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Chapter 89: Battle Videos Explodes On The Internet!

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When Lu Chen said that he was going to farm the other three silver bosses, Liu Yang and the others had mixed feelings.

Liu Yang was thinking that he might never be able to achieve Morning Mist's leveling speed in his entire life. However, the other five beated their chests and stomped their feet in their hearts.

Why could they not be as shameless as Liu Yang? If they could, they could have possibly been the one to follow him!

However, Morning Mist had also arranged a good deal for them. It was already very difficult for ordinary people to become Swordsmen, but they were actually able to directly acknowledge Hade as their master. This was something that they had never dared to hope for.

At the same time, Liu Yang had already uploaded the video of Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei fighting the nine tigers.

As the fusion between the Second World and the main world slowly merged, players could now use their phones in the Second World, so this video was immediately seen by countless citizens. The enthusiasm of all the citizens were instantly ignited.

"Damn, why is Morning Mist starting to clear dungeons again?"

"I'm really annoyed. While Morning Mist is frantically grinding monsters over there, I've queued up for an entire day, but I still haven't changed my class."

"Have you guys noticed that Morning Mist has already changed his class, but the person he changed his class to is actually a Sword Saint!"

"What? He's actually a Sword Saint! As far as I know, we can only change our class to become Swordsmen. Above swordsmen is sword soul, and above sword soul is sword Saint!"

"Isn't that right? There are already thousands of players who have already changed their class. As far as I know, there are only three or five people who have become Sword Souls. They're the direct descendants of the Dragon Team and those from the big families!"

"You're being much too arrogant. It's one thing for Morning Mist to harvest our gains, but he doesn't need to personally take charge of them. Comparing different people from different classes would just infuriate us more."

"Don't spout nonsense. I heard from Hade just now that all the expenses in the city are provided by Morning Mist. It's said that this bit of income can't make up for the expenses of the whole of White Fog City."

"If it weren't for Morning Mist, do you think we would still have a chance to change classes now?"

"No way, I didn't know he had to do so much."

"If the great Morning Mist was really a greedy person, wouldn't he have sold the teleportation scrolls back then? You should know that the highest price was a few billion each, and the three scrolls in his hands could become three to five billion dollars!"

"That makes sense. Alright, stop talking. Hurry up and watch the video. I saw a few tigers on Tiger Mountain just now, and they were all silver bosses!"

"There are only three Fire Tigers I see on screen right now, so it's not that bad. But this silver-haired girl is really powerful. She's actually able to fend off three silver bosses by herself."

"Silver-haired girl! You probably didn't watch the battle video from a few days ago, right?"

"What video? I don't think I did. I've been in the game pod every day for the past month. Once I return to the main world, other than eating and going to the toilet, I'll hurry back and farm more monsters."

"The silver-haired girl you're talking about isn't a player of our game. She's the Ancient Ash Wolf from Wolf Valley. She was originally on the same level as the silver bosses from Tiger Mountain. Later on, she followed Morning Mist and became the Ancient Ash Wolf King. Wouldn't she have an easy time fighting these three?"

When everyone saw that Lan Weiwei was not at a disadvantage fighting the three Fire Tigers, they got more excited. When Lan Weiwei suppressed the three silver-tier Ancient Fire Tigers, everyone cheered on.

They were even happier than when they themselves defeated a boss.

In an instant, everyone's reaction was the same as Liu Yang and the others.

"I also want a pet like Lan Weiwei. I can go to the battlefield during the day, drop her off, and go to bed."

"Hey, you're thinking too much. Lan Weiwei is the Ancient Ash Wolf that Morning Mist got. You probably have to work hard to even kill a level 5 Wild Dog. Don't tell me you want to rely on a Wild Dog to do your bidding?"

"If I have a pet like Lan Weiwei, I'll follow her, let her fight monsters, and level up myself."

Just as everyone was envious of Lu Chen having a pet like Lan Weiwei, the other six Ancient Fire Tigers suddenly jumped out. When the others saw that nine tigers actually came from an Ancient Fire Tiger... Everyone was shocked.

The pressure that this Ancient Fire Tiger gave off made people shudder through their phone screens.

"Isn't he amazing? I feel that he's much stronger than an ordinary silver boss. He's even stronger than the Ancient Ash Wolf."

"I remembered that the White Alliance wanted to attack the Tiger Mountain boss back then. Now that I think about it, even if Morning Mist didn't destroy the White Alliance back then, they would've still died to the Tiger Mountain bosses."

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"Yeah, I'm sure they'd do badly."

"D*mn, this Ancient Fire Tiger's combat power is way too strong. Especially since the flames on its body can last for 360 seconds. If it were me, I'd definitely die."

"Let alone 360 seconds, I can't even last a second with an attack of 9,000 points."

"That's so scary. Last time, I wanted to find a few friends to farm a silver boss. Now, it seems that no matter how many players go, we'll just be sending these players on a silver platter to the boss."

"The Bow God title has appeared again. He even shot seven arrows in one go. His combat power is too strong."

"I'm so jealous, I want to fight monsters with Morning Mist as well."

"Me too. I'm so desperate that I'd be happy to even become one of Morning Mist's leg hairs!"

"This silver boss was killed by Morning Mist. F*ck, he died in just one hit!"

When Lu Chen used Shattered Stars to kill the Ancient Fire Tiger, the entire place went into an uproar. Morning Mist being able to kill a silver-tier lord from Bear Ridge was already very impressive. However, this battle had once again refreshed their understanding of Morning Mist.

As everyone wanted to see just how many benefits Morning Mist would receive and how many pieces of equipment he would drop, the video suddenly came to an end.

This scene greatly disappointed many players.

It was obvious that the next moment would be the best.

It made their hearts itch in wanting to know more.

"Who the h*ll recorded this video without showing its end? Does he even know how to make a video?"

"Exactly who recorded it. If anyone has any clues, let me know. I'll give them 10 gold coins for the end of the video!"

"I too want to know who recorded it! Also, I want to know if he still needs people to record the video. I'm a cameraman in the main world..."

"Who the h*ll recorded this? This video is getting too popular. I'll give them 200 gold coins for the ending!"

"So what if you give them 200 gold coins? If I give them 5,000 gold coins, wouldn't that be insulting Morning Mist?"

"I want to support Morning Mist as well. All of you, pay up! If you don't, you're not from the Dragon Country!"

As soon as these words were said, in an instant, hundreds of thousands of other players shouted!
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