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Chapter 98: A Collapsed Worldview!

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This was definitely a nightmare-level failure, especially since the screen in Liu Yang's live stream room had already been flooded.

Back when Lu Chen and the others had discovered the silver-tier equipment that had dropped all over the floor, the screen had already gone out of control.

[F*ck, how did he find the equipment?]

[F * ck, this is a silver-tier equipment. Why is it just sitting by the pond ? Which boss was it from?]

[Something's not right. Could it be that some big shot fought the silver boss until both sides suffered heavy losses and both died?]

[But when did the party appear? Why is there no sign of the party who defeated it at all? I've never heard of anyone who could defeat a silver boss before. Even a few big clans couldn't do it.]

[This is sad. It's one thing for Morning Mist to be strong, but he actually picked up a bunch of equipment for free. Life is unfair.]

[There's nothing to be sad about. If Morning Mist wasn't strong, he wouldn't have been able to reach the center of the Snake Pond.]

[If someone told you that there was silver equipment in the center of the Snake Pond, would you still go?]

[That's true, but I'm more curious about which unlucky person killed the silver boss and then died?]

[I'm really too curious!]

[Look carefully at the live stream. It seems that there are some personal equipment scattered in the distance, and there seems to be a video recorder among them?]

[This is for sure. It's definitely some big shot who killed the silver boss. As long as we open that video recorder now, we'll definitely be able to break down what happened back then!]

When Li Xiaotian and the others saw this scene, they were so disheartened that they could almost hear their hearts cracking. When they had first used that video recorder, their goal had been to bring the video data inside to the main world's army to the Dragon Country for analysis, so that their other teammates could farm more monsters.

Of course, they had their own selfish motives. They wanted to use this video to prove how they had killed a silver boss. This was both for merit and glory. However, at this moment, it became evidence that they had died.

Zhang Ming was so embarrassed that his face turned red. "Captain, I'm so ashamed right now I could dig up a hole for myself and hide in it forever."

Li Xiaotian's gaze was dull. "I can't take this shame either. Why don't we change our lives to another planet..."

Following which, they watched as Lu Chen and the others picked up the equipment dropped by the silver boss and consumed the potion.

When they saw that Lu Chen could shatter the rock with one punch, their hearts were filled with mixed feelings. All their hard work had been in vain, and they had wasted their efforts on others.

Not to mention, when Liu Yang carefully searched through their backpacks and picked out the equipment inside, he felt even more aggrieved. However, what they found the most difficult to accept was that Lu Chen did not even care about any of their equipment, and just gave them all to Liu Yang!

This was a blatant humiliation!

After all, they treated every single item in there as a treasure!

Somehow, Lu Chen actually threw them to Liu Yang who had just reached level 10 like it was trash.

Li Xiaotian felt as if his heart was about to break.

However, when they realized that the Three-eyed Golden Dragon had charged out and confronted Lu Chen, their hearts felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on them, and they instantly felt a chill down their spines.

This was the gold boss! Its entire body was covered in gold!

Its huge body was far stronger than the one they had killed previously, and even its length was six to seven times longer. Moreover, with just a glance, they could tell that this Three-eyed Golden Dragon was definitely not an ordinary gold boss. Just based on its mutated eyes, they could tell that this was an ancient monster!

Although they had failed, they were convinced that they would not have lasted with the gold boss. The existence in front of them was definitely not something that they could match.

However, at the same time, they were also mourning for Lu Chen. They did not think that Lu Chen was a match for this gold boss. Although they had always wanted to surpass Lu Chen, they still recognized Lu Chen as far superior.

Plus he was still the mainstay of Dragon Country. If he dies, it will be a great loss to the Dragon Kingdom, which they did not want to see.

However, what happened next stunned all five of them.

The Three-eyed Golden Dragon's used the Water Control skill. That's 20,000 damage!

Although they could not see it through the live broadcast, they could accurately feel just how strong the attack was. Deep down, they definitely knew that their own players would not be able to block this move. Most likely, after a wave of attacks, the only one who could survive was Han Xiong, who specialized in defense.

However, even if it was him, he would definitely not have a lot of health left. If he took another hit, he would definitely die.

This attack would probably hurt Lu Chen very much. The entire party felt that no matter how strong Lu Chen was, his defense would not be much stronger than Han Xiong's.

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However, a terrifying scene appeared. That incomparably terrifying Water Control skill actually only dealt 2,000 damage to Lu Chen!

They even discovered that the decrease in Lu Chen's HP was almost negligible!

They were shocked. Just what kind of monster was Lu Chen? He could actually reduce his attack to nearly 90%! And how could his HP be so high? After all, among the players in front of them, even Zhang Ming, who had the highest HP among them, had only around 10,000 HP.

When they looked at Lu Chen's HP, they were surprised to find that Lu Chen's HP had already reached more than 60,000 points.

This meant that even if the five of them combined their HP, they would not have more than half of Lu Chen's HP!

High attack!

High defense!

High HP!

They began to doubt their own capabilities. Could their party ever be stronger than Lu Chen alone?

One had to know that he even had an Ancient Ask Wolf King with 150,000 HPin the distance.

Moreover, as the subordinates of the first elder, they knew very well that once the Ancient Ash Wolf King activated its true form transformation, its HP bar would double to 300,000!

When Lu Chen transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf and directly summoned the moon, this scene stunned them.

This was f*cking illogical.

How was this an online gaming world, it was simply a fantasy!

After the moon appeared, Lu Chen exited the ash wolf state, and a golden title appeared above his head. That was the Sword God!

Sevenfold critical strike, eight times attack speed!

The morale of the small party had suffered a major blow from it!

The five players in the small party had not even gone through the class change. They were not even Swordsmen, so they could not be compared to the Sword God at all.

The most infuriating thing was that Lu Chen had more than one golden title. There were already three or four known ones.

When White Fog City finally rose up from the ground and appeared in the sky above the Snake Pond, it was not only the earth that was shaken, but also their worldview that had just collapsed…

The difference between humans was simply too great.

It was as if the tacit understanding and experience that they had accumulated through so many years of life and death could not withstand a single blow in front of absolute strength.

Was Lu Chen the child of fate?!
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