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Chapter 16

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Right when Gu Yiming finished speaking, another group of people walked out from the dark.

The leader was a young girl that wore an ocean blue long dress. She was fair and beautiful, full of gentle and virtuous temperament.

“My Xu family also has the same idea.” The young girl walked toward Lu Chen and spoke up. As soon as she finished speaking, everyone present was even more shocked.

Even the Xu family was here?

In Dragon Country, there were quite a number of large families, but only the ten great families had high-status rankings.

Among the ten, the Xu family was an existence that could be placed in the top five. Moreover, it was said that the Xu family seemed to only have one direct descendant female.

She was incomparably beautiful, and all the large families wanted to use her to form a marriage alliance.

Could it be that she was the one in front of Lu Chen?

Lu Chen looked at the young girl walking over and was somewhat stunned. It seemed that what happened in Wolf Valley today was not a coincidence.

Ever since he showed his talent in the Novice Village, all the higher forces had probably noticed him.

“I’m Xu Ziyuan, a direct descendant of the Xu family.”

“Mr. Morning Mist, you may refer to me as Ziyuan in the game as well.”

Xu Ziyuan walked to Gu Yiming’s side politely and smiled sweetly at Lu Chen.

[Ding! Ziyuan requests to be added as a friend!]]

The system notification appeared again.

Lu Chen looked around and shook his head slightly. “How many more people are there? Come out wherever you are.”

Lu Chen spoke in a jokingly matter. However, as soon as he said that, a large group of people came out from the forest of Wolf Valley.

“Ahem, Mr. Morning Mist, you really are a charming person. I’m Liu Changchong of the Liu family. I wish to befriend you too.”

“White Alliance has been a nuisance for much too long, but fret not Mr. Morning Mist. As long as you are willing to cooperate with the Zhou family, I guarantee that White Alliance won’t dare touch so much so as a hair on you!”

“Mr. Morning Mist, do you want to consider our Mobei Union? Out benefits are definitely not lower than White Alliance’s!”

For a moment, Lu Chen was surrounded. The system was filled with all kinds of friend requests.

Xu Ziyuan and Gu Yiming looked at each other and smiled bitterly. It seemed as though Morning Mist had really become a hot commodity and countless forces were fighting for it.

However, they had already achieved their goal. It would be much more convenient for them to leave a good impression in front of Lu Chen and interact with him should an opportunity arise in the future.

This world was so big, there would always be a suitable opportunity. There was no need to rush.

The entire Wolf Valley was noisy, and the surrounding players who were ordinary were so shocked that they could not speak.

It took a long time for someone to react.

“My gosh, what the h*ll is going on?”

“Are all the major forces of the Dragon Country gathered in the Wolf Valley?”

“Is this Morning Mist dude really so popular?”

“Hehe, if you have the titles of Sword God, Bow God, and so on, you would definitely be popular!”

“I dare say that as long as these forces offer enticing conditions, he will definitely agree to any of them.”

“Money, beautiful women, properties, he would have whatever he wishes for!”

“F*ck, I’m so envious, why didn’t I receive this fate!”

Lu Chen looked at the people around him and felt a headache coming on. He only heard bits and pieces of everyone’s offer and introductions.

These people were all high and mighty. Usually, in the real world, with a snap of their fingers, they could easily move mountains.

However, now, they were all carefully introducing themselves to him. There was even a hint of flattery involved. If it was an ordinary person, they would already be in a daze from all the offers thrown their way.

However, Lu Chen was a very clear-headed man.

These people only respected him because of his strength!

It was because he had that value!

At this moment, for the first time, Lu Chen felt the change brought about by becoming stronger!

Amidst the noise, a man squeezed in. When the crowd saw him, they immediately fell silent. Everyone’s eyes then gathered over to the man.

It was a middle-aged man dressed in black.

“I’m Hei Yu from the Dark Night Guild.

“It’s our first time meeting, and I have nothing to offer you right now.

“When I saw your techniques just now, the dagger in your hand seemed to be a piece of starter equipment.

“Take this short dagger as a token of my goodwill.”

As he spoke, he took out a dagger from his waist and handed it over.

On the bright silver scabbard, there were a few gems embellished.

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“This… could this be a gold-grade equipment?”

“Bullsh*t, how can that be a gold-grade equipment?”

“F*ck, this attribute, isn’t this too f*cking overpowering?”

“This value, it’s not something that can be measured with money!”

“Guild leader Hei Yu sure is a generous man!”

When Hei Yu took out that dagger, everyone was shocked!

When Lu Chen saw the attributes of that dagger, he too could not help but gasp.

[Blade of Darkness (exclusive to assassins)]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Attack: +500]

[Special Effect: When you successfully assassinate an enemy, you will permanently gain 10% of the enemy’s attributes! This effect will grow with the growth of the wearer!]

Another exclusive weapon!

Moreover, the grade was unknown. Putting aside that heaven-defying special effect, just the 500 attack bonus in the early stage was already extremely terrifying!

Such a valuable treasure could no longer be measured with money!

Moreover, those who knew about the Dark Night guild knew that Hei Yu was an assassin himself!

To him, such a piece of equipment was simply a divine weapon!

How could he so easily give it away?

Lu Chen naturally knew this as well. Therefore, he glanced at the middle-aged man in front of him and shook his head, “I’m sorry, this item is too valuable. I can’t accept it. There is no reward without merit.”

Hei Yu shook his head and said, “Mr. Morning Mist, I have no ill will. I only represent the Dark Night Guild and wish to befriend you. This equipment to you is to show my sincerity.”

Among the many polite people, Hei Yu garnered the attention of everyone by taking out a piece of equipment. Compared to those who only knew how to talk, this gesture was indeed full of sincerity.

Lu Chen was also somewhat tempted by this dagger. After all, growth-level equipment was something that could only be found by chance.

It was a perfect match for his Dark Shura!

He pondered for a moment and said, “If that’s the case, I’ll accept it.”

As soon as he said that, Hei Yu’s face lit up. What he wanted was for Lu Chen to accept it. If he could gain Lu Chen’s favor, it would be worth it to give the equipment away! However, before he could say anything, Lu Chen’s voice sounded again.

“However… I don’t like to owe others favors either.”

After saying that, a scroll appeared in his hand as he spoke.

“This is a teleportation scroll. Consider it my return gift.”

Lu Chen’s action made everyone feel suffocated. Even Hei Yu was stunned on the spot!

‘I’m giving you a gift, not asking you to give me an even more f*cking valuable one! Do you know the f*cking value of this thing?’ Hei Yu thought to himself.

The scroll itself was still fine, but the most important thing was that he now had the opportunity to be the first to enter White Fog City!

Even the higher-ups around had expressed their disdain. The first person to enter White Fog City would most likely receive the full benefits of the higher-ups!

Hei Yu hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Mr.. Morning Mist, I hope you’re not pulling a prank on me! This item is much too valuable, I can’t take it!”
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