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Chapter 71: Rewards Obtained?! Upgrading Through Hacking?

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When Hei Yu heard this name, the knuckles on his first turned white as he trembled on his spot.

Although he did not immediately go to take revenge, he had never given up on the idea of it. If it were not for his lack of strength and his worry that his other members would follow him, he might have already made his way to the Western Castle.

Lu Chen was not too sure about what happened in Hei Yu’s past and did not bother asking. Liu Changping’s voice appeared in his earpiece.

“Lu Chen, you might not know about this. Hei Yu was originally a member of our Dragon Team. In another mission, his daughter died in the west.

“And the person who killed her daughter back then was someone from the Western Castle.

“In order to take revenge, he had no choice but to leave the Dragon Team.

“His daughter’s death had always been very strange and suspicious. There wasn’t even a corpse left behind.

“Although the higher-ups had used a lot of connections and resources to investigate the situation, the clues that they had a lead on would always be inexplicably cut off.

“It was as if all the plans made within the organization were being shared by others, and all the evidence was wiped out in advance.

“It was precisely because of this reason that Hei Yu had left the organization and joined the Dark Union.

“After many years of hard work, he became the leader with his outstanding assassination ability and outstanding achievements.

“After many years of chasing, he finally received information that the murderer who killed his daughter came from the Western Castle.

“But the stronghold that organization had over others was extremely huge. It was far from what the Dark Union could compare to. Over there, there were no less than three acquired experts among them.

“There is evidence that the person that is first in charge in the Western Castle is most likely a vampire count. His strength is even greater than our first elder.”

Lu Chen was slightly shocked when he heard this.

If that was the case, the Western Castle’s influence was so strong that it was even stronger than some of the top forces in the country.

Xiao Bai was obviously someone who worked with the Western Castle. That was why he chose to escape to that place. Then, with that thought, he closed his eyes and began to sense where Xiao Bai had gone.

Somehow, it was as if the entire world was right in front of him, and he was like a giant that stood on top of the sky, overlooking the entire planet!

With a simple thought from Lu Chen, the entire virtual planet began to rotate slowly. After almost half a circle, it stopped.

The planet rapidly enlarged and finally locked onto a specific place. To be exact, it locked on to a specific person.

It was Xiao Bai, and he looked like he was struggling to survive.

Although Lu Chen could not see the situation on the other side clearly, he was able to find Xiao Bai’s location.

Were he to be strong enough, he might have been able to do some proper damage to that man. However, he was afraid that if he used a teleportation scroll as well, considering the state that he is in, he might get killed.

Lan Weiwei, who was far away, finally returned to her human form and handed Ling Yin’s pitch-black dagger to Lu Chen.

When Lu Chen received the dagger, he seemed to have received some sort of message. However, he was too tired to investigate further, so he decided to go back and take a good rest before continuing on this mission.

The rest of the mess would be left for the Dragon Team to deal with.

Lu Chen felt like he stretched his capabilities thin, he was overworked. He returned to his own manor and immediately fell asleep on his bed. Although he had the Moon God’s Blessing, Lu Chen had reached a deep level of mental exhaustion.

He had to rely on sleep to replenish himself, that was the only way to recover right now.

When Lu Chen woke up again, it was dark out. He slept for a whole day.

He stretched his back and felt better, his energy replenished. He came to the room where the gaming pod was placed. At this moment, he discovered that besides his and Lan Weiwei’s gaming pod, there was an additional one.

He looked around and saw Rollie holding onto a bamboo shoot and rolling around inside.

The Gu family was indeed diligent. It seemed that they were worthy of his trust. However, he knew that he had to stop collecting pets knowing how much of a hassle everything could be.

Lu Chen scratched his head awkwardly at the thought of this. Without saying much, Lu Chen, Lan Weiwei, and Rollie entered the gaming pod and entered the Second World.

The moment they entered the Second World, a series of notifications rang in Lu Chen’s ears.

[Congratulations on raising your level by 5 levels!]

[Congratulations on obtaining the origin world’s weapon, the Shadow Dagger!]

[Analyzing the Shadow Dagger…]

[Analysis complete! The Shadow Dagger is classified as a gold-grade weapon in the Second World!]

[When using the Shadow Dagger, the weapon has an additional hidden attribute, increasing its attack power by 500%!]

[With the Shadow Dagger, it can blend into any given shadow, and can not be found by the enemy.]

[Passive Skill: When not attacking, it weakens the enemy’s physical attack by 99%, and weakens the enemy’s magic attack by 50%.]

“Holy sh*t!”

Lu Chen could not help but exclaim in admiration, this attack-type weapon could actually have a hidden effect. It was no wonder that Ling Yin wanted to constantly hide in the shadows, it was because of the effect of this dagger!

The ability to weaken the enemy’s physical attack by 99% was amazing!

This skill coupled with his Dark Shura title could turn many tides in his favor!

If he did not attack, then he would weaken the enemy’s attack. If he attacked, then the effect of hiding would be extremely high, and his attack power would be increased by 500%!

It was definitely a divine weapon!

Before Lu Chen rejoiced from such an item, another piece of news popped up!

[Congratulations on obtaining the Sky-piercing Mirror (fragment)!]

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[A gold-rank weapon! The Sky-piercing Mirror can withstand an attack of 100 million damage, or it can withstand an attack of 10 million magic damage. It is a one-time use weapon!]

[Note: The Sky-piercing Mirror is currently in a damaged state. If you wish to repair it, you will need to find a gold-rank blacksmith to return it back to its original state.]

Another gold-ranked weapon!

This weapon was a true life-saving equipment!

Although its magic attack defense was not as high as the physical attack defense, it was enough to withstand most bosses’ attacks.

If Lu Chen had not broken the Sky-piercing Mirror with a single strike, he would not have had the chance to use his magic blade to finish off the other party in the later stages.

He had to know what rank the blacksmith that he had found was.

After that, a series of numbers appeared once again. Whether it was attack power or other attributes, they had all increased to a certain extent.

Lu Chen opened the interface.

The first thing he saw was Rollie’s information.

[Ancient Panda]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Rollie]

[Intimacy: 110]

[Level: 10]

[Attack: 1,500]

[HP: 80,000]

[Defense: 12,000]

[Magic Defense: 12,000]

[Skill: Luck Bonus]

[Luck Bonus: Provides a luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.]

“This little fellow only eats and eats all day long, but managed to level up by five levels?”

This could make those noob players who practiced hard every day cry in pain!

Rollie, who sat at the side, seemed to see Lu Chen’s confused face, and gave him a disdainful look!

Lu Chen immediately understood the meaning behind it!

Why work hard when you can just work smart?!

Lu Chen was shocked!

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This was too f*cking logical, was it not?

For a moment, he could not refute such a saying!

Then, he looked at Lan Weiwei’s profile. Lan Weiwei’s status had also improved.

What was going on?

Lu Chen had not been online for two days due to him passing out from exhaustion.. However, it seemed that someone hacked into his game and leveled up his pets!
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