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Chapter 82: The Appearance Of The Three Tigers, White Tiger Bloodline!

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He found these kids rather pleasing to the eye, so he did not say anything else. He turned around and headed straight to the center of the Tiger Mountain.

When Liu Yang saw that Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei did not reject him, the six of them looked at each other, their eyes filled with excitement.

They hurriedly ran in Lu Chen’s direction and took the initiative to act as guards. Moreover, their division of labor was very clear.

Liu Yang and another player stood a dozen meters in front of Lu Chen to scout the way.

There was also a person on each side of the team, constantly observing movements on both sides.

The last two people had to cover the rear ten meters away for flanks. This set up made them look like they were Lu Chen’s bodyguards. However, only Lu Chen knew that these high school students were bound to be useless…

Because every time a wild monster appeared, Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei would be the first to notice it. Fortunately, the two of them were skilled and brave, so they did not take these students’ carelessness to heart.

Usually, some monsters would not bother attacking and would go about with their lives. If it did not come, the group would not take the initiative to kill it. After all, the level of these monsters was too low, so they could not gain much exp.

However, Liu Yang and the others were different.

Every time, they would almost reach the range of the monster’s attack and would want to rush forward. There were even a few times when they were only a few meters away from the monsters before they shouted loudly.

Sometimes, Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei were too lazy to attack. If Rollie encountered a monster with low combat power, he would run over and slap them to death. Then, he would drag the monster’s corpse over to claim credit, he then took the bamboo shoot from Lu Chen’s hand and continued munching on it.

Whether he knew it or not, even Rollie was more useful than these six players…

Lu Chen felt that this arrangement did not help at all. It felt like an overpowering god bringing a newbie to the top…

After a while, he could not help but speak up, “If you find any more wild monsters, just go up and attack. Don’t be afraid.

“If there’s any danger, I’ll help you take care of it.

“In this way, your battle experience will be greatly increased.”

When Liu Yang and the others heard this, they were so happy that their hearts were about to burst. They could get a little experience points by forming a team with him. Of course, Lu Chen only wanted to quicken the journey. To them, it was too much!

In a short while, Liu Yang had already risen to level five. The weakest among the others was also at level three!

Everyone was so excited about the prospects of leveling up this quickly!

However, they knew that this was only a one-time opportunity. Increasing their combat power was the way to go. Now that they basically had the protection of a so-called god, it could be said that the entire Tiger Mountain was at their beck and call!

Even if the six of them were to fight the nine tigers, they would not hesitate to charge forward and do it!

With Morning Mist around, the nine tigers would not stand a chance!

Plus, the Ancient Ash Wolf King had already become Morning Mist’s woman!

Morning Mist was clearly giving them a chance to increase their strength and battle experience! Hearing such a good thing happen, the eyes of the player at the left, right, and back of the party turned red with envy!

Because the wild monsters basically appeared at the front, they also wanted to increase their experience and battle strength. Although they wanted to kill these monsters, they would be exhausted holding the back and sides.

However, they could increase their combat EXP if they were upfront. As time passed, their combat power, experience points, and levels would all increase rapidly if they all fought together.

Lu Chen saw through their thoughts and smiled. “You guys go to the front. Kill the monsters with them.”

After hearing this, these players jumped and ran to the front, the corners of their mouths almost reached their ears. Thus, these players began to fight with the wild monsters.

Once a wild monster appeared, these players would swarm over, relying on their numbers to kill the other party. However, when they really faced a powerful monster, they were helpless.

However, along the way, Lan Weiwei had completely shocked them. No matter what level of wild monsters came up, Lan Weiwei — this seemingly cute girl — only used one move to defeat them. Every single attack made these six players admire her strongness even more!





Each attack she did caused them to fall into deep thought. They could only deal 2,000 damage. However, Lan Weiwei could deal more than 2,000 damage, but it was not necessary because the monster only had 2,000 HP.

This feeling was the same as meeting a straight-A student in school!

There were even a few times when they saw monsters with higher levels and had activated a certain level of intelligence.

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When they saw Lan Weiwei, they were so scared that they ran with their tails between their legs. When they ran, they even peed all over the ground!

The main reason was that Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei had intentionally hidden their auras to avoid scaring the monsters away in order to train them.

The six of them swarmed forward, but the monster could not be bothered with them.

Its gaze was as if it was telling the students that it was full and did not want to eat anymore.

However, when Lan Weiwei quietly walked up to it and suddenly revealed her terrifying aura, the tiger was immediately scared to death!

The few of them had been fighting the monster for half an hour, but in the end, they were not as effective as the other party who showed up.

Could this be the legendary saying, “If you do your best, you might not even be as good as others?!” 

This incident kept happening again and again. However, this did not make them feel the slightest bit of frustration. Instead, it inspired them to learn from Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei.

Finally, when they had killed four to five hundred monsters, the strongest silver tiger in the mountain could not hold it in any longer.

If this continued, all of his monsters would be slaughtered, and they would be left with nothing.

Without these monsters to stop them, what would the other players fight with? 

Most importantly, if it was just players killing monsters, they might not care too much. However, when the Ancient Ash Wolf King, Lan Weiwei, as a silver boss of another territory, took the initiative to attack them, this represented a challenge.

This challenge enraged them to no end. They had to accept it!

Following three loud roars, the Tiger Mountain trembled three times!

All the other animals on the mountain seemed to have heard their natural enemies. They all lay on the ground trembling, their heads buried in the ground, not daring to move at all.

When all the monsters heard the roar, they instantly received a berserk buff!

All their attributes, including their combat power, instantly doubled!

Originally, there were still many players farming monsters below. Seeing that the monsters were about to be grinded to death made them excited, but when these three roars appeared, their HP instantly recovered by more than half, completing the counter-attack!

For a moment, the cries of countless players rang out from Tiger Mountain!

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Following that, all the three tigers ran in the same direction!

That was precisely where Lu Chen was located.

At this moment, three fierce tigers that were as big as tall buildings suddenly appeared in front of Lu Chen. They crazily roared and spewed out terrifying auras from their mouths!

Their entire body was covered in yellow and black stripes. Only their four legs were covered in white fur.

These tigers seem to contain a trace of white tiger bloodline!
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