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Chapter 95: Party Wiped Out!

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[Ding! Due to the silver boss, Ancient Python being killed, the hidden gold boss has been triggered!]

[Once it's killed, you will receive a reward!]

When the notification sounded, all the party members' stopped celebrating. Instead, they felt chills down their spines.

Then, a deep and long groan came from the Snake Pond again, as if it was a spell from the ancient times!

The horror!

Soon after, the entire Snake Pond began to tremble.

In fact, the entire forest around the Snake Pond began to tremble uncontrollably!

Originally, when the silver boss appeared, the other snakes had already scattered and fled. At this moment, they did not even dare to move.

One after another, they threw themselves on the ground. It was as if they were bowing to an entirely strong and powerful existence!

This was an act of absolute submission. It was a suppression from their bloodline, a tremble that was deeply engraved in their ancient genes!


The captain of this party was the first to react. Then, he let out a deafening roar!

No one would be ecstatic over a gold-rank reward. All that was left was the fear of death!

Although they had previously thought that they were definitely stronger than Lu Chen, when they saw the battle between Lu Chen and the Ancient Fire Tiger, they were very clear in their hearts, it would be difficult to do better than Lu Chen. However, they do not admit defeat, they will never submit to him!

Although it was only a level of difference between a silver and gold boss, they still ran.

As soon as the captain gave the order to retreat, all of the team members ran out of the Snake Pond with all their might. They did not even have time to pick up the equipment dropped by the silver boss.

Before they could even take a few steps, they heard a loud bang as if something had exploded!

[Ding! Congratulations to player Li Xiaotian for resurrecting! Level restored to level 1, equipment cleared! Do you wish to proceed with the novice quest?]

[Ding! Congratulations to player Zhang Ming for resurrecting! Level restored to level 1, equipment cleared! Do you wish to proceed with the novice quest?]

[Ding! Congratulations to player Qin Lie for resurrecting! Level restored to level 1, equipment cleared! Do you wish to proceed with the novice quest?]

[Ding! Congratulations to player Han Xiong for resurrecting! Level restored to level 1, equipment cleared! Do you wish to proceed with the novice quest?]

[Ding! Congratulations to player Hou Zi for resurrecting! Level restored to level 1, equipment cleared! Do you wish to proceed with the novice quest?]

The five players were dumbfounded!


After a moment of silence, the five members of the party cursed in unison. They were instantly killed by a gold boss!

Zhang Ming's face was filled with shock as he asked, "Did you guys see that gold boss? I was so focused on running that I didn't even notice what it looked like!"

"I didn't see it. When I heard that the gold boss had appeared, I just turned around and died before I could even run!"

The party leader, Li Xiaotian. He said in a low voice, "I didn't see it clearly, but when I turned my head slightly before I died, I could only see a shadow."

Everyone was silent.

It was one thing to be instantly killed, but the most important thing was that the gold boss's combat power could actually send Han Xiong away. After all, he was wearing three pieces of defensive armor!

The most shameful thing was that the five of them did not even see the appearance of the gold boss!

After all, the strength of their party was not weak. Yet they still had just been insta-killed by a gold boss.

As compared to the silver boss, everything went smoothly. Right after, once the gold boss appeared, they were insta-killed in just three seconds.

It was too depressing.

"F*ck, what kind of a place was that? Isn't this a silver boss territory? Why was there a gold boss?"

Hou Zi could not stop cursing.

At this moment, the captain was gasping for breath due to shock. He said intermittently, "Do you guys still remember what Liu Yang said about Lan Weiwei in the live broadcast?"

"That kid talked too much nonsense. I didn't remember what they said!"

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"I was too focused on killing monsters and leveling up. I didn't pay much attention to it."

On the other hand, as Hou Zi was a scout, he observed carefully. "Liu Yang seemed to have said that Lan Weiwei was originally an Ancient Ash Wolf. When Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei entered a secret realm of the Wolf Valley together, they defeated the Ancient Ash Wolf King. That's why Lan Weiwei advanced."

Li Xiaotian nodded slightly. 

"That's right. That's why it's very likely that there's a secret realm or a more powerful boss behind the silver bosses.

"However, I think that even the Ancient Ash Wolf King that they killed back then is far inferior to this gold level boss."

After all, Lu Chen had only been around level 20 after encountering Lan Weiwei back then. And this gold boss was definitely something that even Lu Chen would not be able to defeat in the past.

Zhang Ming, who had been in a daze the whole time, finally said after a long while, "It took so long to clear the Snake Pond. Was everything for nothing?"

A hint of awkwardness filled the air. Everyone was silent.

In order to successfully clear the silver boss in the Snake Pond, they had prepared for a whole week. This time, they had spent tens of millions of dollars. After all, when Lu Chen became the City Lord of White Fog City, they had only spent this money to prove him wrong.

However, in the end, they had actually returned to level 1!

How were they going to explain everything when they got back?

Before they killed the silver boss, they had already made a report to the higher-ups of the Dragon Country. The news of their victory had already been sent back.

The higher-ups of the Dragon Country had even sent cheers to congratulate them.

It was simply a social death.

The five of them stayed at the Resurrection Point for a full 10 minutes. Only then did Li Xiaotian break the silence. "Everyone, destroy your communication devices."

The others were stunned at first. Then, with tacit understanding, they took out all their communication devices at the same time. Their phones, radios, and so on were smashed to pieces on the ground.

It was impossible for them to reply to the higher-ups if they had no communication devices. They would never reply to a letter for the rest of their lives!

If this news gets spread out, they would become a joke in front of all the first elder's subordinates for the rest of their lives.

The leader, Li Xiaotian, spoke with a defeated expression, "Let's go. Everyone, go and kill three rabbits..."

They understood that Li Xiaotian was bringing everyone to farm monsters from level 1. When they had achieved a certain level, they would contact the higher ups again.

They would rather not suffer the actions of the first elder than return as Level 1 newbies!

In the vicinity of the Snake Pond.

Lu Chen did not pay too much attention to the commotion as he continued walking towards his destination. After half an hour, they finally arrived at the Snake Pond.

Lu Chen's eyes widened. "Huh? What's going on? Why is there silver equipment all over the place?!"
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