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Chapter 79: White Fog City’s Population Explodes, Increased Stats!

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These members of the Dragon Team used all their might to be the first to reach that old man.

Their current speed was even faster than when White Fog City first appeared!

There were already tens of thousands of players surrounding the entire White Fog City. If they were even a little slower, they would not be able to get a spot!

The eyes of the other players were swarmed with jealousy. Although they saw that Hade was a Swordsman class change master, they still subconsciously thought that Hade was just a general guarding the city. They did not expect him to help everyone change their class.

They too surrounded Hade not far away and said, “Sir, please help us change our class!”

Hade lay there calmly. However, his heart raced anxiously.

The reason why he had his hands on the city gate was firstly to protect order. Secondly, it was to attract more customers than other class changing masters.

After all, even in the Second World, one had to have money to buy equipment.

Everyone was a worker, who would not want to earn more?

However, he had just killed players to warn the others, so everyone was stunned. No one dared to come to him. Now that the members of the Dragon Team had taken the initiative to look for him, he did not pretend to act coy anymore. He stood up and asked, “Do you have a class advancement scroll?”

The members of the Dragon Team had long prepared these basic items.

Those who wanted to become Swordsmen immediately took out their class advancement scrolls.

Hade did not make haste. He immediately took out his sword and drew a simple incantation.

The next second, flames appeared out of thin air on the scroll. As the scroll burned and disappeared, a trace of sword aura gradually appeared on the body of this Dragon Team member!

At the same time, his bodily functions had undergone earth-shattering changes. His attack power, in particular, increased fivefold!

Moreover, with the support of a Swordsman class, he could deal three times the critical strike.

Class change completed!

This member of the Dragon Team became the first player to successfully complete the class change. Of course… Lu Chen, the avaricious City Lord, would not be counted as one of them.

Not long after, all the members of the Dragon Team who wanted to become a Swordsman successfully completed their class change and became a Swordsmen.

This made many other players envious. They did not even line up and directly ran over to Hade. They cautiously probed, “Sir Hade, can you help us to complete our class change? I have a scroll here too.”

Meanwhile, the other players who had used their class change scrolls were even more anxious. “Sir Hade, we don’t have any class change scrolls. What should we do?”

When Hade saw so many players coming to him, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up crazily!

He pointed at the pawn shop in the distance and said happily, “Everyone, don’t be anxious. Those who don’t have any class change scrolls can go to the pawnshop to exchange for class change scrolls. However, the scrolls are limited. There are only 100,000 of them per day!”

Liu Changping opened his mouth in surprise and mumbled softly, “This kid even learned how to sell a limited number of scrolls per day? He must have learned how to play money making games when he was younger…”

However, he did not know that Lu Chen was feeling helpless as well, because the craftsmen in the city were already making all kinds of props day and night that he had to pay for.

Hade continued, “Those who have scrolls can look for me to change their class, but the prerequisite is that you must first obtain the qualifications to enter the city. This is the rule, even I can’t change it.”

This made the faces of the players who excitedly came to change their classes fall once again. They originally thought that they would be able to change their class here, and then turn around and start farming monsters. This would save them the money to enter the city.

Earning 100,000 dollars would take about two to three years for an average worker in the real world to have, these people would never get the chance to go in!

After all, their main goal was to be able to change their class to increase their combat power and improve their lives in the main world.

They were not clear about the changes that had occurred in the world. For ordinary people, the purpose of entering the Second World was to improve the quality of life in the main world.

To eat their fill, wear warm clothes, buy a house, marry a wife, that was all.

This was the happiness epitome of ordinary people, and it was also what Lu Chen had once thought.

However, in this era that was about to erupt, it became the burdened sorrow of ordinary people.

The players had no choice but to go back and queue up to enter the city. When the time came, they would look for Hade to change their class.

Now, everyone’s motivation to queue up to pay was even higher!

At this moment, Hade was overjoyed. It must be known that the vast majority of these players wanted to become Swordsmen.

If they wanted to change their class, not only would they need scrolls, but they would also need to give him gold coins as a reward. Even those super VIPs were no exception.

In less than an hour. Hade had earned a lot of money.

There were also quite a number of people in the Dragon Team who chose to enter the city to look for other class change masters. At the very least, those who had been snipers in the main world would definitely choose to become Marksmen.

The number of people in the city increased, and the city became more and more prosperous.

[Ding! White Fog City population +1!]

[Ding! White Fog City population +10!]

[Ding! White Fog City population +1!]

[Ding! White Fog City population +30!]

[Ding! White Fog City population +1!]

[Ding! White Fog City population +10!]

[Ding! White Fog City class change number +1!]

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A series of notifications appeared in Lu Chen’s mind.

He opened the interface excitedly.

[White Fog City]

[City Level: Bronze]

[Population: 14,305]

[Available Positions: Magister, Holy Light, Paladin…]

[Assets: 3,004,680]

[City Defense: 1,003,921]

[Magic Defense: 1,003,921]

[City HP: 1,000,2936]

[City Garrison: 10,000]

[City Array: None]

As expected, as the population and garrison increased, the defense of the entire city also increased greatly. Not only were the assets increasing, but the defense and HP were also increasing. No matter from all aspects, it was beneficial to everyone.

Lu Chen looked at his White Fog City Lord title once again.

[White Fog City Lord]

[Type: City Lord Title]

[Level: 2]

[Vitality: +800]

[Strength: +800]

[Agility: +800]

[Intelligence: +800]

[Special Effect: The attribute bonus of the title will increase according to the prosperity of the city.]

As expected, the prosperity of White Fog City increased the attribute bonus of his White Fog City Lord title, and the power he gained became even stronger.

Although it could only be used in White Fog City, one had to know that White Fog City could be summoned at any time and place to fight alongside him!

This kind of fighting method was simply heaven-defying!

At this moment, Lu Chen had already thought about how great he would be when White Fog City maxed out with players and power!

At this moment, Lu Chen also thought about whether this White Fog City could be summoned to the main world or not.

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If it was possible, when he faces Xiao Bai next time, he could directly summon White Fog City. With all sorts of buffs on himself, he would be able to push Xiao Bai to the ground and destroy him in a spiffy way.

Speaking of which, seeing that White Fog City was moving towards the right track, his heart finally calmed down.

If everyone really was not willing to spend money to enter the city, then he would have suffered a huge loss. Since he did not need to worry about the matters in White Fog City anymore, he could go out and farm monsters.

Having not killed monsters for a long time, Lu Chen’s hands were becoming a little itchy.

It was time to kill a silver boss!
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