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Chapter 127: The Equipment Arrived!

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How could a girl not love beauty? Tang Xiaoqing had always lacked in this kind of beauty-loving and fashionable experience.

It was not easy for her to leave the Tang family and come to the outside world on her own. Now that she had come into contact with so many exciting things in life, this little girl's eyes were always shining with a want to know more.

She pulled Liu Yuan and asked about everything and anything. She even made an appointment to have her hair done the next day.

When Lu Chen reminded her that she still had to go to the Tang family the next day, Tang Xiaoqing's face was filled with disappointment. However, she immediately pulled Liu Yuan along and requested to have her hair done tonight instead.

Moreover, Tang Xiaoqing even looked through a magazine and told everyone that she wanted the dreadlocks that the people had in the pictures and strongly requested to have it done!

Everyone was so scared that they almost spat out their food.

Everyone tried their best to persuade the little girl to give up the idea. However, the decision to go shopping tonight still did not change.

Lu Chen was really stunned by this operation. A woman's love for beauty could not be underestimated.

Lu Chen fell asleep very early that night. Lan Weiwei, Liu Yuan, and Tang Xiaoqing held hands and went to do their hair, nails, and clothes together. When they returned, it was already past five in the morning the next day. Fortunately, they were in the metropolis. Otherwise, they would not have had anywhere to go that night.

Although the three of them had gone shopping this late, Lu Chen did not have to worry about their safety at all.

There was an Ancient Ash Wolf King, a top-notch special forces expert, and a golden stage ancient martial arts aristocratic family genius. If they were in danger, even if he went, it would not mean much.

Moreover, Tang Xiaoqing had an extremely terrifying expert hidden by her side tailing her.

The next morning, Lu Chen received the things that Liu Yuan had sent as soon as he woke up.

Inside were clearly a few pieces of equipment that the first elder of the Dragon Country had given him.

One was a pair of Swift Boots, one was an Exoskeleton Wingsuit, and there was also an Elf Egg that faintly shone with a holy light.

Lu Chen looked at the egg and could not put it down.

The size of the egg was about 30 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide. It looked crystal clear on the surface, but there was clearly something growing inside.

Lu Chen touched the egg. The surface of the egg was extremely smooth.

At this moment, a chubby, furry black hand reached out and snatched the egg away!

It was the foodie, Rollie!

Rollie snatched the egg and brought it to his mouth. He opened his mouth wide and took a bite!

This caused everyone's scalps to go numb!

This bite was so bold. It was no longer a matter of nobility or inferiority. After all, there was no such thing as that for Rollie!

However, no one had the time to react. Even Tang Xiaoqing did not expect this to happen!

That gluttonous fellow was so greedy!

When Rollie opened his mouth, Lu Chen's heart was about to break.

This was something that he had just obtained from the first elder. In the blink of an eye, it had already turned into food before he could keep it for a day?

The first elder was really a jinx. At first, he had said that it was useless, then, he said that it could become breakfast.

The problem was that he had not eaten it yet!

With a crisp cracking sound, everyone thought that it was the end for the egg. However, the next moment, everyone was stunned.

Rollie actually threw the egg to one side, covering his mouth and rolling on the ground.

No one knew what had happened. Lu Chen hurriedly ran up to pick up the Elf Egg and carefully examined it. He found that not only was there no damage to the egg, there was not even a scratch on it.

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He then went to check on Rollie. Rollie lay on the ground and rolled around for a long time. From time to time, it would make baby crying sounds. After a while, when he opened his hands, a pure white tooth actually fell off.

This scene really shocked everyone. One had to know that this was Rollie!

He had the bloodline of an ancient beast. This kind of creature's bite force was strong, and its teeth were supposed to be strong. It was not something that ordinary creatures could compare to.

Moreover, he had good fortune. Under such tyrannical luck, he actually could not cause any harm to the Elf Egg. It had to be said that this Elf Egg was really a treasure.

At the same time, this also proved that this Elf Egg was more complicated than expected. No wonder the entire Dragon Country could not break it.

Lu Chen immediately put on the Swift Boots. When he put it on, Lu Chen felt his body suddenly become much lighter. He jumped slightly, and immediately jumped more than a meter high. He did not even feel that he had used much strength!

When he ran out, he felt that his speed had even surpassed Lan Weiwei, who was the Ancient Ash Wolf King.

In a short sprint, he left a mirage in his path.

Tang Xiaoqing even tried to compete with him. After all, Tang Xiaoqing had surpassed Lu Chen by a whole level. Under such circumstances, she was barely on par with Lu Chen's speed.

When Lu Chen had a speed burst, he was able to directly shake off Tang Xiaoqing in her tracks. Even Xiaoqing was envious of his speed.

Then, Lu Chen put on the Exoskeleton Wingsuit. It looked very unique. It was white, but there was a faint metallic glow. It was unknown what material it was made of.

Moreover, when this Exoskeleton Wingsuit could shrink to the size of a phone. However, when it was fully unfolded, its wingspan was four meters wide and its height was more than one meter high.

The best thing was that it was as light as a feather. This kind of weight felt like it weighed less than one kilogram.

To have this kind of large-scale equipment to achieve such a degree was commendable. It had to be said that the Beauty Country that prioritized technology definitely had its own unique points.

To be able to become one of the strongest countries in the world, it should not be underestimated.

When Lu Chen put on this Exoskeleton Wingsuit, it was almost as if it had become one with his own body. It was amazing!

With a thought, the entire Exoskeleton Wingsuit opened up, and it looked as dazzling as the end of an angel's wing.

Lu Chen quickly folded the wings to the smallest size, then half-squatted down and jumped up. Accompanied by the assistance of the Swift Boots, his entire body suddenly rushed into the sky dozens of meters high.

In the next moment, Lu Chen spread the wings to the maximum length, and directly glided in the air.

When everyone on the ground saw this, they were all amazed.

He looked like an angel!

Lu Chen glided in the sky, his movements were incomparably smooth and swift.

At this moment, he really felt like a falcon, gliding freely in the sky. He did not feel out of place at all.
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