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Chapter 94: Triggering A Hidden Gold Boss!

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At this moment, he had no choice but to take out the crossbow he had prepared beforehand and fix it to the rock wall. This crossbow was capable of unleashing an attack power close to 10,000 points.

This was an extremely rare one-time use silver-tier weapon that his party had obtained before.

This was also one of the reasons why his party had dared to attack a silver boss.

After all, this 10,000-point attack not only took away one-seventh of the boss's HP, but also the boss's defense.

Most importantly, such a powerful attack would definitely infuriate the boss and agitate it. That way, it would be easier to kill it.

In a flash, Hou Zi finished setting up the crossbow. He then pulled out a rope from his body and tied one end to the trigger of the crossbow. He then placed the other end into his hand and swam upstream.

After swimming for a few hundred meters, Hou Zi finally found a distance that was enough for him to retreat and allow the silver-tier python to not discover his identity.

Hou Zi carefully pulled the rope. Then, he mustered all the strength in his body and pulled back with all his strength!


It was clearly just a crossbow firing, but it sounded like a cannon.

Even from a few hundred meters away — and it was underwater — Hou Zi felt that it was deafening. Then, he heard the roar of the giant python!

This roar was not like the sound of an ordinary snake sticking out its tongue. Instead, it sounded like the roar of an ox. To be exact, it was similar to the roar of a dragon.

Hou Zi was a little dizzy from the explosion and the roar. However, he did not have the time to rest. That was because he could see that the giant python at the bottom of the pool suddenly pointed its tail at the bottom of the pool. The entire snake was edged like a sharp sword.

The moment the snake straightened its body, it had already moved a hundred meters out of thin air.

Hou Zi was greatly shocked. He pushed up with all his strength. His entire body was like a cannonball as he charged towards the surface of the water.

The people outside the Snake Pond heard the sound of an explosion and the mighty roar. When Hou Zi resurfaced, they were too shocked to react.

However, soon after, they saw Hou Zi shoot out of the water like an arrow. He reached the highest point and began to fall.

When everyone looked at the surface of the water, it was as if two huge searchlights were shooting into the sky. It was getting closer and closer to the surface of the water. They were sure that it was the pythons eyes that glowed.

Then, the giant python shot out of the water like a pillar. It opened its bloody mouth, which was six to seven meters wide, and faced the falling Hou Zi!

"Han Xiong! Qin Lie!"

Hou Zi roared desperately. He believed that the two of them must have been prepared since the whole team trusted their lives with their teammates!


Before Hou Zi finished his words, the boss roared and shook the entire Snake Pond!

Then, a figure that was like an iron tower rushed out and charged at the python without any fear.

It was Qin Xiong!

Under the gaze of the entire squad, he was obviously bravely making his way to save his teammate!

He pressed forward!!

There was someone who was one step faster than Qin Xiong. It was the sniper Qin Lie who was at the highest point. That arrow hit the giant python right in the left eye!

One sniper and one iron-clad tanker, both of them were serious targets!

Another painful roar sounded. The giant python first closed its eyes in pain, then it was sent flying by Qin Xiong. Hou Zi was saved.



Two red numbers appeared above the giant python's head.

Although it was not serious enough to significantly lower its HP, the attack on its eyes made it blind on one side.

Qin Xiong's fierce collision made its head dizzy. Its body, which was hundreds of meters high, fell to the side.

When the giant silver python fell to the side, it hit the ground and shook the earth, causing waves of water.

Almost at the same time. A figure suddenly rushed out from behind a reef, holding a broadsword.

When he lifted it up, the radiance of the broadsword suddenly burst out, ready to attack. It was the captain.

"Hah, take this!"

In order not to disturb the silver-tier giant python. The captain only let out a low shout with his broadsword and slashed at the giant python.


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A string of red numbers appeared directly above the giant python's head. The giant python's HP was reduced by another fifth at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, Qin lie, who was far away, did not stop shooting arrows at all. He kept firing arrows one after another.





Meanwhile, Hou Zi, who had already landed on the ground, was also extremely fast on his feet. The moment he landed on the ground, he used both his hands and feet to run to the side of the giant python and began to stab it.




Han Xiong was even fiercer. As he had three pieces of defensive equipment in his backpack, he did not even have the time to change his equipment. He directly puffed out his chest and crashed into the body of the giant python again and again, producing loud bangs.




Due to using too much of his strength, his face turned red, but there was still no sign of him giving up.

Zhang Ming, who was hiding in the forest far away, shot out beams of green light at his teammates. He held two potions in each hand, and from time to time, he would quickly consume the potion. It was obvious that he was going all out.

After suffering a series of attacks, the python finally reacted when its HP was reduced to one-third.

It immediately tightened its 100-meter-long body and tried to strangle all of them together.

However, the captain and Hou Zi were very agile, so the big python could do nothing to them.

Han Xiong knew that he was slow and clumsy, so he directly rammed into the big python's tail and used the reaction force to send himself flying. After using his powerful armor to protect himself, he went backed up to avoid the python's ultimate skill.

It had to be said that these player's reactions were considered fast, and their battle awareness was high. Moreover, they had been together for a long time, so they had a good tacit understanding. Although the python's combat power was off the charts, under the strangling net formed by these five people, there was no room for resistance.

However, the Ancient Python did not give up on resisting. Instead, it continued to fight back bravely. It used its tail to whip the three people, and it stuck its head out to attack them with its teeth.

If it were any other player's party, such a blow would definitely be effective. However, this party's combat power was so strong. More importantly, their equipment was of good quality. In fact, these equipment were gained through their powerful financial strength. They beat the Ancient Python till it finally breathed its last breath!

[Ding! Congratulations on defeating the silver boss, Ancient Python. Please check your equipment!]

The party of five was exhausted!

However, when they saw the equipment all over the ground, their energy surged!

However, before they could pick up their equipment, the system voice rang again.

[Ding! Due to the silver boss, Ancient Python being killed, the hidden gold boss has been triggered!]
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