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Chapter 88: Battle Of The Silver Bosses, Shocked The Internet!

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Everyone was shocked when they saw Rollie's transformation.

Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei had fought for so long, but why did it feel like Rollie was the one who had improved the most?

Was the world this unfair?

Apart from eating bamboo shoots, gnawing on bamboo, and catching little frogs, this little fellow had leveled up just like that. 

Was there any justice in this world?

At the same time, a few players who had not been paying close attention to Rollie's information panel finally noticed something strange.

"No way, no way? This Ancient Panda is like Lan Weiwei, both of them are Morning Mist's pets?"

"Where did Morning Mist get so many top-tier pets? I want one too."

"Who doesn't want them, they're so special!"

"Look at you guys. You guys only want ordinary pets? I'm different from you guys. My dream is to be Morning Mist's pet!"

"You're amazing! You have an impossible dream!"

"This is ridiculous. I never thought that I would be jealous of a panda one day."

"The world has changed. People either want to be other people's pets or have lame pets."

At this point, they all looked at Lu Chen with different emotions in their eyes. It made Lu Chen's hair stand on end.

Liu Yang realized that after a short period of time, Lu Chen's attributes had all been maxed out under the blessing of his title Medicine God.

However, Liu Yang and the others were already numb to such things. In less than a day, everything that Lu Chen had done was a godly skill in their eyes. At this moment, the improvements that Lu Chen had obtained in this battle were finally revealed.

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 35]

[Class: Sword Saint (now able to change class to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Ax God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 6,800]

[Strength: 6,356]

[Agility: 5,381]

[Intelligence: 4,612]

[HP: 63,030]

[MP: 66,000]

[Attack: 68,860]

[Attack Speed: 29]

[Defense: 4,250]

[Magic Defense: 2,500]

[Reputation: 3,010]

Lu Chen had definitely made a huge profit from this. Among the information on the interface, other than the small increase in reputation points, the rest had increased by a lot.

Especially more so for his attack power, which had increased by almost half, to over 20,000 points.

All of his stats had also increased by 10% to 50%.

Moreover, his level had also increased by 5 levels.

It should be known that the further one leveled up, the harder it would be. Lu Chen's 5 level increase far surpassed Liu Yang and the others.

Going to Tiger Mountain and battling the boss was truly worth it.

Lu Chen, Lan Weiwei, and Rollie — the two of them and one beast — had gained great advancements. Moreover, their skills had also been further improved.

Lu Chen noticed that Rollie's Luck bonus increased its ability to turn misfortune into good luck. This was a new characteristic that he had obtained after obtaining the Ancient Iron Beast bloodline.

Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei looked at each other with eyes filled with joy. For a moment, the atmosphere actually felt a little different.

"Morning Mist, you're really…"

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Just when the atmosphere on Lu Chen's side started to turn chipper, a discordant voice suddenly interrupted them.

Lan Weiwei's heart was filled with displeasure. Her gaze was ice-cold when she heard it. She turned her head and stared at Liu Yang. "What are you doing?"

Liu Yang shivered when she asked. This big-eyed girl in front of him actually looked menacing. He quickly turned his eyes to Lu Chen and said, "I've recorded everything that happened to Morning Mist. I want to put this video into my live broadcast account. Want to take a look?"

Lu Chen weighed the 9,000 gold coins in his hand and thought to himself, "It's too slow to earn money just by fighting monsters and leveling up. If I can put my battle video online and let everyone reward me, I'm sure my income will increase."

Most importantly, although the reputation value was not useful right now, Lu Chen felt that this was likely to be more important than gold coins in the future.

He said to Liu Yang, "Sure, but how do we split the reward?"

Liu Yang never expected Lu Chen to agree so easily. He waved his hands excitedly and said,

"Morning Mist, I don't want a single cent of this money. All the income belongs to you!"

Although Liu Yang was only a junior high school student and was a noob in the Second World, he was able to gather five people to fight monsters with him on the mountain. Moreover, he had been with Lu Chen for so long without being despised, there was definitely something unique about him.

He knew very well that to be able to obtain the exclusive battle video of the one and only Morning Mist, especially at such a close distance, it was definitely the only one in the world in terms of rarity.

One had to know that the video of Morning Mist's battle in the past was never this close range. Moreover, that kind of trash video quality was almost completely grainy.

One could imagine how much of a reaction the world would elicit when this video gets released.

Nothing could be compared to being able to be by the side of Morning Mist's battles though!

Just by standing by his side and gaining experience points, he had been able to level up so quickly. This was a benefit that many people could never dream of.

Was this not just a cheaper version of a contracted pet?!

Lu Chen shook his head slightly. Although this battle video was his, if Liu Yang really operated the entire short video account, he would probably have to expend a lot of energy.

It was fine if it happened once or twice, but if it went on like this, the other party might be dissatisfied. So, it was better to settle the score now.

"How about this, let's split it with a ratio of 9 to 1. Do you have any objections?"

Liu Yang was ecstatic. He had no objections. This 10% was at least a few hundred thousand!

"Thank you, Morning Mist!"

Liu Yang's actions made the other five extremely envious.

He even graciously hugged onto Morning Mist's thigh!

Who was Morning Mist, should someone ask? Well, he was the most powerful person in the entire Second World. No one could surpass him.

The other players could not let Liu Yang monopolize such a good thing. They quickly rushed over to express their stance, "Morning Mist, we too want to follow you. We have video accounts that can post your videos too!"

Lu Chen shook his head, "Only Liu Yang alone can release the video."

When he said this, the other five player's faces were filled with disappointment. However, Lu Chen's next sentence rekindled their hope, "Your level is not low anymore. If you still want to follow me, you can go to White Fog City and report to Hade. Just say that I sent you all and gave you all permission."

They asked curiously, "Morning Mist, aren't you going back to White Fog City?"

Lu Chen smiled. "Aren't there still three silver boss territories that haven't been cleared yet? I'm planning to go to the other three places and clear them all together!"
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