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Chapter 14

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Xiao Chuan’s figure appeared once again, and his body was unscathed. It was obvious that he had used some sort of method to dodge Lu Chen’s attack.

“Huh, if I’m not mistaken, did Xiao Chuan just use a substitution scroll just now?”

“He did. In fact, he used a gold-grade scroll. It’s said that the White Alliance paid a huge price to kill a boss to obtain it.”

“I didn’t expect it to be consumed this quickly. This item should be worth at least 20 million dollars on the market, right?”

In Second World, the function of a substitute scroll was to duplicate a clone with the same attributes as oneself. The duration of its existence would vary according to the quality of the scroll.

To powerful players, this scroll was undoubtedly a powerful combat power. It could also be equivalent to one having a second life!

Now, Xiao Chuan’s clone was killed by Lu Chen without any hesitation. Therefore, Xiao Chuan was extremely furious.

He looked at Lu Chen and said fiercely, “You will regret it!”

After saying that, he took a step back and countless White Alliance players swarmed towards Lu Chen.

“Hehe, I’m afraid you’ll be the one regretting it.”

Lu Chen held the broadsword in his hand and turned around to face the sea of enemies.

Under the buff of the Blade God’s effect, he slashed out with his blade.

The area within 100 meters was instantly affected by his attack!

Red numbers floated up one by one!


The Saber God’s AOE’s lethality shocked everyone.

“This… This is a skill?”

“Impossible, there’s was no indication that he used a skill. That was just a f*ccking normal attack!”

“The f*ck, wasn’t that too ridiculous?”

“A normal attack can cover such a large area?”

“Sh*t, not only is the AOE large, but the damage is also high!”

“Who the f*ck can withstand this overpowering attack?”

The scene fell into a strange silence. After Lu Chen killed a group of people from White Alliance with a single slash, the subsequent players were already cowering in fear.

He had killed everyone with one slash. What was the point of fighting anymore?

At this moment, a golden light flashed in the crowd.

Xiao Chuan did not expect Lu Chen’s strength to be so terrifying. The players of the White Alliance knew that they could not deal any damage to him at all.

Knowing this, Xiao Chuan took matters into his own hands and took out his weapon. He was ready for another attack. After Lu Chen’s one strike, his current level had reached level 12. Moreover, he had also obtained a new special title!


He had gained a piece of new equipment — the Sword of the Overlord.

Lu Chen also quickly noticed the abnormality of this new equipment and wondered what it could do.

[You have the All-rounded Master title, you may see the hidden effects of the player.]

The system notification sounded, and Xiao Chuan’s attributes immediately entered his sight.

[Name: Xiao Chuan]

[Level: 12]

[Class: Hero]

[Title: Overlord]

[Vitality: 80]

[Strength: 37]

[Agility: 37]

[Intelligence: 37]

[HP: 1,000]

[MP: 500]

[Attack: 2,471]

[Defense: 40]

[Magic Defense: 30]

[Reputation: 500]

[Overlord: This player is born with an overbearing fate and was born to be a leader. When this player leads a faction, they will receive a special effect. This effect will change with the level of the faction.]

[Conqueror’s Domination: All attributes of the Overlord will be buffed to the strength attribute, receiving a bonus to attack power!]

[Equipment: Sword of the Overlord (exclusive to the Overlord)]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Attack Power: +600]

[Special Effect: When the Overlord uses the Sword of the Overlord to attack, the damage it causes will be converted into their own shield. This effect has no limit of use!]

When Xiao Chuan’s information entered Lu Chen’s mind, even he could not help but gasp in admiration.

This Overlord title’s effect was really heaven-defying!

Although the other four-dimensional attributes were not that high, the attack power had actually reached over 2,000 points!

The most ridiculous thing was that the weapon could actually stack shields indefinitely!

It was no wonder that this guy was so crazy!

At this moment, Xiao Chuan did not hide his attribute panel, so everyone saw this shocking attribute.

One player after another cried out in shock.

“F*ck! What the f*ck am I looking at?”

“Over 2,000 attack power from his attribute panel. Is he even human?”

“He has a golden title. Why are there so many monsters that have golden titles everywhere?”

“I don’t think it’s the title that’s abnormal. It’s that weapon!”

“Endless damage and a f*cking shield buff! He would be practically invisible!”

“Look, the shield bar on Xiao Chuan’s head, its a 100,000 point shield??”

“Morning Mist is dead for sure!”

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The hearts of the people hiding in the dark tightened. Although they did not like Xiao Chuan’s title, they had to admit one thing!

This guy’s strength was indeed terrifying!

Moreover, his influence in Dragon Country was not ordinary. He was arrogant, but he sure did have the status and strength to back up his arrogance!

With a shield value of 100,000, even if he stood where he was and let Morning Mist hack at him, it would cause no damage!

This time, Morning Mist was dead for sure!

The young lady in the ocean blue dress of the Xu family revealed a worried expression. She clenched her fists and was already prepared to make a move.

Moreover, the noble young master of Peaceful Town had a solemn expression. This was also the first time he saw Xiao Chuan’s attribute panel.

Such stats should indeed put pressure on Lu Chen.

Among the people in the forest, Liu Yuan prepared herself to rush out and save Lu Chen. However, a woman with a strong figure pulled her back.

“Don’t be anxious, let’s see how this plays out.”

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the battlefield at this moment.

Lu Chen looked at the shield number above Xiao Chuan’s head and smiled.

A shield?

The thing he was least afraid of was the shield!

His Dark Shura skill had a bonus, which was to directly ignore all the shield and armor of his opponents!

As Xiao Chuan approached, Lu Chen’s figure instantly disappeared into the darkness!

Title change — Dark Shura!

Xiao Chuan’s sword cut through the air, and he could not help but feel aggravated.

“Stop playing tricks!

“Do you think you can escape the pursuit of our White Alliance Guild with baby tricks?!

“I advise you to come out obediently and hand over the scroll in your hand!

“Otherwise, the White Alliance will pursue you to the death. We will let you know what it means to live a life worse than experiencing death!”

To Xiao Chuan, accumulating 100,000 shield points would give him an invincible upper position.

He was not afraid of any tricks from Morning Mist at all!

No matter how strong that kid was, it would be absolutely useless to his high shield points!

However, just as Xiao Chuan’s voice fell…

Lu Chen’s voice rang in his ears.

“Hehe, you really won’t stop until one of us dies? Would you like to see how it ends when one of us dies?”

That voice sounded like an evil spirit from Hell, causing Xiao Chuan’s hair to instantly shiver from the sound. A cold chill ran from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

Before he could react, a dagger that emitted a cold light directly pierced through his neck!

A bright red number floated in the air!


Xiao Chuan’s HP was instantly reduced to zero!

Before he could say a single word, he dropped to the ground. The scene quickly fell into a strange silence as everyone was dumbfounded.

A one-hit kill!

What… What was going on?

A shield of 100,000 was nothing in Lu Chen’s eyes?

Moreover, his form seemed to be different!

How many trump cards did this guy still have?

Lu Chen looked at the White Alliance players who were extremely terrified and said, “Since your guild leader has spoken, it would be disrespectful if I didn’t reply, was it not?

“He did say that the White Alliance would fight to the death.

“Alright, I, Morning Mist, shall take up on that challenge.”

The dagger in his hand instantly turned into a broadsword.

He grinned, revealing his ghastly white teeth. His voice was filled with killing intent as he continued speaking, “From today onwards, all the White Alliance players shall become my mortal enemies! I shall kill every single one of you!”

As he finished speaking, he took a step forward and directly charged into the crowd!
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