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Chapter 93: Discovery Of A Silver Python!

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However, some sharp-eyed people finally realized that the number of snakes here was not only incomparable to those in the previous silver-tier territories, but their numbers were also very small, occasionally, one could even see the bodies of the snakes that were about to disappear.

Even Lu Chen realized that there were many players along the way. Many low-level players had already entered the deeper areas of the Snake Pond.

Logically speaking, with their abilities, they could only wander outside the Snake Pond. Hence, if there were no accidents, there should be experts at farming the Snake Pond. That meant that they were a step too late.

However... As far as Lu Chen knew, no one had the ability to reach the deepest areas of the Snake Pond this quickly. 

Who were these people?

On the other side, the team under the first elder was making progress deeper in. The operation is codenamed Dragon Slayer.

Although they knew that the silver boss that they were going to fight this time was only a snake, it was still one of the top-tier bosses. Becoming a dragon slayer was not an exaggeration.

"Hou Zi, get ready. When everyone is in position, you will be in charge of luring the giant python out of the Snake Pond."

The person known as Hou Zi was a scout in the real world, responsible for observing and attracting enemies.

"Qin Lie, have you reached the high point on the south side? Once the giant python appears, you must immediately shoot. Got it?"

Qin Lie was currently dressed in disguised clothing. Although he had come to the Second World, his instincts as a sniper allowed him to put on this set of ugly but professional clothing.

"No problem!"

"Han Xiong, after Hou Zi lures the silver boss out, Hou Zi will immediately retreat. Therefore, for the giant python's low attack, you must withstand the attacks with your shield.

"As long as you can knock him out with this one hit, we will be able to kill this silver boss."

Han Xiong was originally the heavy machine gunner in this team. He was in charge of suppressing the firepower and protecting his own people from attacking.

Therefore it made sense for him to suppress the attacks of the boss right now.

"Okay boss, no problem. I specially wore three pieces of defense equipment today!"

Hiding behind the trees nearby, a burly man with a body as strong as an iron tower smiled honestly.

"Zhang Ming, once you start fighting later, your support is very important. Maintain your condition well. If your condition declines, you can take medicine. If you don't have enough medicine, you can call for our support."


Zhang Ming in the distance. He took out three bottles of Health Potions from his backpack and directly consumed them. The next second, his aura rose.

Although Zhang Ming was the person with the lowest combat strength in the entire team, his impact was very great. Not only could he slow down the enemy, but he could also increase the combat strength and endurance of his teammates.

To put it bluntly, he was a supporter.

The captain hid behind a huge reef. He held a very large machete in his hand. He was ready to explode at any time and kill the Python with one strike.

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Everyone was in their positions. Hou Zi immediately put on his diving equipment and jumped into the Snake Pond.

Although his equipment was excellent, Hou Zi felt a bone-piercing chill as soon as he entered the water. He could clearly feel that there seemed to be a pair of cold eyes staring back at him in the entire pond, this feeling made him feel as if there was a knife placed at his back.

However, as a top-notch special forces soldier, he adjusted his emotions in less than three seconds. Then, he quickly found a dark spot and hid himself well.

After repeatedly observing the surrounding situation and making sure that there was nothing abnormal, he continued to swim down the cold pond.

From the surface, the pond looked like a small lake.

However, as Hou Zi dived deeper and deeper, it became narrower and narrower.

What shocked him even more was that there seemed to be some high-level weapons on the ground every once in a while.

Clearly, there had been some experts who tried to farm monsters here a long time ago, but were killed instead.

As the name suggested, Hou Zi was thin and agile. In just a short while, he swam down a few hundred meters. However, it seemed that this distance was far from enough. The Snake Pond seemed to be bottomless.

After a full half an hour, he felt that he had already reached a distance of more than a thousand meters at the bottom of the pond. Finally, he saw a huge python that was as thick as a log and more than a hundred meters long entrenched itself in the pond.

Each of its scales was as big as a plate.

The flow of water at the bottom of the pond was very slow. This huge python seemed to be in a deep sleep. Every time its body moved unintentionally, it would cause the scales to rub against each other.

The friction was as sonorous and ear-piercing as metal, showing its extremely strong defense.

This was especially true for this silver boss. The faint protrusion on its forehead indicated that it would probably really turn into a dragon given more time.

This was completely in line with the information the Dragon Country had obtained.

At this moment, the information of this giant python finally appeared in front of him!
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