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Chapter 205: Combat Power of the Golden Armored Ant!

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The Golden Armored Ant’s defense was simply too strong. Among the six gold bosses, the Seven-colored peacock was the strongest.

The Black Tortoise had the strongest defense.

Aside from that, the Golden Armored Ant had a strong defense as well. With its tough shell, its defense had already exceeded 800,000 points.

Ordinary attacks with this kind of defense could not hurt it at all. Not to mention Liu Changping and Liu Yuan, even Lu Chen’s attack power was only around 70,000 to 80,000 points. They were too far away from penetrating the defense of the Golden Armored Ant.

If these two people were to face the Golden Armored Ant head-on, not to mention dealing damage to it, they would not even be able to break through its defense. However, they also had a way which was to increase penetration and armor-piercing on their equipment, so then they could make their attacks deal real damage.

However, not everyone was like Lu Chen, who could deal real damage with the effect of normal attacks or even critical hits.

For Liu Changping and Liu Yuan, their real damage could only reach around 10% more than what they could do. Therefore, their combined attacks could only deal around 10,000 damage to the ant.

At the same time, they had to constantly defend against the Golden Armored Ant’s attacks. The Golden Armored Ant was small and had a high attack power. It had already exceeded 400,000 damage. Its extremely flexible body coupled with its powerful attacks left the two of them somewhat overwhelmed.

[Name: Golden Armored Ant]

[Level: 51]

[HP: 6,012,000]

[Attack: 404,520]

[Defense: 809,800]

[Magic Defense: 404,599]

[Ant’s Horizontal Push: An exclusive skill of the Golden Armored Ant. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. During the battle, the Golden Armored Ant can use their powerful strength to push and push the enemies on the battlefield. Unless the enemies are over level 10, they will not be able to block the attacks, each second, the Golden Armored Ant deal 5% to 100% attack damage to the enemies.]

[Ant’s Bite: An exclusive skill of the Golden Armored Ant. The ants can use their pincers to attack all enemies within 10 meters of them. The combined attack power is threefold their own attack power! 5 minutes cooldown time.]

[Additional: There is a chance to awaken the bloodline in their body and complete the transformation!]

The Golden Armored Ant was of a high level, only second to the Seven-colored Peacock.

The ant’s mouth — which was like a huge pincer — constantly opened and closed, trying to attack the two of them. If it was not for Liu Changping and Liu Yuan’s quick reflexes… they would have died in the ant’s mouth.

After all, the Ant’s Bite skill was more than three times its attack power.

Although it had a five-minute cooldown rate, it wasn’t a problem for its powerful HP and defense.

With over 6,000,000 HP, even if the Golden Armored Ant stood still and allowed Liu Yuan and Liu Changping to attack, it would still need at least 10 minutes of their time to be fully defeated.

If the two of them continued to dodge and look for an attack angle, the time they would have to spend to defeat it would be even longer.

It had only been five minutes, yet the ant’s HP had only decreased by less than a third. Meanwhile, Liu Yuan and Liu Changping were already drenched in sweat. Not only that, but they had also endured three attacks from the ant. Liu Yuan had endured two of them.

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If not for Liu Changping’s despicable way of killing monsters, which had cost him several hundred HP, Liu Yuan would have died in less than a minute.

Moreover, they had only managed to survive after using up three one-time-use defensive tools. Otherwise, they would have died from a single attack.

However, they could not be blamed for this. Ordinary players should kill monsters that are lower in level than them. Once they reach a higher level, they should gather a large number of their companions to kill hundreds, or even thousands, of monsters to kill a boss, such a situation was not uncommon.

Normally, these two players’ strengths should only be used to fight a silver boss. However, fighting a silver boss was no longer enough to satisfy their ambitions.

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If they wanted to catch up to Lu Chen, they would have to constantly challenge themselves and surpass their previous self.

The Golden Armored Ant before them was the best form of training for them. This was especially true for these people. Each of them had their own rules when they chose a gold boss to fight.

In other words, the ones they chose were the easiest to defeat for them. If Liu Changping and the others were to fight against the Towering Elephant, they would probably be trampled to death within minutes.

If they were to fight against the Seven-colored Peacock, the Seven-colored Peacock might not even need to try its skills. Just its normal attacks would be enough to kill the two of them.

As for fighting against the Black Tortoise, there was no chance. No matter how much real damage their attacks dealt, it would not be as fast as the HP recovery skills of the Recovery Starfish.

If Liu Changping and Liu Yuan were to fight against the Swift Monkey, an assassin-type existence like that would easily wipe both of them out.

After all, there were only two people watching over each other, so there would be blind spots in their vision. Once that happened, it would be over for them.

The six legs of the Golden Armored Ant kept moving back and forth. From time to time, it would swing its two antennae back and forth like a whip, trying to hit Liu Changping and Liu Yuan.

Liu Changping and Liu Yuan were also very cautious. Several parts of their bodies were injured. Liu Yuan’s graceful figure was also revealed at this moment, which attracted many warriors to turn their heads.

The two of them were fighting in a sorry state. Although they saw that Lu Chen had already won the battle in the distance, they did not plan to ask Lu Chen for help because Lu Chen was currently recovering, he wanted to increase his mana regeneration speed.

In addition, they did not want to become a burden to Lu Chen.

Finally, after they attacked for another ten minutes, the Golden Armored Ant only had one-fifth of its HP left. The Golden Armored Ant finally used its skill, Ant Horizontal Push.

When this skill was used, the Golden Armored Ant grew ten times its original size. Even two pairs of legs had appeared beneath its body, and its belly had also become incomparably huge.

At this moment, it was as if it had become a gigantic queen ant. It was extremely terrifying. After it grew bigger, its speed did not decrease. Instead, it increased and it directly crashed towards Liu Changping and Liu Yuan. The two of them could not dodge in time and were directly knocked away.

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Most importantly, after being knocked away, they did not fly out. Instead, they were pushed far away by the Golden Armored Ant. The direction that the Golden Armored Ant was running towards was exactly where the Swift Monkey was.

This was bad!

At this moment, both of their eyes were wide open. The most important thing was that every second that they took the ant’s attack, they would receive 5% to 100% of the damage from the other party.

Even if it was only 5%, it was still 20,000 points. If not for the fact that they had defensive equipment on them, this attack would have killed them instantly.

This Golden Armored Ant’s intelligence was obviously subpar. It actually wanted to use the Swift Monkey’s help to get rid of its two opponents. Meanwhile, the Swift Monkey had been prepared for such a thing to happen and got into an offensive stance.
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