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Chapter 84: Nine Tigers To One, Ancient Fire Tiger!

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Every time Lan Weiwei attacked, she could only deal 28,000 damage.





A string of red numbers floated in mid-air.

These three Fire Tigers worked closely together. One was responsible for attracting Lan Weiwei's attention, while the other was responsible for attacking. The thinnest one was extremely fast and was responsible for sneak attacks.

Their division of labor was extremely clear, and the timing of their attacks were very precise.

As long as Lan Weiwei attacked one of the Fire Tigers, the other two would either pounce on her or spit fireballs from their mouths to attack from a distance.

Although their attack power was not that high, it still made Lan Weiwei feel a little constrained.

What was more annoying was that when Lan Weiwei's attack landed on the Fire Tigers, even though one of the Fire Tigers was hit, all of the Fire Tigers would start to lose HP.

Lan Weiwei's attack!


The three Fire Tigers all attacked!




The most frustrating thing was that Lan Weiwei's attack could only deal 28,000 damage. The opponent instantly spread the damage to the other two Fire Tigers, only losing over 3,000 HP in one hit.

This was nothing compared to their 80,000 HP.

Even though she had sent the three Fire Tigers flying time and time again, the opponent was able to pounce on her again with almost full HP.

However, what made her somewhat puzzled was that this time, they actually did not activate their Raging Flame skill.

Lu Chen, who was at the side, noticed something unusual.

The three Fire Tigers seemed to be looking in his direction, intentionally or unintentionally. Their eyes were still filled with fear.

Lu Chen's attack power was almost twice that of Lan Weiwei's.

Moreover, judging from his equipment, he was probably very powerful.

Lu Chen felt that the reason why they did not use their ultimate skill was because they were on guard against him. However, as the three Fire Tigers' injuries gradually increased, their HP also continued to drop.

When their HP dropped to a quarter, the other Fire Tigers finally could not hold it in any longer as it let out a loud roar.

Clouds followed the dragon, Tigers followed the wind.

A gust of strong wind appeared from all directions and rushed into the center.

With Lan Weiwei and the three Fire Tigers standing at the center, it seemed like a tornado was forming.

Then, in less than ten seconds, six Fire Tigers came whistling from their surroundings.

Some of them were drowsy, as if they had just woken up. Some of them had blood on the corners of their mouths, as if they were eating.

The six Fire Tigers had different forms, but they appeared at the same time during a crisis.

Lu Chen felt that something was not right. This was too abnormal. As the saying went, there was no room for two tigers on a mountain, unless they were a male and a female.

Moreover, a normal birth should be both male and female.

However, these nine Fire Tigers were actually all males, and they even lived together in harmony on this mountain.

It was too strange.

Moreover, although each Fire Tiger had different forms, their combat abilities were all the same, and their parameters were all the same.

This made this whole situation… very strange.

The moment these six Fire Tigers appeared, they instantly joined the battle.

For a moment, the battle situation instantly heightened in stakes!

Fireballs flew all over the sky!

Meanwhile, Lan Weiwei's wolf claw attacks continuously caused damage to the nine Fire Tigers.

Despite her high attack and high agility, it was already a little difficult for her to deflect them.

Although the Fire Tigers had an advantage in numbers on their side, they did not collide with each other. On the contrary, they cooperated very well.

Their attack power was powerful. Moreover, they attacked from many angles. Even Lan Weiwei had no way to dodge all of them.

Even if Lan Weiwei wanted to attack one of the Fire Tigers at close range, the other Fire Tigers would find loopholes from all sorts of angles and launch sneak attacks.

After a while, Lan Weiwei was also slightly injured.

However, Lan Weiwei was no longer the Ancient Ash Wolf King from before. Her combat strength was indeed much stronger than the nine tigers, so nine tigers HP continued to drop.

Before long, the nine tigers HP bar had already bottomed out.

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More than 700,000 HP was forcefully hit by Lan Weiwei until a bit was left.

In one more minute, these nine tigers would be completely wiped out by Lu Chen!

Lu Chen was very satisfied. Not only was taking in this beauty Lan Weiwei very pleasing to the eye, but her combat power was also so strong that it saved him a lot of trouble.

This was no different from hacking and leveling up!

It was awesome!

However, at this moment, nine Tigers finally felt that Lan Weiwei's strength was far beyond their imagination. The number was simply not enough to bridge the gap in strength.

They quickly exchanged glances with each other. After that, they made a decision at the same time and pounced on the largest Fire Tiger!

The following scene completely shocked Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei. Liu Yang and the others watched with their eyes wide open.

When the other eight Fire Tigers touched the largest one, it looked like snow touching fire as they directly merged into the body of the Fire Tiger.

Meanwhile, the remaining Fire Tiger rapidly expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye. The aura it emitted became more and more terrifying the more it merged with the others.

When Liu Yang looked at the information on the tiger's interface, his scalp immediately went numb!

[Ancient Fire Tiger]

[Level: 30 (silver boss)]

[HP: 1,440,000]

[Attack: 90,000]

[Defense: 14,400]

[Magic Defense: 1,440]

[Skill: Raging Flame, Injury Transfer]

[Raging Flame: The exclusive skill of the Ancient Fire Tiger. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. When the Fire Tiger lets out a furious roar, its entire body will be covered in flames of heat nearly 3,000 degrees. Its attack and defense will become doubled. The duration will be until the end of the fusion period! Any enemy that gets covered in flames would receive 9,000 magic damage per second for 360 seconds. There is even a chance to awaken the bloodline and complete the transformation! Cooldown time is 0!]

[Injury Transfer: The injuries of the nine Fire Tigers could be transferred to each other and shared. The injuries could also be transferred to one Fire Tiger while the rest of the Fire Tigers remain at their peak condition.]

[Nine Tigers to One: The nine Tigers were born from the same womb. They have a telepathic connection with each other and possess the white tiger bloodline. During critical moments, they could combine into one and temporarily become an Ancient Fire Tiger. They would merge their powers into a single Fire Tiger and double the powers!]

Lu Chen's heart thumped when he saw these attributes!

This Ancient Fire Tiger not only possessed the strength of nine tigers, but all its attributes were also doubled!

Its attack power of up to 90,000 was already more than three times that of Lan Weiwei. Even Lu Chen himself had more than doubled it!

The difference was too huge!

Especially that magic attack of 9,000 points, it was simply ridiculous!

Even if the HP of Lan Weiwei and Lu Chen were added together, it would not be enough for the other party to burn for 20 seconds!

On the other hand, the other party's skill could last for 360 seconds.

If Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei were tied together, even 10 of their lives would not be enough!

Moreover, the cooldown time of this skill had no time limit. As long as the Ancient Fire Tiger that was formed from the fusion did not disintegrate, this skill would continue to exist.

This was even higher than the attributes that Lan Weiwei had, and she was the Ancient Ash Wolf King!

Lan Weiwei's face turned just a little pale. After all, although Lan Weiwei was still in the process of awakening, she still possessed the Ancient Ash Wolf King's bloodline!!

However, now, she seemed to be at a disadvantage.

This was indeed the white tiger bloodline. Even if it was just a thread of difference, it was still able to surpass the Ancient Ash Wolf King's bloodline!
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