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Chapter 90: Rumors Of Ancient Martial Arts Aristocratic Families

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[Entertaining Dinosaur would reward a sports car for the end of this video!]

[Romantic Zhang would reward a carnival date for the end of this video!]

[Little Flame would reward a plane for the end of this video!]

[Xu family's young master would reward 88 rockets for the end of this video!]

[Gu family's young master would reward 100 rockets for the end of this video!]

Instantly, countless gift rewards appeared on the comment section of the video.

When the 100 rockets appeared, it made those who were originally streamers in the main world extremely envious. However, everyone knew who the Xu family's and Gu family's young masters were.

It was definitely Xu Ziyuan and Gu Yiming. These two naturally understood that this battle video must have been posted with Lu Chen's acquiescence.

Otherwise, how could there be such a close-up view of the battle? Moreover, there were several times when the person who was recording the battle was clearly less than 10 meters away from Lu Chen.

Liu Yang's livestream room had only uploaded the battle video for less than half an hour. There were already 400,000 to 500,000 dollars worth of gifts that poured in.

This made Liu Yang extremely happy. According to the 50 to 50 split platform rule, the current video alone could earn him more than 200,000 dollars.

This was only the beginning to becoming rich.

What made him even happier was that the video broadcasting platform immediately contacted him.

The higher-ups of the video broadcasting platform personally made a call, indicating that from now on, the hosting platform would no longer take a cut of all the videos sent out by this account. All the income would be given to the streamer himself.

Liu Yang proudly said to the other five people, "I knew it. There are so many rich people online. How could there be someone who would casually give us a reward to farm money?

"Fortunately, I had the foresight to ask you guys to take the initiative to give us money in the comments section. This way, we would definitely earn more!"

Liu Yang's friends saw him like this and their faces darkened. This was clearly the most basic trick to getting cash. Why did he feel like he had made a great contribution after using it?

However, it had to be said that this trick really worked. When the players saw that someone took the initiative to give money, they also followed suit to give gifts and rewards.

As for the money that these patreons tipped, Liu Yang would double it from his own income and return it to them. Therefore, for a time, they were very motivated to tip, and the amount he gained just kept increasing.

Lu Chen looked at their actions and felt a little embarrassed.

Why did this make him feel like a certain vigilante with a green hood?

Fortunately, Lu Chen's video also taught everyone a lot of battle knowledge and how to analyze monsters. It was very beneficial for players who wanted to farm monsters. Therefore, the benefits gained from the players were worth it. It was a win-win situation.

In the meeting room, many senior leaders and experts of the Dragon Country were studying the video carefully. After the first elder of the Dragon Group watched the video, he pondered for a moment before he spoke.

"I have studied these monsters in the Second World for a long time.

"After my analysis, I found that these beasts are much stronger than humans.

"Their innate physical fitness is stronger than humans.

"The only advantage humans have is their fast leveling speed and high IQ. This is also our magic weapon against the enemy.

"It should be known that whether it's Lan Weiwei who is by Lu Chen's side or the Ancient Fire Tiger in front of us, both of them have been cultivating for at least several thousand years.

"Setting aside Lu Chen, for example, existences like Xiao Bai and I can only reach that level of strength within several decades or even a hundred years."

The other experts nodded slightly.

Their strength was far from being as powerful as Lu Chen and the first elder. Many of them had even obtained their strength through various fortuitous encounters after entering the Second World. Therefore, when they saw that the silver boss Lu Chen was facing — the Ancient Fire Tiger — was actually so powerful, their hearts were pounded.

If silver bosses were all such existences, then they would not be able to defeat them no matter what.

The first elder of the Dragon Group pointed at a corner of the screen and continued on with his thoughts.

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"Look carefully at this angle. It seems that the cameraman intentionally missed it, trying to cover it up.

"But if we look carefully, there is a faint red minus sign there.

"If I'm not wrong, it should be the Ancient Ash Wolf King that is continuously losing HP.

"The demonic flame skill on the Ancient Fire Tiger in the video just now was activated. This means that the fireball that was spat out from their mouth, touched the Ancient Ash Wolf.

"No matter how fast the Ancient Ash Wolf King moves, it would still be unable to avoid being hit.

"Ever since the Ancient Ash Wolf King was hit by the fireballs, I had been calculating the time in my mind. If I guessed correctly, the Ancient Ash Wolf King's HP would definitely be reduced to zero! There is no chance of survival.

"I told the members of the Dragon Team that the next time they met Lu Chen, they would have to observe the Ancient Ash Wolf King beside him."

"Oh, right, her current name is Lan Weiwei. We were told to observe her physical condition. If she's fully recovered, it means that Lu Chen still has many secrets that we don't know about. However, everyone must be careful. No matter what, don't make an enemy out of Lu Chen."

Once these words were said, all the other people nodded.

In fact, even if the higher ups did not say anything, they would not dare to go and find trouble with Lu Chen.

Especially the members of the Dragon Team who had just left the Second World, they were even more aware of Lu Chen's terror. On the other hand, a beautiful woman in the Dragon Team had her head lowered and her two fingers crossed in circles. A small idea arose in her heart.

'When Lu Chen returns, I must tell him what the higher ups of Dragon Country think of him so that he will be on guard. I can't let all of Lu Chen's trump cards be exposed.'

At this moment, she had completely forgotten that she was sent by the Dragon Team to monitor Lu Chen. If Liu Changping knew about this, he would definitely regret his decision of pushing them together.

At this time, the third in charge — who had been sitting in the upper seat the whole time and had not said a word — finally spoke. He frowned slightly and with a wave of his hand, he spoke.

"But there is something troubling me. I'm afraid that those ancient martial arts aristocratic families might not listen to us..."

"Moreover, Lu Chen has been gaining more attention these past few days. Those descendants of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families are proud and arrogant, so they would definitely look for someone like Lu Chen.

"If someone really wanted to compete with Lu Chen, he might not even bother with them.

"If there really were some blind people who were jealous and wanted to find trouble, then this would become a bit troublesome for us."

Thinking of those people from the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, the first elder could not help but frown. He took a deep breath. 

"I can't be bothered about it right now. I just hope that those people won't cause trouble for no reason.

"Those young masters probably would not have much effect on Lu Chen. However, if it really did come down to some elites or even elders from the ancient martial arts aristocratic families who made a move…"

His voice paused for a moment, then, he seemed to have made an extremely difficult decision before speaking. 

"Lu Chen is the hope and prosperity of our entire Dragon Country. No matter which ancient martial arts clan it is, as long as they dare interfere with Lu Chen's progress, even if our Dragon Country turns hostile, we must protect Lu Chen!"
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