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Chapter 86: Kill The Ancient Fire Tiger, Obtain A New Title!

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This Shattered Stars skill carried a terrifying aura as it shot straight towards the Fire Tiger!

The power of this arrow caused the surrounding air to continuously distort around it!

The Fire Tiger was unable to dodge in time. It could only continuously spit out fireballs from its mouth as a counterattack.

However, the Frost Domain had a huge impact on the Fire Tiger's attack speed.

The last time Lu Chen used the Seven Star Succession, the Ancient Fire Tiger had only spat out six fireballs. Now, at such a close distance, after passing through the Ancient Ash Wolf King's Frost Domain, it could not.


A shocking red number appeared above the Fire Tiger's head.

With a world-shaking explosion, the Ancient Fire Tiger was killed by Lu Chen's attack!

Liu Yang and the others were stupefied!

After all, they had a total of six players. Facing an ordinary Fire Tiger, they had to use all of their abilities to deal only a little damage.

However, when Lu Chen was facing a silver boss — not just nine bosses — but a boss with doubled attributes, he could still defeat the enemy in one move.

As expected, some people could defeat things even in their sleep.

As expected of the only and only Morning Mist!

Looking at the equipment dropped by this Ancient Fire Tiger, everyone was even more dumbfounded. If the equipment that Lan Weiwei had dropped from killing monsters had made Liu Yang and the other six jealous, then the equipment that had dropped from this boss was truly amazing.

However, when they saw the equipment that this boss dropped, their eyes turned green with envy. If they were given this equipment, their strength would at least be threefold.

Other than the silver boss, they could kill the rest of the monsters as they pleased!

However, facing so many pieces of equipment, they did not even have the thought of snatching it. They knew that if they dared to make a move, they would meet a fate far worse than this Ancient Fire Tiger.

They vaguely remembered the fear of the 10,000 members of the White Alliance being destroyed by Morning Mist. However, Lu Chen was not in the mood to check his equipment because the Ancient Ash Wolf King let out a sad cry and fell to the ground.

Even the aura of the wolf was declining rapidly.

Lu Chen quickly checked the interface of the Ancient Ash Wolf King.

[Ancient Ash Wolf King]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 180]

[Level: 37]

[Attack: 32,000 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wol, increases by 50% with moonlight buff, increases by 50%)]

[HP: 35,619 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff)]

[Defense: 1,500 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff)]

[Magic Defense: 1,600 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff)]

[Skills: Demonic Flame, Frost Domain, True Form Transformation, Ash Wolf's Fury, Moonlight's Blessing, Soul Tracking]

[Demonic Flame: The Ancient Ash Wolf King spits out terrifying demonic flames, causing 18,000 physical and magic damage per second to the enemy in front of it.]

[Frost Domain: Creates a frost domain, slowing down the enemy's attack speed and casting speed by 50%.]

[True Form Transformation: When transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf King, all attributes increase by 50%.]

[Ash Wolf's Fury: The Ancient Ash Wolf King awakens the sleeping bloodline in its body, greatly increasing its own attributes, and has a chance to obtain an additional skill!]

[Moonlight's Blessing: Under the moonlight, all attributes increase by 50%.]

[Soul Tracking: When this skill is used, it can leave a mark deep within the target's soul. It can track up to three people. The mark will remain for three months. This skill can be shared with the owner.]

[Ash Wolf's Howl: The exclusive skill of the Ancient Ash Wolf. It will have a different effect as the bloodline awakens. When the Ash Wolf howls at the moon, it will deal 12,000 magic damage per second to enemies under the moonlight for 60 second!]

After experiencing this battle, Lan Weiwei's level had risen by 4 levels. Her combat power, defense, and others had all received a huge increase.

Even the Ash Wolf's Howl skill, whether it was the damage points or the duration, had increased.

It was definitely a good sign to work towards!

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Oddly enough, her HP seemed to be constantly decreasing!




Every second, her HP decreased by 5,000.

By the time Lu Chen checked on Lan Weiwei's condition, Lan Weiwei's HP had decreased by another 15,000.

She only had around 20,000 HP left.

If not for the Moonlight's Blessing, she would have died long ago.

Lu Chen instantly understood that Lan Weiwei had accidentally touched the flames on the Ancient Fire Tiger's body and that was why her HP kept dropping!

Based on Lan Weiwei's current injuries, she would lose all her HP in less than a minute.

Moreover, this condition would even affect him through the pet contract, causing his HP to drop as well.

At this moment, Lu Chen was at a loss. He watched as Lan Weiwei's health bar decreased bit by bit. However, Lan Weiwei looked at Lu Chen without a trace of resentment in her eyes. There was only reluctance in her eyes.

If she was just an ignorant young girl before this, then at this moment of near death, the young girl's heart had finally awakened. At this moment, a voice sounded in Lu Chen's ear. 

A golden title appeared above his head again!

[Your medical proficiency has been raised to the highest level. You have obtained the title — Medicine God!]

[Medicine God: Your understanding of medical skills has reached an unfathomable level. When you use medical skills, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Negative Elimination: When you use the Medicine God title, you will be immune to all negative effects of your own body. When you use medical skills on others, there is a 90% chance of helping others to be immune to all negative effects!]

[Herb Bonus: When you plant herbs, the growth rate of the herbs will be 20 times faster than the original speed. The medicinal effects of the herbs will be increased tenfold!]

[Continuous Healing: The effect of your healing is outstanding. When you use your skills, you can cast a continuous healing on yourself. The healing time is 30 seconds. The healing effect is to recover 2% to 30% of your HP every second! When you use it on others, the effect will be reduced by half.]

This title was definitely very useful!

Previously, other than the title of Undead, all the other titles were used to increase combat power. However, the effect of the Undead title was only to increase the probability of not dying.

However, this title, Medicine God, could definitely increase his combat power by a lot. After all, this was equivalent to having a mobile HP buff. Once he uses it, he would be able to constantly recover his HP.

Especially the first skill, Negative Elimination, which could heal his teammates at any time.

Right now, he was basically a high-attack, high-defense assassin with medical support!

He could practically be omnipotent at this point!

This was undoubtedly a great thing!

However, now was not the time to be in awe at this new found title. At this moment, Lan Weiwei only had a little bit of HP left!
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