fought earlier, they only had physical attacks.

Even if he had used 80 million attacks, it was still a physical attack!

Could it be that in this world, spiritual masters could only be immune to physical attacks?!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen directly changed his title to Blade God!

[Blade God: Your understanding of the blade has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a blade-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Frenzied Blade: When you transform into the Blade God, your attack will definitely be a critical hit. You will have a critical hit immunity effect and receive a 400% critical hit damage bonus!]

[Bloodbath Blade God: When your enemies exceed 100 amount, your attack will become an area-of-effect damage of 100 meters. 50% of the damage will be converted into your HP.]

[Swift Blade: When you use a blade-type weapon, you can deal three damage attacks at the same time. You can also use 60% of your maximum attack speed, regardless of your body’s capabilities.]

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[Magic Blade: When you use a blade-type weapon, you can convert your physical damage into magic damage.]

In an instant, the attack power of the original 19,850 points instantly increased by four times, reaching 79,400 points!

Under the effect of the Swift Blade skill, even though Lu Chen was very weak at the moment and was unable to unleash his maximum attack speed of 16.5%. His attack speed could ignore the burden on his body, and he could still unleash a critical strike!

That was a 9.9% chance.

Therefore, within a second, Lu Chen’s attack could reach 786,060!

The attack of nearly 800,000 combat power was exerted under the effect of the magic blade. All his attacks were converted into magic attacks, a total of 49 times more damaging than the Demonic Flames that Lan Weiwei used just now!

Lu Chen launched this combo!

Xiao Bai had never been attacked by magic before. In addition to his lack of combat experience, the Demonic Flame had already thrown him into a panic.

In a hurry, Lu Chen took advantage of this situation and attacked.


“This can’t be!”

Miserable sounds came out from Xiao Bai’s mouth. At this moment, he did not even have the strength to stand. He could only crouch onto the ground and wither. However, gradually, he did not even have the strength to crouch. If it was not for the faint undulation of his chest, everyone would probably think that he was dead.

Lu Chen carefully walked forward step by step and saw that the other party’s breathing was very weak. It did not seem like he was faking it.

However, at this moment, Xiao Bai hugged himself tightly. He was trying to endure the intense pain and tilted his head. He looked at Lu Chen in the distance and laughed bitterly.


“The whole of the Dragon Country actually destroyed our Xiao family by a brat like you.

“However, do you think you can take me down so easily just like that?”

He took out a scroll from his hand!

Immediately, Lu Chen’s eyes widened!

“That’s not good!”

Lu Chen could tell at a glance that that thing was actually a teleportation scroll!

The Xiao family indeed had a deep foundation. They actually managed to conceal such an item!

However, there was no time to stop him at this moment.

“Lan Weiwei!!”

The distant wolf immediately understood what the other party meant. An incomparably complicated mark immediately appeared on her forehead and entered Xiao Bai’s body at the speed of light.

Soul Tracking!

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Xiao Bai’s face turned slightly pale, and his gaze was vicious. “Brat, I’ll wait for you at the Western Castle. One day, we shall meet again!”

In the Dragon Team, Hei Yu’s eyes suddenly turned stern!

The one who killed his child back then was at the Western Castle.

That meant that the b*stard Xiao Bai actually colluded with people from there!

Finally, Lan Weiwei could not hold it in any longer and directly used her Demonic Flame skill once again!
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