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Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Level Up by 5 Levels! 

[Ancient Ash Wolf King] 

[Owner: Morning Mist] 

[Name: Lan Weiwei] 

[Intimacy: 230] 

[Level: 38] 

[Attack: 38,800 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff)] 

[HP: 413,489 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff)] 

[Defense: 5,219 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff)] 

[Magic Defense: 4,130 (increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff, totaling to 1,600)] 

[Skills: Demonic Flame, Frost Domain, True Form Transformation, Ash Wolf’s Fury, Moonlight’s Blessing, Ash Wolf’s Howl, Soul Tracking, Moonlight Shield.] 

[Demonic Flame: The Ancient Ash Wolf King spits out terrifying demonic flames, causing 18,000 physical and magic damage per second to the enemy in front of it.] 

[Frost Domain: Creates a frost domain, slowing down the enemy’s attack speed and casting speed by 50%.] 

[True Form Transformation: When transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf King, all attributes increase by 50%.] 

[Ash Wolf’s Fury: The Ancient Ash Wolf King awakens the sleeping bloodline in its body, greatly increasing its own attributes, and has a chance to obtain an additional skill!] 

[Moonlight’s Blessing: Under the moonlight, all attributes increase by 50%.] 

[Soul Tracking: When this skill is used, it can leave a mark deep within the target’s soul. It can track up to three people. The mark will remain for three months. This skill can be shared with the owner.] 

[Ash Wolf’s Howl: The exclusive skill of the Ancient Ash Wolf. It will have a different effect as the bloodline awakens. When the Ash Wolf howls at the moon, it will deal 1,000 magic damage per second to enemies under the moonlight for 50 seconds!] 

[Moonlight Shield: Under the moonlight, it can continuously add a personal light shield to teammates and the pet. It can reduce 50% of the damage. Lasts for several seconds, reducing HP by 5,000! With every additional light shield gained, the cost will be doubled.] 


[Tang Xiaoqing] 

[Owner: Morning Mist] 

[Name: Tang Xiaoqing] 

[Intimacy: 520] 

[Level: 59 (unknown)] 

[Vitality: 53,500] 

[Strength: 12,356] 

[Agility: 8,251] 

[Intelligence: 5,519] 

[HP: 90,341] 

[MP: 88,000] 

[Attack: 110,860] 

[Attack Speed: 35] 

[Defense: 4,150] 

[Magic Defense: 2,800] 

[Reputation: 45] 

[Skills: Unknown] 


[Ancient Panda] 

[Owner: Morning Mist] 

[Name: Rollie] 

[Intimacy: 155] 

Level: 25] 

[Attack: 6,350] 

[HP: 222,000] 

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[Defense: 31,000] 

[Magic Defense: 31,000] 

[Skill: Luck Bonus, Invisible Golden Body] 

[Luck Bonus: With Heaven’s blessing, there is a high chance of avoiding disaster, turning a bad situation into a good one, and averting a disaster! Provides a Luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.] 

[Invisible Golden Body: There will be a chance to cast this skill for each battle. When casting the skill, opponents will not be able to move for 5 seconds. However, it would be immune to all damage and could teleport to any place within 10,000 meters.] 


[Elf Egg (unknown] 


Everyone who belonged to Lu Chen, including himself, had received a huge increase in stats. 

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For Lu Chen, the first thing that happened was that his popularity value had skyrocketed. 

During this period of time, he had become the City Lord of White Fog City, and the economic development of the city was getting better and better. Especially when Lu Chen summoned White Fog City and subdued Little Golden Dragon in that battle… countless people were completely convinced by Lu Chen’s power! 

His popularity points skyrocketed. 

Plus, Lu Chen’s level had also received a huge increase, a full 10 levels were increased! 

This was the result of the evaluation of Lu Chen’s strengths. 

Most importantly, Lu Chen’s physique had undergone an earth-shattering change! Lu Chen’s physique value had directly increased several times, approaching 10,000 points! 

This was simply a bone-crushing trait to have! 

However, when he saw Tang Xiaoqing, he was even more shocked! 

Tang Xiaoqing’s vitality value had actually reached more than 50,000 points! 


As expected, this Tang Xiaoqing was not an ordinary citizen! 

Moreover, next to her level-up number, there was an unknown written next to it. It likely meant that she had yet to develop her dull strength. 

The reincarnation of a mighty figure was so terrifying! 

As for the other spirit pets, although the experience points they had obtained were all credited to Lu Chen, Lu Chen’s leveling up this time had directly brought their levels up by five levels! 

One had to know that Lan Weiwei had also lived for over a thousand years before she became a level 20 existence. She had only been with Lu Chen for a few months, yet she had reached level 38. 

This kind of leveling speed was comparable to riding a rocket straight up to the moon. 

Little Golden Dragon was the same. Moreover, the attack power of these two spirit pets’ skills had also increased. 

It had to be said that Lu Chen had profited greatly this time, along with his pets. 

What made Lu Chen even more pleasantly surprised was that Rollie’s skill had been extended to five seconds instead of three. Most importantly, this skill also gave Rollie a teleportation skill. What a great practical skill it was! 

It had to be said that this was definitely a great harvest! 

After nearly half a minute, Lu Chen finally recovered from the joy of his sudden increase in strength. At the same time, he looked at his pets. Everyone’s eyes were filled with a pleasant surprise as well. The gains from this trip to the Tang family were really fruitful. 

However, at this moment, Lu Chen also noticed the changes in Tang Bao’s body. 

Tang Bao’s hands were trembling uncontrollably. The casual smile on his face and the aura on his body became more and more powerful. In an instant, his killing intent managed to spread throughout the entire battlefield. 

The hair on the backs of all the warriors of the Dragon Team who felt this killing intent instantly stood on end. Even the members of the Dragon Slayer Team and Soul Slayer Team felt a chill down their spines. At this moment, everyone felt their bodies stiffen. 

A feeling of being enveloped by killing intent swept through their entire bodies! 

They had originally imagined Tang Bao to be strong enough, but it was only at this moment that they understood that Tang Bao’s strength had far exceeded their imaginations. 

Especially Liu Yuan — who had previously been suspicious of Tang Bao — was in complete shock. 

However, the ones who were most shocked at this moment were not the warriors, but Lu Chen’s two spiritual pets, Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon. This was because they could clearly sense that Tang Bao’s killing intent had already formed a domain! 

One had to know that this was definitely an innate skill, and it was an application of a law. 

Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon’s domain was an innate skill, and for humans, very few people are able to acquire such an innate skill. 

As long as they are strong enough, it meant that their comprehension of a certain law had reached a very high level. 

The law was divided into strong and weak, so naturally, there were strong and weak domains. 

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For example, Lan Weiwei’s Frost Domain. 

Its main function was to control, slowing down the enemy’s speed and reducing the damage it received. 

On the other hand, the Little Golden Dragon’s Water Domain was slightly stronger. Other than having certain control skills, it could also control the liquid to attack the enemy. It could even directly draw the enemy’s blood. That was already very impressive! 

However, in front of Tang Bao’s killing domain, it was weak. 
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