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Chapter 96: Gold Boss, Three-eyed Golden Dragon!

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Looking at the silver equipment dropped by the five stack party, Lu Chen was delighted.

[Python Fang Dagger: Increases attack power by 100%. 30% chance to ignore opponents defense and deal real damage to the enemy.]

[Python Spirit: Normal defense is 1,000 points, maximum defense can reach is 5,000 points. This item can not be used after the maximum defense is reached. Cooldown time is one month.]

[Python Strength Potion: When consumed, permanently increases vitality by 2,000 points, increases attack power by 10,000 points!]

Looking at these three pieces of silver equipment, Lu Chen's heart busted with joy.

Although the first two pieces of equipment were not very useful to him, the third piece of equipment was something that no one could ignore.

It felt even better when it came to picking up equipment for free. How amazing!

However, Lu Chen had a lot of doubts in his mind. Who had killed the silver boss?

Since these pieces of equipment were actually silver, it meant that someone must have killed the silver boss here.

Oddly enough, even if they had successfully killed the silver boss, they did not take the equipment. Was it because they did not like the equipment here?

Something was not right.

Not just for1 the equipment, even Lu Chen, who was covered in both legendary and epic equipment, did not dare underestimate the equipment dropped by a silver boss. There was also a potion that could permanently increase one's attribute points.

Where did these players go?

Brushing it aside, Lu Chen walked straight to the three pieces of silver equipment.

He thought for a moment before throwing the first two pieces of equipment to Liu Yang. Liu Yang hurriedly took the Python Fang Dagger and the Python Spirit, feeling a little dazed.

"I'll give these two items to you. You'll be following me around. You need to increase your strength as well. Otherwise, you'll become a burden."

Hearing Lu Chen's casual words, Liu Yang was extremely shocked. After all, these were silver equipment. How could he possibly hope for Lu Chen to give it to him?

If this thing were to be sold, it would be worth at least tens of millions, right?

How could these money making equipment be given away so easily?

Was this the imposing manner of Lu Chen?

Liu Yang's heart was instantly moved to tears. At this moment, he was finally certain. He was gald to be shameless enough to follow Lu Chen. This was definitely the best choice he had ever made in his life!

In the future, if Lu Chen told him to go east, he would not go west. If he told him to jump, he would ask how high! Even if he was asked to become cannon fodder, he would not say a single word.

Lu Chen did not pay attention to this drama queen. Instead, he walked straight to the third silver grade treasure and picked up the items. He could not wait any longer and consumed the potion. In the next moment, a cool liquid was poured into his throat and then into his stomach. His entire stomach felt slightly cold.

In less than three seconds, the potion was dispersed to his entire body through his limbs. Lu Chen could clearly feel that his strength was increasing.

Then, he clenched his fist and punched the huge rock next to the Snake Pond. With a bang, the huge rock exploded and many debris flew into the Snake Pond!

One had to know that this rock that broke weighed at least ten tons, and Lu Chen did not even use much strength to destroy it.

This huge rock was made of granite with the sturdiest hardness. However, Lu Chen still did not show any joy on his face. Instead, he looked at the center of the Snake Pond and his pupils suddenly shrank.

He did not know if it was an illusion, but when the pieces of granite fell into the Snake Pond, the pond water seemed to dip toward the center.

This feeling was as if the pond water was like a contracted pupil.

This feeling was too strange.

Lu Chen flipped his palm and struck out. This time, it was not aimed at the Snake Pond, but at Liu Yang.

Liu Yang was sent flying dozens of meters away by this palm strike. Although he was dumbfounded, he believed that Lu Chen would not harm him for no reason.

Lan Weiwei also understood Lu Chen's intention and quietly moved out of the Snake Pond. She also took a few steps back. Lu Chen turned around with his back facing the pond and nonchalantly picked up a rock from the side of the pond . This rock weighed at least a ton, but he lifted it lightly and tossed it into the air.

Then, he threw it towards the center of the pond!

The speed was so fast that it hit the center of the pond in the blink of an eye!

However, what happened next made Lu Chen even more convinced that there was definitely something wrong with the pond!

The Snake Pond seemed to blink and quickly closed into a line from both ends, forcefully withstanding the one ton of attack.

This one ton rock was sent flying one meter into the Snake Pond.

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Something was strange!

A loud roar was emitted from the Snake Pond, forming a huge shock wave that shook the entire Snake Pond, bouts of water spurted everywhere!

The water turned into thousands of sharp swords that shot out in all directions. It was extremely destructive!

A golden title suddenly appeared above Lu Chen's head!

[Shield God: Your understanding of the shield has reached an unfathomable level. When you use any shield, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Indestructible: When you receive damage, you will be immune to 90% of the damage.]

[Shield Backlash: Return 90% of the damage you receive to the enemy.]

[Shield Spirit: You have a 1% chance to be immune to all damage!]


A string of red numbers floated above Lu Chen's head.

Lu Chen sucked in a breath of cold air.

With the protection of the Shield God, he had already filtered out 90% of the damage. Yet, the monster was still able to deal 2,000 damage to himself. This meant that the opponent's attack had reached about 20,000 points!

If this kind of damage was applied to an ordinary player, one hit could instantly kill more than half of the members of the White alliance.

One had to know that the splash was an AOE skill.

If not for the shield that he had just activated, along with the protection of Lan Weiwei, even as the Ancient Ash Wolf King, Lan Weiwei would not be able to withstand a few attacks with over 100,000 HP!

At the same time, the golden bottom of the pond actually blinked like an eye again! In the next moment, there was actually a direct charge towards the surface of the pond .

A huge golden looking snake that was hundreds of meters long that had three eyes on its head, directly rushed out of the pond and swam in the sky!

However, it was clear that it could not fly in the air for a long time. In just a few seconds, it landed on the ground again and coiled around the Snake Pond. It raised its head high and hissed with its tongue. It glared at Lu Chen and the others viciously.

At this moment, the information of the three-eyed looking snake finally appeared before Lu Chen.

[Three-eyed Golden Dragon]

[Level: 40 (gold)]

[HP: 3,040,000]

[Attack: 250,000]

[Defense: 64,400]

[Magic Defense: 31,440

[Water Control: The exclusive skill of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of its bloodline. It creates a water domain and controls the water within the domain. It can control the blood in the body of a living creature! There is a certain chance to directly extract the enemy's HP and replenish it on one's own body.. At most, it will be one-third of the enemy's total HP. It can only be used once in a single battle! There is even a chance to awaken the bloodline in the body and complete the transformation!]
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