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Chapter 92: Lu Chen’s Livestream!

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Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei walked in front. Rollie played and ate as he rolled forward. Only Liu Yang had to run around.

As he ran, he started the livestream with his phone and introduced it to everyone in detail.

"Everyone, it's time to take a closer look. The snake in my hand is called the short-tailed viper.

"It's a type of small poisonous snake. It's the most widely distributed and most numerous type of poisonous snake around the entire Snake Pond.

"Its attack power isn't high, so killing this kind of snake won't earn a lot of points. However, it is suitable for beginners to practice killing them first.

"However, if you're an advanced player, it's not advisable to provoke this kind of snake. There are simply too many of them. Not only do they earn less, but they also frequently pounce and bite after being attacked, it's a little difficult to deal with for the long run.

"If I were to use my skills to kill this snake, it would be a waste of time."

Following which, Liu Yang turned his body and pointed at the camera that zoomed in on the top of the tree. He saw an extremely thin and small snake on the top of the tree. However, its color was particularly bright. It kept baring its fangs at him, at a glance, one could tell that it was a small snake with extremely high attack power.

"Everyone, pay special attention to this snake. Can you see the green in its eyes?

"It's very green, right? Everyone, remember… The weirder the color, the faster you die!

"Although you may not know, you must have heard of these snakes because they look like bamboo leaves. They often hang themselves around the branches of the trees. They especially like to live in the bushes near the cave.

"And along the way, I don't know if you have noticed, but you won't be able to see it. Now that the sky has turned dark, they are active, circling around.

"This is because they're more active during rainy days. You can't see them on a sunny day, and they're the most active in the evening and at night.

"When you come here, you must not light a fire, because these bamboo leaves looking snakes will jump at the fire, but if it's a flashlight, then there's no such problem.

"You must pay attention to these points I'm talking about, don't accidentally return to the Resurrection Point!"

At this moment, in the live broadcast room, hundreds of thousands of people were watching Liu Yang's live broadcast.

Everyone was very interested in this new type of live broadcast. Not only was it interesting, but most importantly, it was equivalent to a real-time game guide.

One had to know that this was not an ordinary game guide, but the live broadcast of Morning Mist!

If it was someone else's live broadcast, it might not have any reference value, but how could it be wrong to learn from Morning Mist?

The only and only Morning Mist's live stream was even more valuable than the Dragon Country's official live stream!

The comments shot like bullets in the live stream room as it frantically refreshed itself.

[That's strange. After entering the Snake Pond, why didn't Morning Mist and Lan Weiwei fight the monsters around?]

[You can't use logic on Morning Mist! His level is much higher than ours. There's no need to kill all these small monsters.]

[What the streamer said was true, killing these tiny monsters is pointless.]

[That's right, can't you see? Even those small snakes with low IQ were easily killed by Liu Yang and Rollie, even Lan Weiwei didn't have to do anything.]

[Right, right, right, the streamer was right. In just a short while, they killed hundreds of them.]

[Haha, that's right. The streamer's level is too low. For Morning Mist, he could breathe on them and they'd probably die.]

[I want him to breathe on me too! Liu Yang has already leveled up two to three levels in just a short while. He's so lucky to be following Morning Mist to level up!]

[Look at Rollie. He seems to be entangled by a large snake!]

[Is he going to die? Please don't let anything happen to him!]

[I think you're thinking too much. Morning Mist and Lan Weiwei aren't taking it seriously at all.]

Liu Yang saw that there was an argument happening in the comments section. He quickly aimed the camera at Rollie in the distance. He must garner their attention for the hot topic.

Liu Yang kept pushing the focus of his phone to make the video on Rollie's side clearer. "Everyone, the python in front of you is already an adult python. Look at him. He's more than seven meters long.

"Its level is already higher than Rollie. Although it's not poisonous, its combat ability is very strong!

"If it's an ordinary venomous snake, even though you will continue to lose HP after taking a bite, as long as a serum is injected in time, you won't respawn at the Resurrection Point. However, if you encounter a python. You have to run quickly. Otherwise, once you're entangled.

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"It will be very difficult for you to break free.

"However, everyone, you won't have to worry about Rollie. I've been following Morning Mist for a day.

"We discovered that basically no monsters would take the initiative to attack Rollie. Even if there were, they would die inexplicably.

"Yesterday, when we came down from Tigers Mountain, a tiger tried to ambush Rollie. In the end, it slipped and fell off the cliff!

"Rollie's luck is heaven-defying, and his defense is extremely strong. He is definitely a lucky beast.

"Let's put it this way, even if something happens to me, nothing will happen to him."

While he was explaining, Rollroll had already opened his big mouth and taken a bite off the python's body like he was biting onto a bamboo shoot.





Liu Yang was shocked that every bite of Rollie's could deal 8,000 damage!

As he bit the python, the python's nearly 40,000 HP was instantly destroyed!

The players in the live broadcast room were just as shocked,

[What the h*ll, isn't this panda's attack power at 2,500? How did he deal 8,000 damage?!]

[I saw a 8,000 HO drop notification just now. Could it be a critical hit each time?]

[This Ancient Panda's luck is too heaven-defying. One or two critical hits is fine, but he actually managed to deal a critical hit every single time. Awesome, I'm impressed!!]

[I've changed my mind. I don't want Morning Mist to breathe on me. I want Rolie to breathe on me!]

[Why is life so unfair? Even Morning Mist's pets are awesome. It's one thing if he has Lan Weiwei, but he actually has such a heaven-defying lucky bonus walking along with him!]

They had no idea at all. They were not the only ones surprised by Rollie's many critical hits. This was also the first time Lu Chen had seen it.

Although Rollie had fought some ordinary monsters in the past, those that dared to provoke him were mostly low-level monsters with very low intelligence. Basically, Rollie could kill them with one attack.

However, this giant python was a cold-blooded animal, so it did not have a strong sense of danger, nor could it sense or feel Rollie's luck.

To be exact, other than Lu Chen, Rollie was probably the second luckiest being.

Of course, the outcome was also very tragic. On the other hand, other than losing a few hairs on its body, after killing the giant python, it spat out all of the snake's blood in disgust.. Then, as if nothing had happened, it dug out the bamboo shoots and began to eat them again.
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