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Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: At the Mass Grave Again! 

Lu Chen’s game pod was not only equipped with a new mattress. In addition, it was also equipped with massage facilities to keep Lu Chen’s body in the most comfortable state. 

When the soldiers of the Dragon Team heard that Lu Chen’s body had changed because of the changes in the bloodline power, they had the designers make changes to the mattress and massage facilities at the last minute, they had to make sure that Lu Chen was always in the most comfortable state. 

When they learned that Tang Bao had also come, the entire team became even more excited. They hurriedly picked the best one from the spare game pod and brought it over. 

One had to know that this was an expert at the golden stage, an existence even stronger than the first elder. With such an expert joining this team, the safety of the Mass Grave was greatly guaranteed. 

Lu Chen was simple. He introduced the two sides to make them familiar with each other and got to work. When the warriors heard that Tang Bao was from the Tang family, the image of this man in their eyes instantly became even loftier. 

If it was not for the fact that Tang Bao always had a piece of long grass in his mouth, they would have long regarded Tang Bao as an unworldly expert. 

Lu Chen once again instructed everyone to protect themselves. If they could not, they must retreat back to the main world. 

At this time, all the members of the Dragon Team had already understood Lu Chen’s intentions after the previous battle. Without any objections, they entered the game pod and arrived at the Second World’s Mass Grave. 

In the Mass Grave, a bright moon hung high in the sky. Under the moonlight, the various monsters in the mountains formed a strange reflection and scattered on the ground. 

The sound of crows crying in the distant forest made the atmosphere of the Mass Grave even more strange. 

In the distant forest, there were all kinds of monsters flashing by from time to time, making this place seem unusually terrifying. 

The warriors had rested and recuperated in the main world for many days, especially those who had not been in the Second World at all. At this time, facing the gloomy Mass Grave, they were slightly unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable. 

Liu Changping, Liu Yuan, the Dragon Slayer Team, the Soul Slaying Team, and the others had been through hundreds of battles and were mentally strong. They were unfazed by all of this. 

However, they still maintained a high degree of vigilance and were constantly on guard against the appearance of monsters in their surroundings. 

Lu Chen, Tang Xiaoqing, Lan Weiwei, and Little Golden Dragon were much calmer. This was because they were either the original residents of this Second World… Or who was like Lu Chen that killed monsters casually. 

The only one who was abnormal was Tang Bao, he was the only excited lad in this place. 

He almost swept past Liu Yuan several times, causing her to be displeased. 

At this moment, Tang Bao had already pulled out the knife in his hand, and his head was constantly looking around. At this moment, Liu Yuan saw Tang Bao’s hand slightly tremble as he held onto the knife. 

Liu Yuan was a little surprised. After all, Tang Bao was a golden stage. Moreover, it seemed that his level had already reached level 43. 

Even if he was afraid, it should not be to the point of him trembling, right? 

She leaned over to Lu Chen’s side and whispered, “Lu Chen, I see that the person you brought back from the Tang family seems to be very afraid. His hand has been trembling all this time. It looks like he won’t be able to hold the knife any longer.” 

Lu Chen looked over when he heard that. Indeed, Tang Bao’s hands were shaking. Not only that, Tang Bao’s entire body was shaking in a strange pattern. 

When he saw this, Lu Chen’s pupils suddenly contracted! 

“He’s not afraid. He’s someone who’s always on the edge of life and death in excitement. 

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“He’s just excited to witness a massacre. This kind of excitement would stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, causing him to be in an extremely excited state for a short period of time. 

“Not only would it be able to reduce one’s sense of pain, but it would also be able to greatly increase one’s combat strength and reaction ability. 

“Tang Bao is definitely an expert. If there’s any danger, all of you can gather around him.” 

At this moment, the Dragon Slayer Team and Soul slayer Team had also discovered this point. In an instant, their eyes were filled with caution. 

This kind of extreme combat awareness was most commonly seen in the African plains, 

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there, the top predators would mobilize every muscle in their body as soon as they were about to hunt. This fighting strength was engraved in their genes, and only natural-born killers could enhance it, this also meant that this person named Tang Bao, who looked sloppy, was an extremely powerful battle maniac. 

This kind of person would never be afraid of battle. His characteristic would only make him more and more excited, and the more powerful the enemy, the more excited he would be. 

At this moment, a faint tremor came from the ground. 

In the distance, it was as if thousands of troops and horses were galloping past the warriors. 

This feeling was too familiar to the Soul Slaying team. 

When they were on a mission in Africa, there was once a herd of bison that was chased by lions, resulting in a riot. 

At that time, they had set up an ambush in the valley in advance, preparing to ambush the enemy. However, there were almost tens of thousands of bison that were rampaging into the narrow canyon. The canyon was less than a hundred meters wide. 

When the bison herd rushed in crazily, they had yet to enter their field of vision. They only felt that countless hornets were lingering around their ears. At this time, they did not take it seriously. 

When the bison herd was only a few hundred meters away from them, they were taken off guard. 

The bison herd was being chased and aimlessly running away. They were densely packed. Every one of them was squeezing and colliding with each other. There was no gap at all to breathe. 

Even those that ran slowly would be trampled under the feet of others behind them. They would never be able to stand up again. 

In the end, the bison actually did not have the right to choose what to do, all they could do was run. The only ending for them to stop was death! 

Even the huge rocks in the valley were shaken by the huge earthquake and rolled down to the bottom of the cliff. 

If not for the fact that they had used all their strength to climb to the highest point, no matter how strong they were, they would not have survived. 

After that, this was the second time they had encountered such a grand scene. 

Even the last time when they faced the onslaught of over 10,000 monsters, it was not as grand as it was now. In fact, they estimated that there were at least 50,000 monsters this time! 

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It was five times more than the last time they witnessed it! 

At this time, without Lu Chen’s command, hundreds of warriors instantly formed a formation with exceptional tacit understanding. At this moment, their equipment, battle experience, and courage were even greater than the last time. 

Facing the horde of monsters was no easy feat, but they were ready for battle. 

At this moment, Tang Bao, who had an evil smile on his face, walked straight to the front of the group! 
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