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Chapter 99: White Fog City's Blessing!

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Thousands of meters above the Snake Pond, a huge city that was surrounded by white fog descended and enveloped the Snake Pond!

At this moment, the Snake Pond was like a lake in White Fog City. It naturally merged with White Fog City and did not seem out of place at all.

It was as if this Snake Pond was supposed to be in White Fog City in the first place.

Instantly, a mechanical notification appeared in the sky above White Fog City.

[Ding! White Fog City has been summoned by the City Lord! When the City Lord is in White Fog City, they can enjoy the special buff of the White Fog City Lord set!]

[In battle, every attack can increase their attack power by 1%!]

[In White Fog City, all damage caused will be increased by 100%, and the attributes will be doubled.]

[In White Fog City, the City Lord will be 99% immune to all damage dealt!]

[The magic damage received in White Fog City will be reduced by 90%. The wearer's magic resistance will be calculated on White Fog City.]

[HP will be shared in White Fog City, and the wearer will recover 100% of their HP every second!]

[Can be teleported to any corner of White Fog City!]

[Skills used in White Fog City will have no cooldown, and the wearer will recover 100% of their maximum mana every second.]

This series of buffs was transmitted to everyone's ears along with Liu Yang's live broadcast!

In an instant, the live broadcast room instantly went silent. It was as if all the players had gone offline in an instant from such an announcement

At this moment, Hei Yu, who was in White Fog City, had just completed his class change, and he was very excited. When he heard the reward that belonged to the White Fog City Lord ringing in the sky above White Fog City, his combat power that had just been upgraded by his class change instantly lost its appeal.

At a certain moment, Hei Yu was even thinking that if he had obtained the scroll back then and teleported directly to White Fog City… would he get to be invisible?

However, he was only thinking about it. After all, if he were to become the White Fog City Lord with his combat power... He would have to bring White Fog City with him no matter which boss he attacked.

The five-man team that was still at the Resurrection Point was petrified.

Li Xiaotian said to Zhang Ming numbly, "Zhang Ming, help me pull up the information on White Fog City."

Zhang Ming, who was still in a daze, trembled, and he immediately pulled up the information on White Fog City.

[White Fog City]

[City Level: Bronze]

[Population: 24,305]

[Available Positions: Magister, Holy Light, Paladin...]

[Assets: 3,054,680]

[City Defense: 1,303,921]

[Magic Defense: 1,203,921]

[City HP: 1,100,2936]

[City Garrison: 15,000]

[City Array: None]

The five of them quietly looked at the information about White Fog City.


Complete. Dead. Silence.

"I remember the system notification saying that the White Fog City Lord will share his HP with White Fog City, right?"

"That's right."

"So now Lu Chen's HP has reached more than 10,000,000 points, which is even higher than this Three-eyed Golden Dragon's HP, right?"

The other team members were silent for a long while before someone finally said, "Not only that, his Shield God title can reduce his damage by 90%..."

"Is there anyone who can f*cking kill Lu Chen?!"

The entire team fell into a deathly silence once again.

In the Dragon Country's high-level meeting room.

Everyone looked at the silver-tier equipment lying on the ground beside the Snake Pond and fell silent. At this moment, the first elder who was sitting at the seat of honor had an ugly expression on his face. No one dared to provoke him.

"Say something. Tell me your thoughts. What the h*ll is the meaning of silence?!"

The first elder had already lost his composure. However, the meeting still had to continue.

However, those who dared not make a sound.

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In the end, it was the third in charge chief who came out to mediate the situation. "Well…Uh… Players make mistakes every once in a while. It's normal to fail when facing a gold-tier boss..."


The first elder slammed the table fiercely, and the teacup beside him was knocked over.

"Was I talking about that? Was I freaking talking about that?! I'm talking about Lu Chen!!"

He had high expectations for this party of his.

Initially, they thought that if they wanted to defeat this silver-tier boss, they would have a lot of casualties. Even if they were killed by that silver boss in the Snake Pond, he would still accept it.

However, the problem was that this party had won!

They won one second, but were killed the next!

Moreover, they did not even pick up the equipment that had dropped before. This was too shameful!

One must know that in the past two days, the Dragon Country's first elder had been bragging to everyone here about how strong his party was.

Whenever someone asked if the team was confident enough to take the Snake Pond, the first elder would wave his hand and confirm their strength.

However, everyone could see that the corner of the first elder's mouth was crazily twitching right now!

This 100-year-old face was hurting too much!

How dare the third in charge bring it up!

The third in charge quickly changed the topic, "Well, we know some of Lu Chen's skills. We've known for a long time that Lan Weiwei, the pet, had her HP tied with his. This way, Lu Chen's health would be equivalent to more than 300,000 points.

"As long as the beast didn't die, Lu Chen wouldn't die.

"Later on, we all saw Lu Chen accept the challenge from theGuardian General of White Fog City and become the City Lord of White Fog City. However, Lu Chen had never used this reward before.

"Originally, Lu Chen's attack power was the strongest in the world. His only weakness was that his HP was a little low.

"Of course, this weakness was only relative to his own combat power. Compared to ordinary players, he was still ridiculously strong.

"However, facing a silver or even gold-tier boss was not enough.

"But now, we've discovered that he can actually summon White Fog City at any time and place. This can make up for his weakness."

At this moment, a high-ranking official suddenly said, "Does this mean that we won't be able to control this Lu Chen? Will he become very dangerous?"

"I'm a little worried how Xiao Bai would react when he gets his city."

The first elder, whose face had long turned red, said at this moment, "Never think of controlling "a martial artist!

The more powerful a person is, the more they have their own thoughts. Only those who have a strong will can become the top warriors.

"Therefore, never try to control them. If you want him to be our friend, then we must help him as much as we can."

Hearing the first elder of the Dragon Country's final decision, everyone nodded.

Only the third in charge opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something but hesitated and did not say it.

This made the first elder of the Dragon Country a little depressed. He frowned and said, "If you have something to say, just say it. Don't hide it from me."

"Uh... I just want to ask about those few pieces of silver equipment. Should we ask Lu Chen for them back?"

"Ask my *ss! It's just a few pieces of silver equipment. It's just a few tens of millions. It's not like we can't afford it!

"If you want to kiss his feet and take them back, then be my guest. I will not drop my ego for this!"
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