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Chapter 78: An Entrance Fee of 100 Gold Coins, Is He Crazy?

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Normal players would not be able to make much money fighting monsters.

As the best fighter in the Second World, Lu Chen only had around 2,000 gold coins.

In the Dragon Team, there were only a few people who could gather 30 gold coins.

Liu Changping was a little troubled. “We don’t have any gold coins. Can we exchange it for things?”

The city guard replied, “Of course you can. The pawn shop is right next to here. You can take your treasures and pawn them off. There will be people there to evaluate the items and exchange them for gold coins.”

Everyone was stunned.

This Lu Chen was extremely good at making money! 

At this time, a member of the Dragon Team said with a bitter face, “Leader, why don’t you take the VIP passage? The few of us will take the normal passage. After all, we don’t have that much money.”

These members of the Dragon Team did have money, but they needed it to support their finances in the real world. When they came to the game, even if they wanted to get better, they would need to use it to buy equipment to increase their strength. Spending it here would be a waste.

Liu Yuan was also a little dissatisfied. “This Lu Chen really is a money-grubber. He’s a crooked businessman I tell you!”

Liu Changping let out a long sigh. “Although, I’m sure he has his own difficulties. How about this, I’ll take the VIP passage with those who can afford it, and the other members of the Dragon Team will take the normal channel.”

After saying that, just as the others were about to leave, the city guard suddenly called out to them, “Wait, are you all members of the Dragon Team?”

Liu Changping was stunned. “That’s right, how did you know about us?”

The other members of the Dragon Team looked at each other in dismay.

These NPCs should not know about their existence, the Dragon Team was an army from the main world, how could these NPCs know about it?

“Since that’s the case, then you can’t use the VIP channel.”

Liu Changping raised his eyebrows, his expression turned sour, “Why can’t we use the VIP channel? We can pay 30 gold coins.”

However, what surprised him was that this soldier became even more enthusiastic, his face full of smiles as he immediately explained to diffuse the situation.

“You’ve misunderstood. The City Lord has instructed that all members of the Dragon Team, as well as members of the Gu family, the Xu family, and the Dark Night Guild, can use the super VIP passage at the other side.”

When everyone present heard this, their eyeballs almost fell out of their eye sockets!

There was a super VIP passage?!

This ridiculous method of earning money was really astounding.

Could it be that Morning Mist studied finance in the main world and specialized in scamming people’s cash?

The players that lined up in the normal passageway were also stunned. “I guess it’s true, you can really do whatever you want with money!” The others also echoed. “I’ll stick to having ten gold coins per entry, thank you very much.”

“That’s right, Morning Mist sure knows how to run a city. He doesn’t cheat the poor…”

Liu Changping trembled when he heard that. The VIP passage was already 30 gold coins. Would that not mean he would be ripped off by the super VIP passage?

Liu Changping hurriedly waved his hand. “No, no, no, there is no need to be so polite! We insist on taking this VIP passage. It’s already 30 gold coins here. We really can’t afford to take the Super VIP passage. We don’t have that much money.”

The other members of the Dragon Team nodded repeatedly and smiled bitterly.

At this moment, in the Super VIP passage far away, a few soldiers trotted over. These soldiers were actually all made up of squad leaders.

Their service attitude was even more extreme than everyone here. Although they were strong, their attitude was simply comparable to the service staff of a high-end restaurant!

They enthusiastically dragged the members of the Dragon Team into the super VIP passage. As they brought them along, they said, “Normally, the entrance ticket to the super VIP passage costs 100 gold coins.”

Everyone was speechless when they heard that. That was too much, was it not?!

A million dollars! Only the rich could truly afford to fork up such an amount!

After all, this was only the entrance fee!

The soldier continued on, “However, the members of the Dragon Team don’t need the entrance fee. This is something that the City Lord has deliberately emphasized.”

Upon hearing this, the members of the Dragon Team were instantly overjoyed.

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“See, I told you that Lu Chen is a good guy, right?”

“That’s right, I’ve always thought that Lu Chen is a good guy!”

“Bullsh*t! You did not want him to join the Dragon Team! I remember that you were the one who called him the loser back then!”

“Bullsh*t! I’m definitely a loyal fan of Lu Chen! If anyone dares to say anything bad about Lu Chen in the future, I’ll be the first to fight him to the death!”

At this moment, Liu Yuan’s expression finally brightened up. It was all thanks to Lu Chen that she was able to save her gold coins.

At the same time, she thought to herself if she should go easy on him the next time she spies on him.

Even Liu Yuan herself did not realize that her attitude toward Lu Chen had changed drastically.

Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan were still waiting in line at the entrance of the VIP channel. Although they heard that they could go to the Super VIP channel for free, they did not move at all. They continued to line up at the VIP channel as if they did not hear anything and walked toward the entrance along with the crowd.

They were not rich, nor did they like to line up.

When they entered White Fog City, many players were talking about how they took the initiative to ask Lu Chen to be their friend. Although it was not an embarrassing action, they were still a little embarrassed.

In order to avoid such a thing, they continued to line up and stopped talking.

“Hey! Gu Yiming, Xu Ziyuan! Come here, you can also come to this passage for free!”

Thinking that the direct descendants of these two big families were also Lu Chen’s friends, she kindly reminded them. However, the next moment, her face flushed red.

Why did it feel like she was a hostess that was entertaining guests when they arrived?

Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan were originally walking forward by themselves and did not bother about other things. When they heard Liu Yuan shouting at them, the other ordinary players looked at them.

Gu Yiming thought to himself, this is bad.

The reason why his people were lining up here was because there were many players who were ridiculing him. As a direct descendant of the Gu and Xu families. They even took the initiative to stick to Lu Chen for benefits.

Although he understood that for a player like Lu Chen to be able to talk to him was definitely an honor. In the Second World, the family background of people was not important.

However, when he thought about how there were several players discussing this matter beside him, he felt somewhat embarrassed.

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So they decided to keep a low profile and hurry over. Even if they spent 30 gold coins, it was just a drop of water in the ocean for them.

However, now that Liu Yuan had directly exposed their identities, it made them feel a little awkward. They could only walk towards the super VIP passageway with shame.

At this moment, a member of the Dragon Team walked out from the group. “Excuse me, I want to become a Swordsman. Can I ask that Swordsman outside at the entrance to help me?”

The soldier nodded and said, “Of course you can. Lord Hade is here to help everyone become a Swordsman.”

As soon as he said that, many members of the Dragon Team swarmed toward Hade!
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