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Chapter 87: Divine Beast, White Tiger Soul Essence!

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Lan Weiwei's HP continued to drop.





Four seconds later, Lan Weiwei's original 300,000 HP in her true form was now only left with over 1,000 HP!

She was in grave danger!

Lu Chen did not dare delay things any longer. With a thought, a golden title appeared above his head.

"Medicine God!"

Following that, a Negative Elimination was cast on Lan Weiwei.

In the next moment, a green light shot out from Lu Chen's hand and enveloped Lan Weiwei's entire body. The flame that was faintly attached to her body disappeared in an instant. Lan Weiwei's HP finally stopped decreasing!

Then, Lu Chen once again cast a skill — Continuous Healing!

[Continuous Healing: The effect of your healing is outstanding. When you use your skills, you can cast a continuous healing on yourself. The healing time is 30 seconds. The healing effect is to recover 2% to 30% of your HP every second! When you use it on others, the effect will be reduced by half.]

At this moment, an even brighter green light entered Lan Weiwei's body again.


Lan Weiwei's HP immediately increased by 22,500 points!

15% of her own HP recovered!



Lan Weiwei's HP recovered at a speedy pace. Her complexion and condition were also rapidly improving!

The scene before their eyes once again exceeded the understanding of Liu Yang and the others!

Was everyone playing the same game?

Could it be that she was playing a fake Second World game?!

In less than ten seconds, Lan Weiwei's condition had almost completely recovered.

Lu Chen helped her up, and the two of them looked at the equipment dropped by the Ancient Fire Tiger together.

[Demonic Flame Incineration]

[When you use a bow-type weapon, all your attacks will have the demonic flame incineration effect. It will cause the enemy to continuously lose health for three seconds, which is equivalent to receiving three times the damage.]

[Note: This skill has the effect of both physical and magic attacks!]

This skill was the same as the Ancient Fire Tiger used on Lan Weiwei, only the duration was shorter. However, when the Ancient Fire Tiger used this skill, opponents would only lose 9,000 HP every second. However, Lu Chen's attack power was several times higher than that.

Therefore, it was still considered a win!

In addition, when he used Shattered Stars, it will now have the additional effect of demonic flame. That was equivalent to a full 30 times of his attack power!

If he were to face this Ancient Fire Tiger again, Lu Chen would directly beat in an instant!

One had to know that the Shattered Stars skill ignored the defenses of opponents. The damage that it dealt would all be considered true damage!

If he had attacked Xiao Bai back then, this arrow would have taken care of him in a blink of an eye!

Not to mention running away, he would not even be able to leave any remnants of bones behind.

Lu Chen was a little excited as he looked at the equipment that had dropped.

[Congratulations, you have killed the nine silber bosses. You have received a reward of 9,000 gold coins!]

Both Lu Chen and Liu Yang loved this reward!

To Liu Yang, this was a total of 90 million dollars!

If he went out, he could be considered a rich man in a big city.

If it was a small town, he would definitely be the richest!

If Liu Yang received this 9,000 gold coins, he would directly exchange it for money!

He would not need to play the game anymore. He would just buy 30 apartments and collect rent every day!

When Lu Chen saw the gold coins, his burden lightened.

As the City Lord, many ordinary players said that he was extremely greedy. However, only he knew what he truly had to do!

Every morning when he opens his eyes, tens of thousands of craftsmen, farmers, and all kinds of craftsmen come to him for support.

God knows what would happen if his White Fog City ran out of money!

Although this 5,000 gold coins was not too much, it was not enough either. With a sigh, Lu Chen looked at the last treasure that dropped.

This item looked a bit strange. It was actually a drop of milky white liquid that was floating in the air. It was constantly emitted a mysterious aura, and within the round drop of liquid, there was a faint roar of an illusory white tiger!

[White Tiger Soul Essence: Contains a trace of the ancient Divine Beast White Tiger's bloodline, can be consumed by tiger creatures. After consuming it, it can increase one's own training.

[Special Effect: Once consumed, it can improve one's physique. In future training, one can have the possibility of evolving into a Divine Beast White Tiger.]

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This was a bountiful battle!

Seeing this, even Lan Weiwei could not help but praise the items. After all, Lan Weiwei had gone through such a tough battle to defeat the Ancient Ash Wolf King and obtain the ancestral bloodline.

However, if it was a tiger creature that obtained this White Tiger Soul Essence, it could gradually awaken the White Tiger bloodline, and its future cultivation speed would be far beyond imagination.

Otherwise, these nine Ancient Fire Tigers would not have been so powerful.

Right as Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei were about to put away the drop of White Tiger Essence, a chubby, furry hand suddenly reached out. It snatched the drop of White Tiger Essence away.

Lu Chen turned his head and saw that the person who snatched the drop of White Tiger Essence was Rollie.

Before anyone could react, Rollie swallowed the drop of White Tiger Essence in one gulp.

Rollie moved as fast as lightning. Before anyone could react, not only did he eat the White Tiger Essence, he even burped like a champion.

Lu Chen's heart ached. The White Tiger Essence was eaten by Rollie just like that. He was worried that the White Tiger's attributes were incompatible with Rollie as he was a panda.

Even level Lan Weiwei dared not to devour it so easily. 

Would there be any side effects from Rollie eating it?

However, reality proved that they were overthinking things. As Rollie ate the White Tiger Essence, a golden title lit up on Rollie's head once again.

Luck Bonus!

[The Ancient Panda has activated the Luck Bonus skill. The White Tiger Soul Essence has been transformed into the Ancient Iron Beast Soul Essence!]

[The Ancient Panda Rollie has obtained an Ancient Iron Beast Soul Essence. The Ancient Iron Beast bloodline in his body is gradually awakening. There is a certain chance for him to obtain a new skill!]

When Liu Yang and the others saw this scene, their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

"The f*ck, this works too?"

"That's not right, this doesn't make sense!"

"Is there something wrong with your brain? Are you trying to apply scientific explanations in the Second World?"

"What you said makes sense. I can't refute it, but why do I feel that something is wrong?"

"I thought that Morning Mist was of a different plane, but now it seems that this giant panda is way above him!"

"You id*ot, look carefully at the panda's information panel."

"Holy f*ck! This Ancient Panda's information panel has changed again. How did his combat power increase again? Why is he so much higher than us now?!"

As soon as he said that, everyone immediately looked at Rollie's information panel.

[Ancient Panda]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Rollie]

[Intimacy: 130]

[Level: 15]

[Attack: 2,500]

[HP: 120,000]

[Defense: 20,000]

[Magic Defense: 20,000]

[Skill: Luck Bonus]

[Luck Bonus: With Heaven's blessing, there is a high chance of avoiding disaster, turning a bad situation into a good one, and averting a disaster! Provides a Luck buff for 60 seconds.. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.]
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