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Chapter 165: Western Castle, Defeated!

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The peacock had only launched two attacks, and the elder had been pecked to death.

This peacock’s combat power was much stronger than Little Golden Dragon’s. Although they were both gold bosses, it was clear that this peacock was much faster and more powerful than Little Golden Dragon.

Previously, the peacock’s movement speed had been too fast, and the scene had been too chaotic. They had not seen the information panel of the peacock at all.

At this moment, when they finally saw the peacock’s attributes clearly, their eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets.

[Name: Seven-colored Peacock]

(Level: 55]

(HP: 1,006,2000]

[Attack: 594,520]

(Defense: 290,800]

(Magic Defense: 244,584]

{Illusion Domain: An exclusive skill of the seven-colored peacock. It will produce different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. The seven-colored peacock is able to create an illusion domain. Within the domain, it can create all kinds of things. Everything in this domain is hard to

distinguish between what is real and what is fake! It can create an existence that has a combat power to itself. At the same time, within the Illusion Domain, it would be immune to all damage. Has a chance to awaken the bloodline in its body and complete the transformation!)

Seeing the Seven-colored Peacock’s skill made everyone shake to their cores.

How was this a single skill? It was clearly three skills made into one!

To create an illusion, be immune to damage, and create an expert of the same level is insane!

Not to mention these ultimate skills, even the attack power of nearly 600,000 was not something an ordinary player could withstand!

At this time, they finally understood that the peacock that appeared twice was definitely an illusion!

This was because James’s level was relatively high, when everyone was in shambles, he was not affected that much. That was why he did not see the fake peacock that was created the first time.

The second time it happened, James was deeply affected. That was why he discovered the fake peacock.

It was because it was created by an illusion that it was so easy to break through to it.

With this though, James felt a lingering fear.

Right now, they were being served on a silver platter for the peacock — weak and easily manipulated.

‘The other party did not even bother to use their skills. The peacock could directly use an ordinary illusion to fool them!

What the h*ll was that thing!

‘Was this really something that a silver tier territory should have?

Little Golden Dragon appearing in the Snake Pond was already something that could not be comprehended. Yet, there were other things greater than that?

James was not in a good mood when he saw the Seven-colored Peacock’s information panel. He knew what he was capable of. Facing such a big boss, his body probably would not be able to withstand a few hits at all.

No wonder the ten silver bosses were so well-behaved. They even knew how to cooperate with each other to save their territory.

It turned out that there was such a terrifying existence in this Mass Grave! Or so what James thought.

If he did not run now, where should he go?

However, James did not know that he was still underestimating the danger of this Mass Grave…

While the Seven-colored Peacock was pecking at the dead Western Castle elder, James hurriedly opened his control panel and chose the button to return to the main world.

While waiting, James continuously counted down the time to return to the city while his eyes were fixed on the Seven-colored Peacock.

He did not dare to imagine what he would do if the other party charged at him at this time.

His forehead was full of sweat that dripped down his face and neck and flowed directly into his collar.

Two seconds passed.

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‘The Seven-colored Peacock that was chasing after the others suddenly stopped and tured its head with a swish. Its eyes were fixed on James!

At this moment, James felt as if he was facing a peerless beast. Under the overwhelming pressure, his consciousness was like a small boat facing a tsunami. It was swaying in the wind and rain, and he could be smashed into pieces at any time!

He could not sit still and wait for death!

If the Seven-colored Peacock really charged at him, which direction should he run to?

James’s eyes kept looking around, trying to find a safe haven. Even if he had to drag his companions along with him, he would.

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Although he could not move now, James had already chosen all the possible directions to break out and escape.

Three seconds passed.

The Seven-colored Peacock moved!

James’s body suddenly shivered, and goosebumps appeared all over!

At this moment, what he wanted to do the most was to escape!

He did not want to endure this gradually increasing sense of oppression anymore.

Especially the Seven-colored Peacock’s beautiful feathers, which hid a pure golden beak and sharp claws made James’s entire body go numb.

However, she still refused to budge!

There was still a second left before he could return to the main world.

At that time, he would be able to avoid this d*mned Seven-colored Peacock!

The three seconds that were originally a snap of the fingers actually seemed to have passed a century at this moment.

The Seven-colored Peacock stomped the ground, emitting a terrifying sound.

The Seven-colored Peacock’s face was indifferent as it strolled towards him. Even its cold eyes were still flashing with mockery!

‘What was this Seven-colored Peacock trying to do!

The three seconds ended!

James’s heart seemed to have exploded as it pounded against his chest!

He could finally go back!

“Goodbye, you d*mned peacock!”

James did not wait for the notification that he had been teleported back to the main world. The sound of the peacock walking was still ringing in his ears!

James’s pupils kept flickering as he thought he successfully left. The Seven-colored Peacock’s figure still burned as an image in the back of his mind when he closed his eyes!

To no avail, when he opened his eyes, it was of a different scene

The other people from the Western Castle who had returned to the main world were also shocked and angry. They shouted loudly, “What’s going on? Why can’t we go back?”

“It shouldn’t be. What’s going on? Could it be that the game in the Second World has failed?”

“Could it be that the game pod has gone out of order? What the f*ck is going on?”

“I’ve long said that Xiao Bai wouldn’t be so kind. How could he give them information for nothing? We’ve been scammed.”

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Seeing that the people in the Western Castle were getting more and more flustered, Alex shouted, “Shut it!

“Back then, we were the ones who decided to come here to kill Lu Chen and seize his White Fog City. Now, we haven’t even seen Lu Chen.

“This must be the st*pid peacock’s illusion skill. It must have tampered with the return to the main world panel that just appeared!”

Although James was still shaking, he forced himself to calm down and stared at the peacock in front of him.

There was actually such a monster that could prevent him from returning to the main world..
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