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Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Worse Than Candy!

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Anyone who possessed these physiques would cultivate at a rapid pace. Even the geniuses of the human race would not be able to cultivate as fast as them.

There were even some people with extremely special physiques who were already highly ranked at birth.

Especially since he had been together with Tang Xiaoqing for the past few days, she had also asked him many questions about cultivation.

It turned out that there were not only humans in this world, but also demi-humans, celestials, demons, and so on.

These special races’ innate levels had already far surpassed the end of many humans.

Some were in the acquired stage, some were in the spiritual stage, and even the top celestials and demons had already far surpassed anyone in this world they were on.

The difference in bloodline was like the difference between heaven and earth — an insurmountable chasm.

Like the saying that circulated in the main world, all roads lead to Rome, but some people were born in Rome.

The cultivation of the ordinary human race was tyrannical. For example, a genius like Tang Feng, who was only a few decades old, had already reached the peak of the aurous stage.

However, if it was in the celestial race or the demon race, he was equivalent to a newborn baby, or at most a one-year-old child.

Therefore, if he wanted to improve, or even just improve a person’s bloodline, it would have a huge impact on that person’s cultivation.

Therefore, although Lu Chen did not have the chance to override the bug, the reward he got was far greater than what he sacrificed.

If he could really awaken a top-notch bloodline, even if it was just an ordinary bloodline power, and have an innate sword body or overlord blade body, it would greatly improve his behavior.

It would allow his sword arts or blade techniques to have a unique understanding, and his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds, becoming the peak of this industry.

In fact, everyone had their own unique bloodline tendencies. It was just that the bloodline power of ordinary people was too weak, almost imperceptible, so they could never gain a unique advantage over other races.

However, once he could get the spirit medicine or treasure that could improve the bloodline power, his bloodline would be purified, improving it greatly.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen could not wait to taste the effect of this bloodline power pill. He really wanted to know how much his physique would improve after he ate this pill.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen’s face was full of joy. He raised his head and was ready to tell Tang Xiaoqing about his plans.

However, before he could say it, he was surprised to find that the pill in Tang Xiaoqing’s hand had disappeared.

Seeing this, Lu Chen stuttered and asked, “Xiaoqing, where did the pill go?”

At this moment, Tang Xiaoqing was chattering. Then, she suddenly swallowed. She smiled and narrowed her crescent eyes. She said righteously, “I ate that pill!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Chen’s eyes almost popped out. His plans have been eaten!

This little girl was bold. Before she could figure out what was going on with this pill, she had already swallowed it!

Her appetite could contend with Rollie’s!

When Rollie first came to his side, he was still picky about food. He only wanted to eat bamboo shoots.

This little girl was different from Rollie!

However, now was not the time to blame Tang Xiaoqing for this. Lu Chen asked with concern, “Then, did you feel anything after eating it?”

Tang Xiaoqing continued to squint her eyes and smile. “No, I don’t feel anything.”

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Hearing this, Lu Chen did not know how to take it. After all, he had never eaten it himself.

He turned to Lan Weiwei and the others and asked, “Do you guys feel anything after taking this pill?”

Rollie was chewing on the bamboo shoots in his mouth and gesticulating. Little Golden Dragon stuck out its tongue and hissed.

Lu Chen waved his hand and said, “Alright, stop talking. Let Lan Weiwei talk.”

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At this moment, Lan Weiwei said, “Every time I take the pill, I feel a fever or chills in my body. At the same time, I feel that my mental state and physique have undergone a transformation.

“The stronger the concentration of the bloodline power, the stronger the feeling.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen nodded. Then, he looked at Tang Xiaoqing again and asked, “What about you? Do you have a similar feeling?”

Tang Xiaoqing blinked her eyes and thought for a while. “No.”

Lu Chen was baffled by Tang Xiaoqing’s response. He did not know what to say and was silent for a long time.

Then, he asked, “Is it like eating candy?”

When Tang Xiaoqing heard this, she frowned. After thinking for a few seconds, she said, “Actually, it’s a little different.”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly and became energetic. “Then tell me, what’s the difference?”

“Of course, candy is more delicious! Candy is sweet, and your pill has no taste at all!”

Tang Xiaoqing put her hands on her waist and looked like she stated an obvious fact.

Hearing Tang Xiaoqing’s words, Lu Chen rolled his eyes.

He said somewhat speechlessly, “Forget it…”

It seemed that Tang Xiaoqing could not read the room. Perhaps this was related to her own personal downfall.

The higher the purity of the bloodline, the more difficult it was to improve, and the more bloodline power was needed.

If Tang Xiaoqing did not feel anything, then the only explanation was that the purity of Tang Xiaoqing’s bloodline was far beyond that of an ordinary person. The pill had no effect on the density of his bloodline at all.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen also thought of the faintly discernible powerful aura in Tang Xiaoqing’s body.

Although Tang Xiaoqing’s cultivation was the lowest among the second generation of direct descendants of the Tang family, even Tang Hu and Tang Bao could not compare to Tang Xiaoqing in terms of strength.

This kind of strength was very subtle, and it was difficult to express with words.

Tang Xiaoqing was clearly lower in level than her two older brothers, but Lu Chen could clearly feel that if the two sides fought, Tang Xiaoqing would definitely have an overwhelming advantage.

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This was even under the situation where Tang Xiaoqing does not realize the full power in her body. If she released that destructive power, Lu Chen could guess that even Tang Feng was no match for Tang Xiaoqing, even the combined strength of the five brothers might not be enough for Tang Xiaoqing to fight alone.

Lu Chen was also very puzzled. Why did he come to think of such a thing? However, he believed in his intuition.

However, now was not the time to think about these things. To him, what he needed to do now was to take a pill to increase the strength of his bloodline and stimulate his own bloodline.

Lu Chen did not hesitate and directly took another pill in his hand.

The moment he took the pill, it was as if all of the energy stored in his body was about to explode. The energy rushed from his spine crazily and expanded to all of his body parts..
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