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Chapter 183

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A comforting look appeared in Lu Chen’s eyes. Tang Xiaoqing felt relieved after he expressed that there was nothing wrong with his body.

Although Tang Xiaoqing had deliberately controlled her movements, Lan Weiwei still woke up from all the commotion. Lan Weiwei woke up from Lu Chen’s stomach in a daze. At this time, her mouth still had drool.

When she saw that her saliva had already soaked his clothes, she immediately looked at a loss. She tried to use her sleeve to quickly wipe the water off, that adorable look made both Lu Chen and Tang Xiaoqing laugh out loud.

Lan Weiwei could not care less about her embarrassment. She hurriedly asked Lu Chen, “How do you feel?”

Lu Chen nodded slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired.”

Little Golden Dragon was also awakened by their voices. Little Golden Dragon slowly slithered to Lu Chen’s chest. After confirming that he was fine, it yawned and curled up again before falling asleep.

Lu Chen carefully placed him on the bed and tried to get up. However, he could not get up because Rollie was deep asleep. He could not even move his feet. In his sleep, Rollie seemed to be eating as well. It kept chewing and a happy smile appeared on his face.

Lu Chen was not only touched. No matter what, these three spiritual pets had always been by his side and never left his side. Tang Xiaoqing had been separated for several years, yet she was still as close to him as she was when she was young.

However, Lu Chen also lamented that the world was unpredictable. A little girl that he had taken care of back then had actually taken care of him in return.

Tang Xiaoqing and the others, who were comforting Lu Chen’s heart, saw that Lu Chen was fine, they narrowed their crescent-shaped eyes and said, “Chenchen, you should rest for a few more days. When you’re almost recovered, my father and the others said that they want to see you.”

Hearing Tang Xiaoqing’s words, Lu Chen understood what she meant by that. He was finally going to meet them. He said, “‘Okay, then let’s go now. I should take back what belongs to me.”

Hearing this, Tang Xiaoqing’s eyes were stunned. “Chenchen, are you talking about this?”

While speaking, Tang Xiaoqing took out a palm-sized mask from her bosom. This mask looked like human skin, and it felt no different from human skin. It had a nose and eyes… like a small babyface.

However, Lu Chen was a little confused and asked, “Xiaoqing, this mask is so small. How do you use it?”

Tang Xiaoqing smiled and said, “Just put it on your face and think about who you want to look like. This mask will transform into that person based on the size of your face and your thoughts.”

In the next second, Tang Xiaoqing, who had just put on the mask, turned into Lu Chen. Her body shape began to change as well.

She had turned into a man. The originally tall bulge on her chest gradually became flat at this moment. She even grew firm pectoral muscle.

On the whole, even Tang Xiaoqing’s clothes seemed to be a few sizes smaller, not fitting at all. Seeing this scene, Lu Chen was really shocked. He never thought that this mask could be so powerful, it could even change the appearance of the entire person.

However, he was somewhat curious as to whether the chest would be soft or hard after it became pectoral muscles. However, this kind of thing could only be thought about in his heart. Lu Chen did not dare to open his mouth and say it.

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While was clicking his tongue in wonder, the other pets were also dumbstruck.

Tang Xiaoqing smiled and said, “This Disguise Mask is really amazing. It’s just a pity that it can’t imitate skills.”

Hearing Tang Xiaoqing’s words… Lu Chen instantly felt bad. “Your requirements are too high. This is just a mask. It’s already amazing that it can reshape your entire body. You actually want to copy the skills of others?!”

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Hearing this, Tang Xiaoqing playfully stuck out her tongue. She knew that her request was a bit too much, so she prepared to take off the mask.

However, the moment she really wanted to take off the mask, her hand paused. Then, with Lu Chen’s appearance, she fiercely kissed Lan Weiwei!

Then, he took off the mask and threw it into Lu Chen’s arms. She ran out in a flash, changing back to her original appearance and figure while running. Lan Weiwei never expected that Tang Xiaoqing would make such a joke. Her face instantly turned red, but she was secretly happy.

Although Tang Xiaoqing was fake, it was true that she had a secret crush on Lu Chen.

At this moment, she looked at Lu Chen’s stunned expression and her face instantly turned red. She wanted to find a place to hide. She suddenly stood up and stomped her feet in shame and anger. She shouted, ‘Tang Xiaoqing, stop right there!”

As she spoke, in order to hide her embarrassment, she hurriedly ran out to chase after Tang Xiaoqing.

Lu Chen looked at the two little girls who were playing around and smiled helplessly. However , Little Golden Dragon that was on his chest winked at him, causing Lu Chen to feel both angry and amused. He stretched out his hand and directly pushed him to the side. After that, he began to put on his clothes, wash up, and rush to the Tang family’s main hall.

Not long after, Lu Chen and the others arrived at the Tang family’s main hall. At this time, the five Tang brothers had already taken their seats while Tang Hu and Tang Bao sat at the ends of the left and right sides respectively.

When Lu Chen and the others arrived, the servants hurriedly added a few more chairs and let them sit in the guest seats.

Lu Chen really did not understand the rules of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families. After all, he was only a high school student. However, he still imitated the people in the ancient costume dramas, he cupped his hands and said, “Many thanks to everyone here coming to my rescue.”

Following that, sat on a chair at the side.

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Tang Zhantian, who was sitting at the highest position, did not say much nonsense and directly said, “Lu Chen, you should know that the White Fog City in your hands is a hot topic amongst families. The ancient martial arts aristocratic families are all watching.”

Lu Chen nodded slightly, “Thank you for your concern. A while ago, Wu Tian from the Wu family even came to my house to try to get Little Golden Dragon, but I rejected him.”

Then, Lu Chen changed the topic and said again, “Thank you, for helping me stop those ancient martial families this time.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, the five people on the stage immediately revealed satisfied expressions on their faces. This kid was smart, and he even knew that they were helping him.

The five Tang familys higher-ups all nodded their heads. Looking at how Lu Chen behaved, they liked him even more. Not only was he powerful and talented, but he was also more proficient in the ways of the world. He was quick-witted and naturally intelligent__ such a young man was definitely a good seedling..
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