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Chapter 75: A Successful Class Change Again!

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If his city was developed enough, he could use trade to increase taxes. However, he did not have that condition at the moment.

As long as everyone wanted to improve their strength, they had to change their class, so this method of earning money was quick and easy!

Lu Chen silently apologized to the players in his heart…

Just as Lu Chen was thinking about these things, Atzas opened his mouth and said, “City Lord, I see that you haven’t changed your class yet. Do you need to change your class?”

[Ding! Congratulations on triggering the class change condition! You have a class change scroll. Would you like to use it?]

At this moment, Lu Chen finally remembered that every time he looked at the interface, his attention was focused on his combat power. He had always neglected this section.

This class change scroll had been given to him by the old village chief of the Novice Village when he was selling rabbits. He had actually forgotten about it till now!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen stretched out his hand, and a class change scroll appeared in his hand.

“Of course, I want to change my class.”

If he succeeded in changing his class, not only would his combat power be increased, but his body’s endurance would also be greatly increased. Moreover, this was an intrinsic increase in his basic attributes, not the external armor equipment.

This kind of upgrade was immeasurable in terms of its worth.

Atzas took the scroll and looked at it carefully. He then looked at Lu Chen with baffled eyes. Finally, he frowned.

“City Lord, this scroll of yours is different from ordinary scrolls. It’s very precious. It can skip different levels of a class change.

“City Lord, you have long been a Sword God. Therefore, with this scroll, you can skip the intermediate level and directly become the highest level Sword God there is.

“However, I am only a Sword Saint. The highest I can do is help you change your class to a Sword Saint.

“Although, I can use a certain method. The next time you meet a Sword God to change your class, you don’t need to show the scroll again. You can directly change your class to become a Sword God.”

Lu Chen was very satisfied with this condition.

When he agreed, Atzas opened the scroll. The moment the scroll was opened, a dazzling light burst out.

Atzas immediately held the sword in his hand and chanted an extremely complicated and profound incantation. Then, he pierced the sword through the scroll.

The light of the scroll instantly dimmed and disappeared.

In the next second, Lu Chen’s body began to emit light. The light gradually brightened and eventually completely submerged Lu Chen. The entire process lasted for a full 15 seconds before the light gradually disappeared and entered Lu Chen’s body.

At this moment, Lu Chen felt that his body had experienced unprecedented growth in power. It had also undergone immense change.

Especially when the light appeared, his entire body seemed to have been cleansed and transformed. He could feel that his combat strength had greatly increased.

Moreover, his constitution had also undergone a huge change.

His endurance was also absolutely vastly different from before. If the maximum attack speed that he could withstand under the Sword God State was more than 70 times, then now he could withstand 100 times without any side effects.

It would be absolutely impossible for him to be in a state of extreme weakness like he was when he fought with Xiao Bai.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen looked at his interface again.

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 30]

[Class: Sword Saint (now able to change class to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Ax God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 4,800]

[Strength: 3,356]

[Agility: 4,381]

[Intelligence: 3,812]

[HP: 48,030]

[MP: 28,000]

[Attack: 44,860]

[Attack Speed: 25]

[Defense: 2,050]

[Magic Defense: 1,500]

[Reputation: 3,000]

Everything he worked towards finally paid off!

Recruiting Atzas was definitely the right choice!

Although he had been given the opportunity to enter the Sword Pool, it was definitely more worth it for Atzas!

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If he had known this would happen, he would have sold everything he had to recruit a Sword God class change master!

Moreover, his level had risen by another five levels!

Atzas was an intermediate Sword Saint. Since he had the Sword God title, his level was now even higher than Atzas’s, and he had become a high-level Sword Saint.

While Lu Chen was immersed in his joy, he did not know that the outside world was in an uproar. Because both Wolf Valley and Bear Ridge had been destroyed by Lu Chen, more and more players had to find other methods to find White Fog City.

Because White Fog City had yet to open, everyone was trapped in the white fog, unable to enter the city.

“What’s going on? Why hasn’t Morning Mist opened up White Fog City?”

“I’m not sure. Could it be that he is harvesting everything in the city alone?”

“Impossible. The Morning Mist is already the City Lord. Everything belongs to him, what’s there to harvest!”

“Can you quickly let us in? I really want to change my class as quickly as possible!”

“I’ll try to find a way to contact him!”

“I can’t hold it in any longer. I really want to go in! Have you heard of it? There are people from overseas countries who have already attacked a new city. They are undergoing the test of the city Guardian Generals right now!”

At this time, Entertaining Dinosaur appeared again. “That’s right, there’s actually someone who’s more well-informed than me! It’s said that the person in charge of the City Lord’s test is a Western Dragon.”

“Hah! What Western Dragon? How can those things be called dragons? They’re clearly just lizards!”

Some players were unconvinced and ridiculed by this statement.

“That’s right, our Eastern Dragon is the only real deal! Those in the west can only be classified as lizards with two tiny wings.”

“How did the west progress so quickly? Morning Mist, the best in the entire server, has only been a City Lord for a few days. Which faction is that player from that can be compared to our very own Morning Mist?”

“Where’s Entertaining Dinosaur? Why isn’t he talking?”

“Quick, quick, quick, Entertaining Dinosaur, come out and tell us!”

Feeling the adoration of the crowd, Entertaining Dinosaur was very pleased. He happily spoke again, “This isn’t a secret. It’s just that the news hasn’t reached our country yet. It’s already popular all over the internet abroad though. That mighty force is from the Western Castle.”

“The Western Castle? Isn’t that where Xiao Bai escaped?”

Entertaining Dinosaur nodded his head in approval before speaking again.

“That’s right. The Western Castle besieged a silver boss. As long as you capture this boss, you can enter the city to accept the challenge.

“The person to accept the challenge had long been decided. It was a foreigner.

“But who would have thought that when Xiao Bai went online to the Second World. He actually killed that silver boss with one strike.

“Now, this means that he is now at the top of the food chain in Western Castle. So the last-minute replacement made Xiao Bai the City Lord of Giant Lizard City.”

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The players became excited!

“Giant Lizard City? See, I told you. That’s not a giant dragon at all!”

“Those who are not of our race have different thoughts. Don’t westerners understand what’s going on here? Why did they let Xiao Bai become the City Lord?”

This feeling of being sought after by everyone was something Entertaining Dinosaur really liked, he patiently explained to everyone as he calmed them down.

“Have you forgotten what the Guardian General of White Fog City said back then? The stronger the challenger is, the higher the reward will be? They are doing this to maximize the benefits!”
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