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Chapter 81: Bravely Charge Into the Tiger Mountain!

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The moment they landed, they knew that the location they were sent to was not the best place to be teleported to. They were immediately attacked before they could even fully open their eyes and gain their bearings.

However, when faced with the tiger that suddenly attacked them, the two of them did not panic at all.

Lan Weiwei’s expression changed from her baby face to a cold expression as she slashed out with her claw.

A phantom-like wolf claw flew out directly and hit the tiger’s chest. The sound of bones shattering could be heard when she slashed it out. 

The fierce tiger’s chest bone had been smashed into pieces!


It was an instant kill!

A red number appeared in the air!

“What the f*ck!”

At this moment, exclamations could be heard from their surroundings.

Lu Chen turned his head to find the source of the noise. Five or six people had actually crawled out from the bushes.

“What the f*ck is going on? We’ve been lying in ambush here for half a day, and this tiger has already been killed?”

“Where did you two come from? Why did you fight the monster?”

“Did you come to this area first?”

The three or four of them were obviously angry from the kill steal. They had been lying in wait here for a long time, just to take down this tiger.

Lan Weiwei was a little stunned. Before this, the others were either afraid of her or looked at her with disapproval. This was the first time someone had been so aggressive and responsive with the way they spoke to her.

Most importantly, it was odd that the reason for the blame was because she had killed such an ordinary wild monster…

Lu Chen looked at the tiger’s corpse that lay there. There were still many wounds on its body. However, he could tell at a glance that these wounds were not alarmingly serious. To the tiger, it could probably be just a little scratching itch.

It seems that the journey was going to be a little complicated.

For a moment, he could not tell whether these players were planning on catching the tiger, or the tiger was deliberately luring these people to take the bait and eat them.

After all, he could tell that these people’s vigilance was too low.

He looked at the tiger lying on the ground again and took a deep breath. As expected, the most high-end hunters often appeared as prey.

Lu Chen looked at the people around and was speechless. “Are you guys here to team up and fight small monsters? You guys are pretty weak though. Or are you here to be food to the monsters?”

The first player to jump out and criticize Lan Weiwei had an unconvinced look on his face. “What right do you have to make fun of us? We’re all rookies. What right do you have in saying you’re much better than us?”

Lu Shen opened his mouth slightly, but he did not think of how to respond to him. After all, he was currently seen as being pretentious. At this moment, two players who had not spoken all this while gathered together and whispered while the rest had a stare down.

“Why does this person look familiar to me?”

“Yeah, I feel like I’ve seen that silver-haired girl before. I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere.”

“Hey, remember the video I shared a few days ago. Is it them?”

Once these words were said, everyone looked at Lu Chen carefully again.

Their eyes went from doubt to panic, then to shock, and finally to horror!

“Sh*t! Isn’t he Morning Mist!”

“I think so! The beauty next to him seems to be the Ancient Ash Wolf King who fought the Xiao family in the video!”


“Holy f*cking sh*t, no way! Did we seriously just start a fight with the only and only Morning Mist! Is this the end for us?”

“This is the end, now we have to return to the Resurrection Point!”

The person who had jumped out to scold Lan Weiwei and Lu Chen at the beginning was a little dumbfounded.

He would have never expected the legendary Morning Mist to appear in such a place. In his opinion, he thought that he would never meet such a top-tier player in his lifetime. Now that he had angered the other party, he knew that he was probably doomed.

However, he was very single-minded. After all, he had been in the Second World for so long and did not actually have any equipment. Returning to the Resurrection Point was not a loss to him.

Thinking of this, he stood taller and mustered up his courage. There was some fear in his eyes and a little fanaticism as he spoke. “Morning Mist, my name is Liu Yang. I have worshiped you for a long time. Can you give me an autograph before you kill me?”

Lu Chen was slightly taken aback by his words.

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How could this kid be thinking of such a thing right now?

However, before he could respond, the other five players ran over in unison.

“Morning Mist, I’d like your autograph too!”

When the five players heard the first player who requested it, they all cursed in their hearts. ‘F*ck! If I had known that this would happen, I would have definitely rushed out to ask for an autograph first.’

Lu Chen looked at the players in front of him. Initially, he could not tell that they were young because their faces were dirty. Now that he was closer, he realized that they all seemed to be just a bunch of high school students.

The levels of these people were really too low.

One was level three, one was level two, and the rest were all level one.

These players were just ordinary players and just noobs.

Lan Weiwei looked at this group of confused high school students and could not help but laugh.

Lu Chen also smiled helplessly. “Who said I wanted to kill you guys? I won’t argue with you guys if you hurry up and leave now. Plus, I’d advise you guys to go to Wolf Valley or Bear Ridge instead.”

This group of high school students were curious. “Why?”

When these teenagers heard that Lu Chen did not have any intention of killing them, they were a little excited. Although they were little trash who often resurrected, they had finally reached Tiger Mountain. None of them wanted to start from scratch. After all, every time they died, there would be a day of weakness.

However, they still asked curiously, “Are you going to Tiger Mountain to kill those nine Tigers?”

Lu Chen replied, “These Tigers’ have a much higher combat power than yours. You can’t beat them at all. Even if you stay here, you’ll be courting death.

“And today…

“We’re here to kill those nine silber tigers

“I reckon that the mountain will be in chaos today. If you’re not careful, you’ll die here.”

The others looked troubled as they frowned. After all, they had been here for a long time. If they turned around and went to another place, it would probably take them another two or three days to reach their destination.

More importantly, once the nine Tiger Mountain became chaotic, they might not even be able to leave the mountain and would immediately return to the Resurrection Point.

They still had this bit of self-awareness.

They did not want to go back. Liu Yang mustered up his courage and said, “Morning Mist, if we go down, we’ll probably be killed too.

“After all, it’s too dangerous for us to go down the mountain alone. Once you start fighting, all the wild beasts will probably run down the mountain. At that time, we’ll be dead for sure.

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“Don’t worry, we won’t fight you for experience points!”

Liu Yang stretched out his right hand and patted his chest, indicating that he would not lie.

After listening to Liu Yang’s words, Lu Chen felt that it made sense to not go down the mountain right now. However, when he heard the other party’s final promise to him, Lu Chen opened his mouth slightly, not knowing what to say for a long time.

This youth really dared to say such words to him. With their ability, even if they wanted to fight for gain EXP with him, they would probably die at least 800 times at the base of Tiger Mountain before going up.

However, he did not want to discourage these youths.. The words in his heart circled a few times before he finally replied, “Your courage is commendable!”
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