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Chapter 76: White Fog City Opened, Class Changing Time!

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Entertaining Dinosaur analyzed the situation further before he spoke once again.

“From the looks of it, Xiao Bai seems to have already gained their trust. That means that this traitor has long been colluding with those guys from the Western Castle!”

The players were instantly filled with righteous indignation!

“I knew that those people from the White Alliance weren’t good people!”

“Don’t hurt us, please! When I joined, I didn’t think that they would be like this!”

“Well, fortunately, I was smart enough to quit the White Alliance a long time ago.”

“D*mnit! If I had known that the Xiao family people were such traitors, I wouldn’t have joined them! Back then, I shouldn’t have listened to their nonsense and ganged up against Morning Mist!”

“Uh… How many times have you died?”

“… Can you stop reminding me of the pain?!”

Just as everyone passionately discussed, a voice suddenly boomed out, and it made everyone stop.

“Stop talking, White Fog City is open!!”

“F*ck! White Fog City is finally open, I need to hurry up and change classes!”

“Don’t get in my way everyone, I want to be the first to enter!”

“Get lost, I want to be the first to enter! I want to be Morning Mist’s lackey!”

Thousands of people fought, one after another as they made their way. However, the really smart ones did not even say a word and immediately made their way. Many people even immediately ran to their gaming pods when they heard the news!

In the Second World, when Lu Chen gave the order to open the city, the fog around White Fog City gradually rose into the sky at a speed visible to the naked eye. The white fog — which had originally trapped all the players inside — slowly floated up into the sky and turned into a sky full of white fluffy clouds.

With that, an extremely lofty city with a vast area stood before everyone’s eyes. The outer walls of the city stood tall and looked extremely sturdy.

The ancient castles within the city were lined up, row by row. Although they were not as modern looking as those in the main world, the simple and unadorned aura it showed instantly shocked everyone on the spot.

It’s finally appeared, White Fog City!

Everyone’s hearts were filled with excitement.

The one and only White Fog City that everyone has been waiting for over a month has finally appeared!

They could change their classes!

They could buy equipment!

Those who did not have money could use their luck to find a miracle, and the other players could comfortably spend their money!

Countless players appeared and rushed towards White Fog City in an incomparably crazy manner!

Among them, some players shouted, “The f*ck, who are those people in front? How are they so ahead of us?”

“What the h*ll, I see a group of people ahead too. When the city opened, they even immediately ran towards that direction as they knew about the plan all along!”

“The f*ck, what’s going on? Are they Morning Mist’s friends? Was that why they knew the news in advance?”

“How could Morning Mist have any friends? The strong don’t need friends!”

“That’s right. Back then, remember when Xiao Chuan tried to get Morning Mist to join the White Alliance. Look at what happened to Xiao Chuan now. The entire Xiao family is gone. His grandfather has even gone overseas to seek refuge!”

“That’s right. Only the direct descendants of the Xu family and the Gu family are friends with Morning Mist. Do you think Morning Mist would simply make friends with commoners?”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that the other party took the initiative to look for Morning Mist, I’m sure Morning Mist wouldn’t even know who they are!”

“Keep your f*cking voice down. You’re talking about the Gu family and the Xu family behind their backs. Do You wish to die? Aren’t you afraid that their subordinates will hear you and kill you?”

Beside them, a pair of handsome men and beautiful women’s faces were flushed red. The person who had spouted nonsense just noticed their strange behavior and asked with half curiosity and half concern, “Hey, what’s wrong with the two of you? We only ran for a few kilometers, how are you so flushed already? Is running really that hard?”

The handsome man hurriedly waved his hand and stuttered for a long time without saying anything. Instead, he sped up and rushed forward.

The two people just now were the direct descendants of the Gu family and the Xu family — Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan. When they heard what the other player said, their faces burned terribly.

However, they understood that what those two people said just now was not wrong at all.

With Lu Chen’s strength. They were simply not qualified to be friends with him.

These words sounded very cruel, but it made sense.

A strong person did not need friends.

After they furthered their distance between the others, Gu Yiming and another two players whose pacing were similar to him could not hold back their laughter. Gu Yiming could not be bothered with them because he understood that these people were the top warriors of the Dragon Country.

The reason why these people reacted so quickly and set off as soon as they appeared in the White Fog City was that they had long known that Lu Chen would definitely return to the Second World after solving the problems in the real world.

It was only a matter of time before the White Fog City was opened.

Therefore, ever since Lu Chen and Xiao Bai fought that battle. These people had been paying close attention to Lu Chen’s movements.

When they heard that Lu Chen had entered the game pod, they immediately entered the game pod as well and waited for White Fog City to appear at any time.

Everyone rushed toward White Fog City excitedly. 

3000 meters…

100 meters…

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800 meters…

300 meters…

50 meters…

10 meters!

Finally, the first wave of players arrived at the gate of White Fog City.

Almost all of them were members of the Dragon Team and the direct descendants of the major families. However, just as they were about to enter into White Fog City… The city guards at the gate stretched out their long spears and blocked their way.

These city guards were all ordinary NPCs. Their low combat power was also very low. However, no one dared to barge in because this was Morning Mist’s territory.

Not far from the group of soldiers, there was a lazy-looking middle-aged man lying on a deck chair with his eyes closed. He seemed to be sunbathing.

When everyone looked at that old man, they were immediately attracted by his attributes.

[Name: Hade]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Advanced Sword Saint]

[Level: 24]

[Vitality: 871]

[Strength: 125]

[Agility: 1,465]

[Intelligence: 1,521]

[Attack Power: 8,462]

[Defense: 846]

[Magic Defense: 742]

[HP: 7,545]

[MP: 8,422]

[Skill: Berserker’s Fury Slash]

[Rating: B]

[Class: Swordsman class change master!]

This caused many people’s eyes to turn fervent! This was a Swordsman class-change master!

Gu Yiming himself even felt a little excited. He opened his mouth and asked, “Excuse me, can we enter White Fog City now?”

The soldier replied, “White Fog City is open, but everyone who wishes to go in has to pay an entrance fee.”

Hearing the soldier’s words, some people were unhappy.

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Did the city not belong to the Second World? Why did they have to pay to enter?!

At this time, many players in the distance had already ran over. Some of them could not wait any longer. Some of the players in the main world were gangsters. At this moment, they tried to cause trouble and clamored on the outside.

“What right does he have to earn the city fees? As the City Lord of this city’s Second World, how dare Morning Mist rob us of our cash!”

“That’s right, everyone should enter this city as they please. The treasures inside belong to whoever finds them. What right does Morning Mist have to monopolize them? Don’t tell me that just because he has the strength, he can do whatever he wants?!”

“True, this is unfair. We should be allowed to enter this city as we please. We want to go in and change classes.. If they stop us from entering, then we’ll have to force our way in!”
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