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Chapter 97: You Think You Can Hide This From Me?!

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Lu Chen looked at the Three-eyed Golden Dragon's first skill. This skill was very similar to his Bloodbath Blade God skill.

[Bloodbath Blade God: When your enemies exceed 100 amount, your attack will become an area-of-effect damage of 100 meters. 50% of the damage will be converted into your HP.]

However, Bloodbath Blade God had a higher requirement for the number of enemies to reach was 100.

However, the skill of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon did not have such a requirement.

Moreover, this skill seemed like an instant kill kind of attack. If the opponent only had less than one thirds of his HP left, then this skill of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon would be able to directly kill the opponent.

Following that, Lu Chen looked at the other skills of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon.

[Crazy Dragon Breath: Spits out a dense fog filled with poison, covering an area of 1 square kilometer. Any enemy who inhales the poison would lose 1,000 HP every second, lasts until the enemy dies.]

This attack skill of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon did not have a high attack power, but it had a large area of attack and a very long duration. Even if someone withstood 1,000 points of attack, their HP would gradually be worn away.

[Golden Gaze: The Three-eyed Golden Dragon is an ancient mutant. It was originally a Three-eyed Golden Python. A few hundred years ago, it received the heavenly tribulation and became a Three-eyed Golden Dragon. Its third eye was the horn of a dragon! When the giant Python uses this skill, it could freeze the opponent for one second! Within that one second, all of the opponent's defense will be lost! Can only be used twice per day!]

When Lu Chen saw the third skill of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon, he was stunned. F*ck! This was a godly skill!

Initially, he thought that the first skill of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon was already very powerful. However, when he saw the third skill, he was stunned.

The combat power of this gold boss was 250,000. If someone was immobilized for a second, which player would be able to withstand 250,000 damage?

Not to mention a human player, even the Ancient Ash Wolf King that had 300,000 HP after using its true form would die.

If the Three-eyed Golden Dragon had first used a Water Control skill, then pinned it, and then used a 250,000 point critical hit, anyone would instantly die.

This level 40 Three-eyed Golden Dragon was ridiculously strong. It did not use any of its skills to increase its attack power, but these three support skills were simply too powerful.

Looking at its high physical and magic double resistances, no one in the entire White Fog City and the surrounding area could withstand this fight.

Lu Chen even wondered if Sword Saint Atzas could defeat this Three-eyed Golden Dragon if he came over?

If it were the five-man party under the first elder's command, they would probably cry when they saw the Three-eyed Golden Dragon's skills.

They had thought that the silver boss was the boss that was the strongest in the Snake Pond. They had not expected the Three-eyed Golden Dragon to be the true master.

Moreover, it had successfully transcended its tribulation a long time ago. All it had done was wait for the silver boss to die, the female python, to transcend its tribulation.

The reason why they had been killed before they had even seen the true master was because of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon's third skill.

It was simply too tragic.

The sky was not completely dark yet, and the moon had not appeared. However, Lu Chen could not care about this at all, and directly activated his skill — Ancient Wolf Transformation.

[Ancient Wolf Transformation: You can summon a full moon regardless of the terrain and climate when howling to the sky. It will also deal 500 light attribute magic damage to enemies under the moonlight every second!]

In the next moment, Lu Chen's body rapidly expanded and transformed into a small mountain, he looked like a tall ancient wolf. He raised his head and roared towards the sky.


A bright purple moon appeared in the sky.

Clearly, in front of the Golden Dragon's powerful dual defense, this 500 points of light magic damage per second had no effect on it. However, Lu Chen could rely on the moonlight emitted by the moon to obtain the power of moonlight.

[Moonlight Buff" You have already obtained the power of the Ancient Ash Wolf. When you are in battle, you can use the power of moonlight to activate the power of Ash Wolf! Every time you consume a little of the moonlight that you have stored, you can increase your attack power by a little! The increased attributes will not be retained forever, and will disappear after the battle ends.]

Following that, Lu Chen used his third skill — Moon God's Blessing.

[Moon God's Blessing: You have been blessed by the Moon God. You can use the moonlight to recover your status and remove negative attributes. When you fight under the moonlight, you will receive a battle strength buff. The specific buff will increase with the user's affinity with the moonlight.]

[Current Affinity: 85! You will receive a 65% attack bonus in battle!

[Light Attribute Magic Resistance: +70%]

[Note: When the affinity reaches a certain value, additional special effects will be unlocked. You can now store 150,000/150,000 moonlight!]

At this moment, Lu Chen's moonlight had already been fully stored. Adding the 65% combat buff, his combat power had already reached 130,119 points!

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However, that was not enough!

A golden title appeared above Lu Chen's head again — Sword God!

[Sword God: Your comprehension of the sword has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a sword-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Sword Intent: When you use a sword-type weapon, it will burst forth with sword intent, and your attack power will increase to 700%!]

Lu Chen's combat power increased by sevenfold again, reaching 910,000 combat power!

However, this little bit of combat power was far from enough!

Compared to the 3,040,000 HP of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon and the over 100,000 double resistance, it was still far from enough!

After all, once the other party used the third skill, he would definitely die!

"White Fog City, Rise!"

White Fog City.

The city gates that weighed over 10,000 tons let out an ear-piercing sound as they slowly closed!

"F*ck, what's going on? Can't we enter?"

"Stop messing around, I want to go in. What's going on now? Are we no longer allowed to change classes?"

"Hade, What's wrong with White Fog City?"

Hade looked at White Fog City, which was gradually closing its gates, and his gaze became slightly serious. "This is the City Lord summoning White Fog City! The City Lord has met his match. Everyone stop your entry. All the residents of White Fog City, return to your houses. White Fog City is about to go to war!"

When the heavy city gates rumbled and closed, White Fog City, which spanned tens of thousands of miles, actually began to shake violently. Then, it shook up from the ground, rose up to a height of 1,000 meters, and slowly moved in the direction of the Snake Pond!

At the same time, Liu Yang's livestream room finally began to broadcast what was going on.

Liu Yang looked at the players who instantly poured into the live broadcast room, and his eyes were instantly stunned.

In just a few seconds, more than a million viewers had come in.

This was absolutely an unprecedented battle!

In the Novice Village, each of the members of the team held three rabbits in their hands, and their had long faces.

Zhang Ming swallowed his pride and asked with a heavy face, "Do we... still need to hide it from the higher-ups of the Dragon Country?"

Captain Li Xiaotian said expressionlessly, "What do you think?!"
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