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Chapter 91: The Soldiers Under The First Elder!

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When he said that he wanted to protect Lu Chen, everyone in the meeting room was shocked.

He had mentioned this before. Not just the ordinary high-level officials of the Dragon Country, even the third in command chief had said this before.

However, everyone knew that the first elder's words carried more weight than anyone else's.

The third in command chief could command the entire conference room and all the high-level officials of the Dragon Country, he could even make extremely important decisions for some countries. Even if he had to launch some small-scale wars against foreign countries, he could still make the decision on his own.

However, the identity of the first elder was placed on a higher pedestal. His importance was reflected in the fact that he had a veto power when he attended the top-level meetings of the country. More importantly, he had an extremely large number of ancient martial arts special forces under his command. Every member of his army was at least at the heaven rank!

The vast majority of the members of this group had entered the ruins to explore when the country had just learned of the existence of the Second World.

The remaining few of them were still on some special missions and were unable to rush back in time. Otherwise, Lu Chen would not have been needed to wipe out the Xiao family back then.

The elder was precisely the reason why the Dragon Country was able to suppress all the ordinary aristocratic families.

He was the guardian of the Dragon Country.

At this moment, the first elder continued, "Recently, I've conducted some analysis of the Second World.

"I've gotten a few of my subordinates to carry out some experiments. They used a secret technique to seal their own cultivation when they entered the Second World.

"After that, when they entered the Second World to reveal their full strength, their level in the Second World would soar."

"This is extremely good news in our case.

"However, I'm afraid that the other countries have already discovered this from Xiao Bai's situation. The battle situation in the Second World has now become more confusing.

"This has brought us great danger, but this is also where our opportunity lies."

Due to various reasons, none of the first elder's soldiers entered the Second World.

Originally, he was worried that he had missed the opportunity. He did not expect that he would actually benefit from this misfortune and have the opportunity to overtake the first elder.

One had to know that if they entered normally, everyone would start at level one. Even if there was some difference in physical fitness, there was practically no difference once they entered the game.

However, things could be different now. If these warriors sealed their cultivation and entered the game, then revealed their full strength, their levels would probably increase to at least level 20 and above.

In the Second World, many players had high combat strength.

Moreover, the first elder was not just a theorist. There were already warriors under nameless organizations who had become high-level players. At this moment, they were farming the Snake Pond.

"The f*ck, captain, why are there snakes everywhere? Even Wolf Valley and Bear Ridge weren't this exaggerated, right?"

The person in front of them was the first elder's subordinate, Zhang Ming. Originally, he had been a heaven-ranked expert in the main world. After entering the Second World and displaying his strength, he had directly risen to level 21. His combat power was even comparable to that of the first world.

The other people were the same. The highest level captain had already reached level 28.

This meant that the fusion between the Second World and the real world was accelerating.

The captain, Li Xiaotian, quickly cut down the five level 11 snakes that flew towards him. He did not bother wiping the sweat off his head. He only panted heavily as he spoke up, "Asking me this question will give you no answer.

"If it wasn't for the fact that Lu Chen had to destroy both Wolf Valley and Bear Ridge, we wouldn't have come here!

"Fortunately, we have snake repellent powder. Otherwise, these snakes would have overwhelmed us."

As far as they could see, there were tangled vines wrapped around the trees. These snakes were hidden among them. They were almost the same color as the trees. As long as they did not move, no one would be able to notice them.

Moreover, their attack speed was very fast, leaving less than a second for people to react.

Most importantly, the snake's poison was extremely strong. If an ordinary snake bit a player, it would consume 100 HP every second for five minutes.

Who could withstand the consumption of 3,000 HP in a go?

An ordinary player would not be able to withstand such damage. If it was a beginner player, they would immediately return to the Novice Village.

After all, they would have only encountered a basic snake. They were only at the outermost layer of the Snake Pond.

If it was not for the fact that the party members were of high levels and were top-notch warriors in the real world, they would have died the moment they entered the Snake Pond.

As the top-notch warriors of the Dragon Country, they definitely had sufficient funds to level up comfortably. When they entered the Second World, they had large amounts of gold coins and bought quite a few high-end equipment and weapons.

There were already ten antidotes on their backs. However, when now faced with the densely packed snakes everywhere, they felt that they had not bought enough equipment.

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If there was any weakness of these snakes, it would be that their intelligence was extremely low and their defense was also very weak.


The captain spat on the ground and said fiercely, "I saw the video that was released today. That Lu Chen is indeed quite powerful. He was able to solo kill three bosses. He's a ruthless person.

"But I'm still not convinced! I've been on the battlefield for 10 years. Through the rain and storm, I've been through icy mountains and seas of fire. What kind of dangerous situation have I not seen? What kind of powerful enemy have I not killed?

"Our party has been cooperating with each other for so many years. I don't believe that we can't be compared to that guy, Lu Chen! No matter how powerful Lu Chen is, he's just a boorish man.

"Plus his Ancient Ash Wolf King, there are only two of them. I don't believe that we can't be compared to them!

"When they fought the Ancient Fire Tigers, their levels weren't much higher than ours.

"He was just an ordinary person who became an expert by luck. How could his battle experience be compared to ours?

"A battle relies not only on strength, but also on brains and cooperation!

"What could a kid like him know what that means!

"Today, we'll kill this big green snake in the Snake Pond. Let's let everyone see that we're the most awesome team in the entire Dragon Country!

"Oh right, I heard that Xiao Bai's status in the Western Castle has been soaring. If Lu Chen is targeted by the Western Castle, he will most likely die.

"If Lu Chen is not satisfied with us, we will go to the Western Castle and kill that b*tch Xiao Bai ourselves!

"We can be Lu Chen's savior. When that time comes, we will see how he acts in front of us! Hahaha!"

"Hear hear!"

"Captain is right. We have to kill that br*t's arrogance!"

"To be honest, he doesn't seem that bad. I think it would be good to recruit him into our squad!"

"Hah, we'll have to test him first!"

Although they had been chatting and laughing, their movements did not stop as they slashed away at their enemies.





A string of red numbers appeared when the monsters were hacked to death. In the blink of an eye, they had reached the center of the Snake Pond.

At this time, Lu Chen and the others had just reached the edge of the Snake Pond.
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