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Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: The Stunned James!

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Lu Chen’s eyes were noncommittal. There was not even a hint of satisfaction in them. Instead, he looked straight at the first elder and slowly spat out a few words, “Where is the mask?”
This first elder had actually secretly tricked him. Lu Che was not going to let this slide, he was going to make this old fellow embarrassed.
Hearing Lu Chen’s words, the first elder’s body trembled slightly, and even the beard at the corner of his mouth shook.
He could only pretend to cough twice. “You’re not injured this time, right? Why don’t you go and take a rest?”
Lu Chen was not moved at all. Instead, he continued to look at the first elder with a somewhat speechless expression. He repeated, “Where’s the mask?”
This made the first elder choke. He could only pretend to cough even more, “I… I can’t take it anymore. My health is not good after all!
“I can’t be compared to you young people. I… I have to go offline. I need to rest!”

As he spoke, he directly cut off the conversation between the two. The three-dimensional image turned into a room full of light spots and gradually disappeared.
Lu Chen still had a stoic expression on his face as he took out his phone. He immediately sent out a message, [Where is the mask?]
The first elder far away in the capital finally went offline after much difficulty.
When he was actually facing Lu Chen, he was somewhat out of breath. Although he felt guilty towards Lu Chen, he did not think that Lu Chen would be so persistent to keep asking this question.
At this moment, his phone rang. He took out his phone from his pocket and slowly brought it in front of him. He was so shocked by the four large words that he almost dropped his phone. After being stunned for three full seconds, he slowly shook his head and laughed. This kid really does not know when to give up.
The third in charge chief carefully approached him from the side. “First elder, are you feeling a little guilty?”
The first elder was holding his beard and looking at the phone in a daze with a smile. In his heart, he was satisfied with the kid’s actions.
When he heard the third in charge chief’s words, his face turned black. He put one hand behind his back and puffed out his chest. “Hey! I said that he has ownership of the mask now. Who can blame him if he can’t get it himself?

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. I don’t owe him anything. You should leave quickly. I’m already very tired. I need to rest.”
The third in charge chief had a helpless expression on his face. He looked at the first elder from the corner of his eyes for a long time.
The first elder could feel the third in charge chief’s disdainful expression. He quickly raised his hand and pretended to hit the third in charge chief. “Get out of here quickly!” Although the third in charge chief was a little unconvinced, when he thought of the first elder’s profound strength, he did not say anything and quickly scurried out.
However, when he walked out of the door, he kept muttering in a low voice, “He’s already a spiritual expert, yet he still pretends to be in poor health. He’s already so old, yet he shows no sign of remorse whatsoever…” Of course, he could only curse silently in his heart, but he dared not to say it out loud. Otherwise, the first elder would definitely skin him alive.
In the Second World’s Mass Grave.
A few foreigners with blonde hair and blue eyes, tall noses, and deep eye sockets were still fighting. They were constantly dealing with the various monsters in front of them, and at the same time, they heard the earth-shattering sounds of fighting in the distance.
When they heard the sounds of fighting, their entire bodies went numb. This was because they had seen with their own eyes that the monsters that were fighting with them had abandoned them in an instant and charged straight towards the battlefield in the distance.
At first, their faces were filled with confusion. However, they quickly reacted and realized that something big had happened! They quickly found a high place to overlook the area nearby. When they stood on the high ground and looked into the distance, they saw countless monsters in countless directions heading in the same direction. Moreover, their auras were ghastly and terrifying. They were at least level 10 monsters.

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They estimated that there were already thousands of monsters within their range of vision.
Even though these people were the leaders of the Western Castle, they still felt a chill run down their spines.
The leader, James, wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “Oh my, who triggered such a huge battle? I’m sure these people won’t be able to survive, right?”
The member of the Western Castle also swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his back turned cold as he said, “They’re most likely dead. Not to mention those ordinary players, even we probably won’t be able to survive. You guys look! There’s more than one silver boss heading over there!” “Sh*t! Who triggered such a huge tide of monsters?!” For a moment, their curiosity was piqued. They did not know what was happening in the entire Mass Grave. Previously, they were faced with a large number of monsters invading them.
However, there were at most a dozen of them in a go. They have never seen such a state before. It was simply impossible for them to survive in such a state. If a player from a city came over, they would be pushed aside. However, they did not dare to go forward to check. In the face of such a huge beast tide, as long as they dared to charge forward, they could be accidentally swept into the tide. They would be trampled to death if they were stepped on just a few times.
If they were to return to the Resurrection Point, they would be laughed at to death. After all, these were spiritual stage experts, and there was even a golden core stage expert.
However, the amount of monsters there was insanely large!
Moreover, if they could be resurrected near their Western Castle, it would be fine. If they were to be resurrected at the resurrection point of the Dragon Country, they might not even be able to make it past a day.

One had to know that it was precisely because Xiao Bai had defected and was protected by the Western Castle that Lu Chen and the entire Dragon Country had gained a powerful enemy. All the Dragon Country people wished they could peel off his skin and eat his flesh.
Under such circumstances, once the people from the Western Castle appeared in the hands of the players and became newbies, there was no need to even think about it. They would die a miserable death.
They quietly moved through the Mass Grave, trying to find the best viewing position.
First, they aimed at the highest point of the Mass Grave. However, they could only watch from afar and did not dare to go up. The periphery of the Mass Grave was already so dangerous. If they ran toward the center of the Mass Grave, they would most likely end up like the Dragon Slayer Team back then. They would not even know how they died. That would be too pathetic.
After all, they were here for Lu Chen. If they were killed by the monsters before they even saw Lu Chen, they would become a complete laughing stock.
However, after going through so much hardship, their efforts were finally not in vain. They finally arrived at a place with higher terrain and fewer monsters around. At this moment, the Western Castle’s members who were originally dressed extremely luxuriously were now dressed in tattered clothes. They even had a hat woven from tree vines on top of their heads. Their bodies were also covered with messy tree branches from having to disguise themselves..


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