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Chapter 74: Sword Saint Atzas is Back!

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Lu Chen was about to curse out loud when he heard the fat merchant’s words.

What the h*ll did the fat merchant mean by that?

He thought that after becoming the City Lord and obtaining glory, he would be able to obtain higher combat power and more resources.

Now, he was being told that after becoming the City Lord, he would have to think of how to earn more money to support tens of thousands of people, or even hundreds of thousands of people every day?

What’s the difference between this and working as a common laborer?

Working as a laborer would at least only be needed to support himself. As a City Lord, he would have to handle the supply of the entire city.

‘Is there still time for me to step down as the City Lord?’ He subconsciously looked at the privilege of being the City Lord on his interface and instantly dispelled the thought.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. “I have a mission for you.”

When the fat merchant heard this, he was pleasantly surprised. “Anything you desire, City Lord!”

“From now on, you don’t have to stay in White Fog City. You can go to bigger cities to develop and increase your wealth.”

The fat merchant happily accepted the order. “Alright, thank you, City Lord! Then can I take a portion of these resources as capital?”

“Don’t even think about taking it!”

Lu Chen immediately refused without thinking. What a joke. He was already poor to the point of being in poverty, yet he still wanted to take money from White Fog City?

“Right now, as long as you can withstand the test given by me, there will naturally be rewards in the future for you.

“Of course, it wasn’t necessarily forbidden for you to take away the capital, but that way, the rewards would be greatly reduced.

“You can decide for yourself the path you wish to take.”

The fat merchant was in a difficult position. He probed, “City Lord, can I ask what the reward is?”

Lu Chen revealed a mysterious smile. “Don’t worry, the value of the thing I want to reward you will definitely far exceed the contribution you will make to White Fog City!”

Then, Lu Chen looked at the fat merchant with a charming smile. His face revealed an extremely human-like expression. It was extremely complicated.

After a long while, the fat merchant finally gritted his teeth and made up his mind. “Alright then! I’ve decided. I won’t take any of the things here with me! City Lord, don’t worry. I will definitely contribute to White Fog City handsomely!”

Lu Chen smiled and nodded his head, but his heart was finally at ease. He did not expect this fat man to be so loyal to White Fog City.

‘Not bad…’ he thought to himself.

Then, the fat businessman bowed deeply and disappeared in front of Lu Chen.

Lan Weiwei, who had not said anything, asked curiously, “What are you going to give him?”

Lu Chen reached out his hand and rubbed Lan Weiwei’s head. “Well… We’ll talk about it when the time comes… but the next time I see him, I’ll have to ask him how he teleported here without a trace.”

Fortunately, the fat merchant had long left. Otherwise, he would have regretted his decision. Not only had he not prepared the reward, but he also wanted to learn a skill from him!

After that, Lu Chen returned to the place and directly summoned the Saint Blacksmith he had previously recruited.

A tanned and muscular middle-aged man with a relatively short stature instantly appeared in front of him. Although he looked like a dwarf, in terms of strength, an average warrior was considered inferior to him.

“Tang Lei is of service!”

Lu Chen looked at the NPC.

[Name: Tang Lei]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Saint Blacksmith]

[Level: 88]

[Vitality: 13,639]

[Strength: 12,456]

[Agility: 2,454]

[Intelligence: 8,567]

[Attack Power: 5,535]

[Defense: 6,420]

[Magic Defense: 1,836]

[HP: 82,351]

[MP: 8,322]

[Skills: Great Forging, Hundred Forging Hammer Technique]

[Grade: S]

The Saint Blacksmith named Tang Lei did not have an outstanding attack power, but his physique and strength were indeed outstanding.

Only with this kind of super-strong physique could one forge a truly high-grade weapon.

Lu Chen took out the Sky-piercing Mirror. This dilapidated gold-grade weapon was enough to withstand an attack of 100 million combat power. It had to be repaired.

Tang Lei took the Sky-piercing Mirror and examined it carefully. “Fortunately, if the person who attacked this Sky-piercing Mirror back then was a little stronger, I’m afraid it would have been completely damaged.

“City Lord, I can repair this, but I’m afraid the cost would be too much to bear…”

Lu Chen felt his heart ache a little. However, he made a decisive decision.

“How many gold coins do you need? Go to the storeroom and get it. Fix it as soon as possible for me.”

Tang Lei revealed a simple and honest smile. “City Lord, don’t worry. I’ll be able to fix this mirror by tomorrow!”

Then, he turned around and left.

Lu Chen looked at the information on his interface and was very satisfied.

His attack power was definitely the strongest among the players of the Second World. Even Xiao Bai, who had just revealed his strength, would not be stronger than him.

However, what troubled him was that his body was not strong enough to withstand such a high-intensity battle. He could not even physically withstand his strongest attack.

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Otherwise, when he had unleashed a critical attack, Xiao Bai would not have been able to block his attack even if he had the Sky-piercing Mirror.

The so-called invincible body-protection of a spiritual expert was only aimed at the attacks of ordinary acquired experts. He was not one of them.

Therefore, the most important thing now was to quickly improve his physique.

At this moment, a complicated magic array suddenly appeared in the hall. A moment later, the Sword Saint was teleported into the hall, along with a few other people.

At this moment, the man who walked in looked confident. The shining golden sword in his hand, which was inlaid with many gemstones made his whole look menacing. One look and one could tell that it was extremely powerful.

At this moment, Lu Chen looked at the NPCs interface again. As expected, Atzas’s combat power had increased tremendously!

[Name: Atzas]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Intermediate Sword Saint

[Level: 80]

[Vitality: 5,571]

[Strength: 5,365]

[Agility: 5,465]

[Intelligence: 4,521]

[Attack: 135,462]

[Defense: 2,846]

[Magic Defense: 3,942]

[HP: 81,545]

[MP: 78,422]

[Skills: Limitless]

[Rating: S]

He can become a great swordsman class-change master now!

The original Atzas only had a rusty iron sword. Now that it had been replaced with an unknown grade weapon, his combat power had almost doubled!

This basic combat power really made Lu Chen a little envious.

“Thank you, City Lord, for your help. It has allowed my combat power to increase manifold. Next, I will do my best to carry out my duties in this city.

“Oh right, the few people who appeared beside me are my good friends. They are also willing to work for you!

“As long as you are willing, they only need to be paid by gold coins.”

Lu Chen looked at the other few people. Their attack power and level were not as good as Atzas. However, they also had the ability to become a swordsman class-change master.

Lu Chen was quite satisfied with their set of skills.

This was because the next few days, the entire White Fog City would be welcoming hundreds of thousands of players to become a swordsman class-change master.

If he were to rely solely on Atzas to become a swordsman class-change master, he would probably be so overworked that he would pass out within three days.

However, one more person meant one more mouth to feed. These few swordsman class-change masters would definitely not be cheap.

No wonder fatty had repeatedly told him that he had to make money!

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Lu Chen’s head was slightly aching from all the losses. Fortunately, the initial method to earn money was going to be available soon, and that was to open up White Fog City!

Anyone who wishes to enter the city, pay up!

Anyone who wishes to eat hares, pay up!

Anyone who wishes to sell potions, pay up!

Anyone who wishes to change their classes, pay up, pay up, pay up!
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