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Chapter 80: The Four Silver Territories Around White Fog City!

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The first thing he remembered was the territories of the six silver bosses around White Fog City.

Wolf Valley, Bear Ridge, Snake Pond, Bat Cave, Mass Grave, and Tiger Mountain.

Apart from Wolf Valley and Bear Ridge, there were four other places that had not been cleared.

“Lan Weiwei, Snake Pond, Bat Cave, Mass Grave, and Tiger Mountain. Do you know these places?”

Lu Chen asked. At this moment, Lan Weiwei, who had silver hair that reached her waist and snow-white skin, blinked her sapphire-blue eyes. She thought for a moment before replying.

“Actually, I don’t know much about the other places. The only place I’m in charge of is the Wolf Valley. The six of us siler bosses won’t go to the other party’s territory. Otherwise, a war will break out.

“However, I know that the Tiger Mountain’s strength should be the strongest. 

“Although each of the nine tigers aren’t as strong as me, they were born from the same womb. They have a tacit understanding with each other and have special skills. They’re very difficult to deal with.

“There’s a giant snake that’s always entrenched at the bottom of the Snake Pond. He’s the oldest among all the silver bosses, at least 5,000 years old.

“It was said that he was a silver boss because he had tried to transcend his tribulation and transform into a Flood Dragon. He didn’t succeed though. Instead, his cultivation regressed and he had become the weakest existence.

“He has been at the bottom of the pond for many years. He had been recuperating and relying on the water to nourish his body. However, he had not challenged any of the bosses in many years. It’s likely that he hasn’t recovered from his injuries.

“As for the Bat Cave, I know that it’s a huge cave that is more than twice the size of my Wolf Valley.

“Plus, the cave there was complex, and there are countless bats in it. Most importantly, there’s no light in there at all. Even for us wolves, it was difficult to see what was going on inside

“Oh also, the bats are extremely poisonous. Once they go crazy, they would crazily rush towards the enemy, the infrasound waves that made it impossible to guard against. The number of bats could overpower an individual’s attack easily.

“In addition, they are the only race that can fly. Therefore, they are born with an unparalleled defensive ability and are invincible.”

After Lu Chen heard Lan Weiwei’s analysis, he nodded slightly.

Then, he asked, “What about the Mass Grave?”

At the mention of this place, Lan Weiwei’s eyes were obviously filled with fear. “I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?” Lu Chen was a little confused.

Lan Weiwei nodded. “The Mass Grave is the most mysterious and bizarre place. Although I’ve been to the other four places many times, I’ve been to that place. It’s not just me that has never been there. The other four silver bosses have never been there either.”

Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed. Lan Weiwei could be seen as a relatively powerful existence among these bosses. Even when she mentioned the nine tigers, she was not the least bit afraid. However, when talking about the Mass Grave, she was extremely hesitant.

“Weiwei, what else do you know about the Mass Grave?”

Lan Weiwei calmed herself down, finally, she said, “The Mass Grave isn’t just filled with human corpses. Most importantly, the other five regions’ past bosses have been visited by the Mass Grave’s silver boss before they died and got replaced.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen’s pupils constricted.

One had to know that Lu Chen had spent a lot of experience fighting both Lan Weiwei, who was an Ancient Ash Wolf, and the boss of Bear Ridge.

Especially when he was fighting the Ancient Ash Wolf, if he had not obtained the Undead title, he would have long since returned to the Resurrection Point.

Now, there were actually countless dead silver bosses lurking in the Mass Grave.

The Mass Grave had been around since ancient times. For 10,000 years, who knows how many powerful monsters and even powerful bosses have accumulated there.

Even though these dead existences might not be as powerful as they were when they were alive, they could still retain powerful skills from when they were alive.

Moreover, after becoming a member of the Mass Grave, their attack methods would probably be abnormally strange. Even if one were powerful, they would still be in danger when faced with an endless stream of strange enemies with strange antics. Moreover, after so many years of its existence, who knew how many other strange things could be nurtured inside.

Lan Weiwei continued, “When I was very young, I once heard a rumor from an elder. In their grandfather’s area, although the Mass Grave was very dangerous, there would still be some powerful ancestors who would go in to explore the area, trying to obtain opportunities.

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“However, 10,000 years ago, a huge black dragon suddenly fell from the sky and directly fell into the Mass Graves.

“Since then, the Mass Grave’s aura began to become terrifying and violent.

“There was even a top human mighty figure who once fell there. However, no one knows what kind of strength that mighty figure had when he was alive.”

Hearing Lan Weiwei’s analysis, Lu Chen thought for a moment before deciding on a place.

“Then… Let’s go to Tiger Mountain first!”

Lan Weiwei was slightly startled. “Shouldn’t we go to the Snake Pond first?”

Although she had to go past the other bosses’ territories, in her opinion, they should first kill the simple ones and place the powerful ones last.

Lu Chen smiled slightly. “This morning, I saw Liu Yuan. She told me that the old b*stard Xiao Bai is already preparing to accept the City Lord’s challenge in the west.

“In that case, our advantage in power might not be big enough.

“Therefore, we should continue to build on our strength. The nine silver tigers will just become our stepping stones.

“If we kill them, the rewards should be even more generous, right?”

As he said that, he led Lan Weiwei to Linda, the Grand Mage, so that he could bring Rollie with him.

Although Linda was studying Rollie and was a little displeased that she was suddenly interrupted in her experiment, she also knew the priority of the matter.

Rollie seemed to be relieved of a heavy burden as he crawled onto Lan Weiwei’s body. His speed was so quick that it did not match his figure at all.

It was obvious that he had been tortured here.

Then, he arrived at the teleportation array in White Fog City. The teleportation array was different from teleportation scrolls. The scrolls were one-time use, and the teleportation distance was extremely long. They would become useless after use.

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However, the teleportation array could not teleport players far away. Fortunately, it was permanent, and a certain amount of magic would be used each time.

The two of them and the panda stood on the teleportation array. Then, it emitted a dazzling purple light. Immediately after, the light slowly contracted, as if it had condensed into a liquid, outlining the complicated and mysterious patterns of the array bit by bit.

When the last stroke of the magic array pattern was finished, they instantly disappeared from White Fog City.

The two people and the panda felt dizzy. Their vision was a little blurry, and when they regained consciousness, they were already in a jungle.

Before they could take a closer look, a fierce looking tiger with black and yellow stripes charged at them with a loud roar!
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