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Chapter 141: Chapter 141 - Roll Out! Literally!

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"You're already level fifteen. Your attack power is close to three thousand, and your defense is over twenty thousand points. You're already stronger than some of the silver bosses here. What's there to be afraid of?!

"Moreover, you have the bloodline of the Ancient Iron Beast. The Ancient Iron Beast is no weaker than the four great divine beasts. What, is your only ability acting cute?"

Even though Lu Chen was ridiculing Rollie, Rollie still hugged Lu Chen's pants tightly and refused to let go. He kept rubbing her big head against Lu Chen's pants.

Tang Xiaoqing, Lan Weiwei, and Liu Yuan, who were facing such a cute Rollie, had already succumbed to the cuteness. They all pleaded with Lu Chen.

"Why don't you just leave? I'll fight for him." Lan Weiwei opened her big, watery eyes. Lu Chen was a little speechless.

Lan Weiwei used to be the most vicious one back then. She was such a powerful presence in the Wolf Valley.

She had even defeated the Ancient Ash Wolf King in one fell swoop and obtained the Ancient Ash Wolf King's bloodline. How did she get so compassionate towards others now?

Tang Xiaoqing's two eyes curved into two crescent moons. She stretched out her hands and stretched out her ten fingers warmly. She ruthlessly rubbed Rollie's chubby face a few times.

She looked at Lu Chen and said, "Let this cute little guy go. I'll even help you beat the other five bosses myself. What do you think?"

Lu Chen looked straight at her. Tang Xiaoqing had always stood on his side. Now, she was being fooled by this Ancient Iron Beast's foolish behavior as well.

Liu Yuan reached out and rubbed Rollie's head as they kept bargaining.

"If it does not work, I can help fight two silver bosses."

Lu Chen was at a loss. Forget Lan Weiwei and Tang Xiaoqing, was he clear about Liu Yuan's abilities?

Fighting one silver boss was enough for her. If she fought a second one, Liu Yuan would die.

Sure enough, no one could resist the charm of a fluffy animal.

Facing the three beauties, Lu Chen was helpless. He lifted Rollie up slightly and threw him forward.

Rollie, who had been hugging Lu Chen, was thrown off, leaving a beautiful arc in the air. When he landed, he was set in the middle of the 10 silver boss. In fact, Rollie landed squarely on one of the silver bosses.

Rollie was a pet that could not keep his mouth shut all the time. Since he only knew how to eat and not train, his weight had long surpassed that of a normal silver boss. Under the impact of this fall, he directly smashed half of a silver boss's body into smithereens.


In an instant, a huge flash of red appeared in the sky.

"What the f*ck!"

When Lu Chen saw Rollie — which had been thrown over 1,000 meters — directly smashing into a silver boss and shattered half of its body, he could not help but swear.

"Holy sh*t!"

"Holy sh*t!"

"Holy sh*t!"

"Holy sh*t!"

This scene stupefied the other people around, successively the innumerable swearing happened in one go as their jaws slackened.

Even if Rollie were to be thrown into a gold boss's lair, he would not be fatally injured, much less a silver-rank boss to withstand his attack.

After all, this heaven-sent good fortune was equivalent to heaven's blessing. However, he had never expected that a casual throw would cripple a silver boss.

Rollie might even be the word luck itself!

Rollie descended from the sky and smashed the silver boss onto the ground. The boss's remaining two claws struggled to stand up, but he was not as strong as Rollie.

Rollie was also stunned. He used his hands and feet to struggle as he tried to run towards Lu Chen again.


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Every time he tried to run, he managed to hit the weak point of the broken silver boss. He even managed to land a few critical hits!

In less than three to five seconds, the other half of the monster's body, which was still intact, was shattered by Rollie!

The entire process took less than ten seconds.

The other nine silver bosses had yet to react. Dumbfounded that their companion was killed by a fluffy animal. Moreover, it seemed so easy.

The silver bosses, which had gained sentience, were momentarily at a loss. They were too stunned to react.

Taking advantage of the moment when all the silver bosses were still in a daze, Rollie ran 1,000 meters toward Lu Chen. In less than ten seconds, he had arrived in front of Lu Chen.

Rollie's next move was to reach out with both hands and fiercely hug Lu Chen's thigh once more.

From the moment Rollie flew into the air to the moment he landed, to the moment he killed the silver boss for no apparent reason, to the moment he ran back to Lu Chen's side, he trembled.

The entire process was as smooth as flowing water. There was nothing that caused Rollie any problems at all. This set of actions truly shocked everyone present.

No one had expected that the first to kill a silver boss could be done by Rollie.

Tang Xiaoqing came from an ancient martial arts aristocratic family. When faced with Rollie's extraordinary actions, she naturally understood that Rollie's actions were understandable.

However, although the Soul Slayer Team had long heard of Rollie's existence, this was the first time they had seen such an existence. For a moment, they simply could not accept it.

They were even thinking of other ways to solve other problems now. If they had known that Rollie was so heaven-defying, they should have just kicked him into the battlefield at the start of the war.

If they used Rollie to attack the beasts, these monsters would have been wiped out within a few hours, right?

However, they were only thinking about it. After all, they were not Lu Chen. Lu Chen was the one that kicked Rollie. Not only was Rollie not angry, but he even came back shivering and hugging his thigh.

However, if it was a kick from the Soul Slayer Team, they would probably suffer from the backlash of fate.

If it was a kick, before Rollie could take off, their leg would be broken.

Liu Yuan saw the scene in front of her in awe. She carefully moved closer to Lu Chen's ear and asked tentatively, "This time, can Rollie be considered to have completed the mission?"

Lu Chen looked at the three girls next to him, then looked at the trembling Rollie beneath his feet… His eyebrows scrunched up in annoyance.

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